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Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Legends is a strategy game in real time of Firefly Studios . It is part of the series of Stronghold and Stronghold 2 .

Unlike previous games Stronghold Legends invites players to choose the time of Peace and different types of troops (as King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, Count Vlad Dracula , Siegfried of Germany ). I also added other new settings start as the ability of the computer. You can also choose different game modes, such as Death-Match , King of the Hill , War Economy , and “Capture the Flag.” Stronghold Legends insert new elements, mythological, in the game, consentibili or not between settings.

A new feature in the game are the Special Units. Each faction ( Ice , Arthur , Hell ) has its own. For example, choosing King Arthur, you have an opportunity to recruit Merlin , Sir Galahad , Sir Gawain , Lancelot and many others. Important are the dragons, although in each faction (Dragons have a life time or until they are killed).

Stronghold Legends  – a computer game in the genre of real-time strategy , released by Firefly Studios in 2006 . The game is created on the engine, Stronghold 2 . The game is based on a fantasy story . Time of the game – the early Middle Ages . Venue – Europe ( England , Transylvania , northern Germany ).

In the game there are three parties, operates three legendary heroes: King Arthur , Vlad Dracula and Siegfried . The gameplay has changed significantly, some types of units were cleaned and added new ones. There are three types of play: Single player (divided into scenarios, campaigns (three for each of the parties and the Path of Legends), the network, the map editor. Gameplay compared to Stronghold 2 has not changed much, mainly due to the fantasy units. Visibly only changed the conduct of war.

Almost every new mission begins with the fact that the player must build a castle with a base. As the need to adjust the extraction of resources, production, and build defenses to repel attacks. Then follows the creation of the army to attack enemy castles, which are located in different parts of the map. The seizure of foreign fortification occurs gradually (not with one call), since each lock has a good defense. In this part of the game the main tactical advantages give magic spells and powerful heroes with their additional features.
Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Legends
 System Requirements
Operating System : Windows 2000/XP/7/8
Ram : 512 Mb
Processor : 1.6GHz or higher
128MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Pixel and Vertex Shaders
DirectX compatible Sound Card
2.5GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
Games Size = 956 MB
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