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The Godfather II
The Godfather II is a video game based on the eponymous film of 1974 directed by Francis Ford Coppola came out on April 7 of 2009 in the United States . As in the prequel to this game The Godfather Mob has the face (Face mafia) which allows to edit the main character program. The difference with the former is that you can not only change the appearance of the protagonist, but can also be modified to men in the service of the player. Like the Black Hand also includes system and similar playing styles as in the first installment.

New York has changed to the point beyond recognition and very small since most of the story takes place in the other two locations, Florida and Cuba , having these two with a larger field. This time the missions are linear and not so faithful to the movie as in the first game. Members of the crime family are not like the Don Corleone version but each has a special ability such as exploding cars, burning buildings, breaking down doors and stealing safes. You can control each and every one of the components, sending them to monitor business or murder for hire better ones.

The main character (Dominic), unlike the previous protagonist of the series (Aldo Trapani), starts from the top of the range Cosa Nostra . Although the protagonist’s name is Dominic (can not be changed) his surname is unknown because it is not named in the whole plot. The story starts in Cuba, on the birthday of Hyman Roth joins after the new year. This is not true to the movie because in it, when the new year occurs, Roth is admitted to a hospital. During the resignation of Fulgencio Batista as president begin rioting in Havana and Dominic will be guided to the exit Aldo, Michael Corleone and Fredo Corleone . When leaving the building that celebrated the new year is with the revolutionaries rioting in the streets and back Dominic will have to make their way to the airport where Aldo Trapani is hit by a sniper. After that, Michael, Fredo and Dominic manage to escape by plane to New York. On the trip, Michael appoints Dominic Family Don Aldo. From here, the player has to face Carmine Rosato , which controls half of New York. Frank Pentangelli want to get rid of Rosato, Tony and Carmine brothers. But a trap Carmine, Dominic Frankie escapes and is believed dead. When the family of Carmine is unlocked eliminated Florida , the largest city. Dominic knows where Hyman Roth. In the city there are two families at first, Tony Rosato Family and Family Rico Granados. When Dominic tries to return to New York, it prevents a strike at the airport. Hyman Roth presented to an agent of the CIA called Mitchel. Who will be responsible to dispose of the guy who created the strike. Back in NY Michael tells the protagonist who is being investigated then puts Tom Hagen to serve as consigliere. This will give advice to the player when making business enemies or hire guards for local and thus not losing money. As the story progresses a family, Mangano appears. Don Mangano signed a peace treaty with Dominic. But someone shoots him and Fredo believed to have been the Mangano. Don Dominic Mangano robs many of their business and start a war against him and Corleone. Fredo load the blame claiming that he did not have anything to Michael and not to involve him above her research. Michael argues with him and says he does not want to see him again. Fredo does not reappear for the moment in history. Mitchel Roth and convince Dominic to travel to Cuba and eliminate the current president Fidel Castro . In Havana we must assassinate dissidents for revolutionaries believe Dominic is on their side. Just calling a lady named Mary to invite to the presidential palace. Then the work of the player is to move stealthily through the palace and killing with the art of stealth guards until a strategic point to assassinate Castro. When shooting, Castro falls and his companion (Don Almeida) starts talking to Dominic, not knowing where this is. Almeida is the Don of the Almeida family has control of Cuba. Dominic Cuba to escape being chased by the authorities in Havana. In New York Michael tells Dominic to go to the brothel to extort Sen. Pat Gary. This Dominic has to be passed by an employer. Then you need to pick Pentangelli brother Frank. This would convince Frankie that violating the omerta, paid with death. But upon arriving, discovers the dead bodyguards. Someone has kidnapped the brother of Frank. You have to ask people on the street if they have seen. After getting some clues, there are three places where you can find the kidnappers. Speaking to the whereabouts of the kidnappers Pentangelli be discovered, the pick should be take to court. Frank, to see his brother, change the statement and does not testify against Michael. He sent Dominic to assassinate Mitchel and destroy all the other families. When successful, snatching and protecting business, and subsequently destroying rival residences. Then Florida will talk about Michael Hyman Roth. The goal is to go to the Miami airport there to kill Roth. When Roth is killed, will have to escape from the police arriving at the mansion that was the Mangano. There waits Tom, who will move to a room where Dominic is Michael. This will tell you who has earned their respect and the title of Godfather. Then he will whisper something in his ear. The following image is centered at Lake Tahoe. The boat with Fredo and next Dominic looks. While the former says a Hail Mary, pictures of all occurrences of this in the game are. When you finish the sentence, Dominic takes aim from behind with a gun and shoots her neck. He then heard his voice and said: Fredo, sorry. After the credits the player appears on the Mangano mansion.

This game is not a game of Action – adventure where traditional missions and goals to accomplish just one behind the other, but rather an open game, like the game franchise Grand Theft Auto , where you can move and interact freely. The gameplay of GTA has been extended, it is possible, for example, in combat melee intimidate his opponent would throw the characters, press them against a wall, slamming their heads on a table or run of a spectacular way; elements of role-playing have been added, including the development of many skills such as weapons handling; for example the use of the console versions of the right analog stick to kicking.

Inspired by Coppola trilogy and especially the second episode, The Godfather 2 , this game retains many elements of the first game, while now offering the player a total freedom of strategy, through a menu “Vision of Don” . Now is that you play as the Don, you have to recruit soldiers , let them climb the ladder, take control of different shops and buisness that you lost, threatening their own ways. To do this, the player can do the job himself with his men (up to three), where to send his men to deal with these menial tasks on its behalf. After each recovery of a trade or buisness, it will manage its protection to prevent adverse families trying to take it back. So this game offers great novelty to have the ability to juggle an action phase when one chooses to extortion yourself and a purely strategic phase where the player completely control his family, his men, their skills, shops and buisness, their protection, as well as all other necessary contacts to his ascension as corrupt policemen, politicians, judges and verreux contractor who can serve against some arrangements.

At the beginning of the game, it is possible to give his character the desired look by choosing all the details of his face, his size and his attire

The Godfather II
The Godfather II
The Godfather II
Minimum System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
Memory: 2GB
Hard disk space: 9GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT or better
Games Size = 3.6 GB
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