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Chrome is a video game genre of first-person shooter (FPS First-Person Shooter) for Microsoft Windows , developed by Techland and distributed by Strategy First in 2003 . It has a setting-type military space opera (with strong similarities to the famous series Halo by Microsoft ); In this case, the protagonist is a mercenary and bounty hunter space. As in Halo , the protagonist is able to drive different types of military vehicles.

From a technical point of view, an unusual feature of the game is that part of it has been developed in Java .

The protagonist (and only playable character) is Bolt Logan, a member of the armed forces called SpecForce . Logan, during the first mission, however, is betrayed by his friend and colleague who will try to kill him. Carrie comes to the rescue the mercenary who saves Logan from the trap set by the now ex-colleague. Disgraced, the protagonist becomes a mercenary and, alongside Carrie, will travel into space in search of work as a mercenary. To keep pace with new technologies, Logan does install on your body that increase the power of nanotechnology sensory (it will be possible in the game increase for a limited time only muscle mass, visibility, strength, thanks to these technologies). During a mission designed to clear a trivial band of space pirates Logan sensed the presence of something sinister, an evil plan implemented by a large mining company (the highest gain of companies derives from the extraction of mineral mysterious Chrome ) to the detriment of other companies. He also discovers to protect this evil lurks company’s ex-colleague traitor in the final missions will face and kill. The finish itself is divided into three parts that will play the protagonist depending on the choices you decide to do. There will in fact have to decide between protecting miners from a planet that want to administer their own, a society that wants to take over and take the planet and the evil company that wants to slaughter them all.

The game is set in the distant future, in the era of space colonization. Humanity has many terraforming planets, making them well suited to face life. The key to this technology is chromium which, therefore, has become a valuable and sought resource.

The main character is Chrome Bolt Logan, a former special forces soldier SpecForce, now a mercenary working together with Ron ‘pointer’ Hertz (also a former member of SpecForce’u). At the start of the game both fill another order, involving the theft of corporate data Octolab the facility on the planet Zorg. The mission takes a bad turn when your partner Pointer issues, leaving it to its fate inside the base, and himself escaping from the planet of the stolen data. Logan, however, manages to escape with the help of Carrie – women, which presumably also charged with data theft Octolabu.

From that day marks the one year, and Logan and Carrie zadzierzgnęli by the time constant cooperation. They come into the Valkyrie, where you take a number of orders of one of the corporations operating there, SPACONu. The first task introduces Logan on the trail of a former member SpecForce’u, Jurgen Dexon, currently working for unknown principals. The main character manages to recover the stolen containers with valuable equipment belonging to SPACONu, and then kill himself Dexon. Carrie tries, based on the Logan gained by computer data, to discover the identity of the employer Jurgen, but turn out to be too heavily coded, to be able to decrypt them. Fails to include those skilled in the SPACONu. Hoping to discover the contents of the data, Logan – at the instigation of Carrie – take the mission of the release of Professor Bernard Shybkova, a specialist in nanotechnology, kidnapped some time ago by people Dexon. Although it performs this task successfully, Shybkov does not seem to be happy with the rescue, which raises suspicions Logan.

Soon SPACON Logan ordered another job, sending him to belonging to the corporation, a small mining colony on the planet Terbon. This colony, led by John Brown, is constantly plagued by assaults Hannibali – a gang of thugs, apparently acting on someone’s order. Logan’s first mission is to free a kidnapped their daughter Brown, Lisa, and recover the stolen mining equipment. A short time later, Logan is re-employed – to help miners in repelling the attack Hannibali. When the bandits are defeated, the hero receives shocking news from Carrie – it turns out that someone broke into the offices SPACONu, killing all of its managers. It ends with the same life corporations whose interests takes CoreTech.

