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Just Cause 2
Just Cause 2 is a 2010 published computer game in the genre of third-person shooter and is the sequel to the 2006 released game Just Cause . He was by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios developed by Square Enix for the platforms Windows , Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 published. Original publisher was the company Eidos Interactive , which however has been bought by Square Enix in 2009.

The game has up to the main character, Rico Rodriguez , treatment technically no connection to his predecessor. Nevertheless, action and structure are very similar. The player is on the developer, according to the 1024 km 2 large, fictional and completely free-roaming Pacific island of Panau dispatched to the dictator for an American intelligence Pandak Panay off. To this end, it supports several rebel groups on the island and directs a variety of ways to destruction.

Just Cause 2 was well received by the trade press. At the website Metacritic each version received values 83-85 of 100 points. Testers praised above all the large game world and the resulting large playful freedom. Were criticized action, dialogues and lack of variety in the missions.

At launch the title was awarded first place in the British sales charts. According to Square Enix about 1.48 million units were sold only to September 2010.

At the beginning of the game Just Cause 2 the player is on the Southeast Asian island of Panau sends tropics. The US is concerned about the island nation since the pro-American president has been assassinated and the foreign policy course of the island under the new rulers Pandak Panay has changed significantly. Therefore, the American intelligence agency called an agent, Tom Sheldon , dispatched to the island to observe the conditions on the island. To this agent but breaks off the contact, so that the secret is in the dark about the activities on the island and Sheldon’s whereabouts. Therefore he sent another agent, Rico Rodriguez, who will find Sheldon. This is in hiding on the island because of a xenophobic course of the government and calls by the code name White Tiger rebellion against the President on Panay. To obtain information about the White Tiger, supports Rico local rebel organizations that were formed in the seizure of power by the President. There are a total of three rebel groups, the Communist- oriented Reapers , the mafia Roaches and the nationalist Ular Boys . Rico supports the fractions by helping them in fortified acquisitions and completed several missions for them. At the same time the orders received from the agency, which also serve to weaken the regime.

When used in a temple for one of the rebel groups Rico meets the White Tiger itself as the sought agent Tom Sheldon is visible. After the joint away from a major attack by government forces both work together, where Sheldon takes over the organization of weapons deliveries.

In the course of the game, the player learns that the rebel groups are each supported by Japan, China or Russia. All these nations have it, as well as Ricos clients from the USA, except to the oil deposits in the sea of Panau. Rico is therefore recognized on the supporters of the three countries, which are mainly composed of former high-ranking military. He manages to turn them off in the Three-Kings-Hotel of Panau.

Finally, he sets out to eliminate President Panay. After an assassination attempt fails in its property, Rico attacks him in a nuclear submarine, which turns out to be the last retreat of the President. The President fires with this four nuclear missiles from that of Japan , China , Russia and the United States are addressed. Rico to defuse the missile, the President comes to death succeed. A rocket strikes on the oil resources of the island, thereby destroying. Thus the four great powers lose interest in Panau.

Just Cause 2 is like its predecessor a third-person shooter with open world principle . The player assumes the role of American agent again Rico Rodriguez , who from his client, a secret service called agency (an allusion to the CIA is posted), on a fully free-roaming island. These numerous vehicles such as boats, trucks, sports cars, helicopters and planes at his disposal. The player’s goal is to provide the US government to destabilize enemy by any means. This happens on attacks on the government-owned distributed over the whole island. These include barracks, propaganda vehicles, statues of Presidents, water towers and power plants. Furthermore, the player can get in touch with local rebel groups who want the President, as well as the players rush. Of these he received commissions, for example, attacks on army forts or technology theft.

Equipment is replaced, the player of a friend from the agency. With him he can request weapons and vehicles, as well as be discontinued at any location by helicopter. At the beginning of the game only a few accessories is available, only by the serving of destruction are new items released. These objects can be upgraded by using vehicle and weapon parts. These are in boxes that are distributed throughout the island, often. On bridges or on rooftops In total there are over 2,000 of these boxes. More bonus objects as submitted by the three rebel groups. Each of these has a specific object, such as drug smuggling cases or boxes, each of which 100 were lost on the island. This can collect the player. In addition, different races, both on the ground and at sea and in the air offered on the island. For contesting this race, the player receives money, with which he can acquire weapons and vehicles. The race can be repeated as often.

For jumping and climbing the players are a grappling hook and a parachute available. With the grappling hook the player can also pull up the walls of buildings or trees. It can also be used for disability opponents of him but. So he can chain soldiers or enemy vehicles on objects such as buildings and thus restrict their movement possibilities greatly.

The game uses as its predecessor, an unusual physics game , which is very strongly emphasized action and makes the character very durable. So the player can stand on eg flying airplanes survive multiple gunshot volleys or fall several meters through largely unscathed. The vehicles have a detailed damage model. All visible parts of the vehicle are some highly deformable.

The developer of Just Cause 2 built some hidden features, so-called Easter Eggs in the game world, for example, secret vaults with numerous weapons, a hot air balloon or a gun that misses bubbles. Were often taken up by rapporteurs allusions to the American television series Lost , on which a remote island and a bottom flap and a crashed airplane count on this island.
Just Cause 2
Just Cause 2
Just Cause 2
Minimum Syatem Requirements :
OS: Windows Vista SP2
Processor: Intel Pentium D 3Ghz/AMD Athlon X2
Memory: 2GB
Hard disk space: 5GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon 2600PRO
DLC Included :
Monster Truck
Bulls Eye Assault Rifle
Rico’s Signature Gun
Tuk Tuk Boom Boom
Chaos Parachute
Agency Hovercraft
Chevalier Classic
Multi-Lock Missile Launcher
Dual Parachute Thrusters
F-33 Dragonfly Jet Fighter
Quad Rocket Launcher
Cluster Bomb Launcher
Air Propulsion Gun
Chevalier Ice Breaker
Rico’s Standard Parachute


Games Size = 3.9 GB
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