CoreTechu messenger, Nicole Parker, contacted Logan and Carrie, proposing them to accept mission to zinfiltrowaniu base Zetrox corporations – according to her, is responsible for the destruction of SPACONu – and theft of data that could be used as evidence against her. Logan at first did not agree, but changes his mind after seeing pictures of the massacre of members SPACONu – it turns out that it is responsible for making his traitorous partner Pointer.

Logan goes unnoticed penetrate to the base and from there to steal data, and then pass them Nicole Parker. Then take the help it when it is attacked and imprisoned by mercenaries Zetroxu. Among the attackers finds Jurgen Dexon, who – as it turns out – survived the previous encounter with Logan. Hero fights back with him and kills him, this time for good.

CoreTech dispatching is already evidence of crimes committed by Zetrox, forward them Protectorate, Logan and commissions Zetroxu infiltrate the base, which is working on a deadly nanovirus. She convinces him to accept the job information that resides in that facility Pointer. Logan successfully enters into the base, but at some point be trapped in the elevator shaft. Then suddenly contacted him alone Pointer, who – as it turns out – in fact, he worked all the time for CoreTechu. While Logan is stuck in a trap, his traitorous partner tells him that it was used to CoreTech nanovirus could steal and use it yourself – to break the colonists to Terbonie (refusing to cooperate with any corporation, now operating independently after the fall SPACONu). He also reveals that the colonists against Logan hid the fact that just two months ago, discovered on Terbonie chrome and started its production. Then leaves him in the lurch – the database will soon be subject to self-destruct, which also killed Logan. With the assistance, however, comes a hero Nicole Parker, who frees him from the elevator and allows escape.

It turns out that this CoreTech was behind recent events, Nicole Parker and, having learned of the intentions of their employers decided to stop them. With her help, Logan bursts into CoreTechu bases and successfully stops the production of nanovirus, and then destroys his wrestling. For treason against the corporation, Nicole is killed by the pointer. Later, however, in another facility CoreTechu, Pointer himself is defeated and killed in battle by Logan, who makes the same vengeance.

After the death and destruction nanovirus pointer to Logan’s report to representatives of corporations CoreTech and Zetrox (which cleared up the allegations by przekupionym officers of the Protectorate), and John Brown. Each of these people made a proposal to Logan. CoreTech instructs him to the murder of John Brown to allow a killing colonists and gain control over Terbonem. Zetrox wants to hire Logan to this he took part in the defense of corporations Terbonie base from the attack of the mercenaries CoreTechu. John Brown, in turn, asks the hero for help in repelling the attack mercenaries Zetroxu and saving the colony. The player is forced to make a choice – depending on which side of the story, the end of the game will be different. If Logan decides to help CoreTechowi, Carrie immediately breaks up with him cooperation, and the same hero goes on Terbon and murders of John Brown. CoreTech takes control of Terbonem, and Logan presumably takes place pointer as the killer corporations. If Logan decides to help Zetroxowi, the colonists are under pressure – but the bloodshed – expelled from the planet, and mercenaries Zetroxu forces repel attack CoreTechu so Zetrox gaining control over Terbonem. After the battle, Carrie declares that breaks collaboration with Logan (although doing it in a more peaceful way than when the hero decides to support CoreTech). If Logan decides to support the colonists, those mercenaries Zetroxu repel the attack. In the meantime, it appears that the seat was occupied by CoreTechu Pacyfikatorów Protectorate, which eventually eliminates all corporations Valkyrie system and allows colonists to act alone. John Brown made Logan and Carrie’s proposal to cooperate and share in the profits from the exploitation of chromium. Logan and Carrie, however, reject this proposal and return to the old job.

Chrome Spec Force PC Game
Chrome Spec Force PC Game
System Requirements: 
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 
Processor: 1.5 GHz Memory: 256MB 
Graphics: DirectX compatible 64MB video card* DirectX: 8.1 or better 
Hard Drive: 600MB or greater 
Sound: DirectX compatible audio card 
Other Requirements: Internet connection required for multiplayer mode
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Games Size = 289 MB
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