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The Last Remnant
The Last Remnant
The Last Remnant ( Ap. ラストレムナント scattered rémunanto ? )  – Japanese role-playing game razrabotannaâ and vypuŝennaâ by the company Square Enix . Play orientated to âponskuû and zapadnuû Auditorium and was released in parallel in Japan, North America and Europe, 20 November 2008 on the Xbox 360 . In March years sleduûŝego game was released on Microsoft Windows , and received 9 April Issue has an international digital magazine via Steam . Planirovalasʹ also a version for the PlayStation 3 , but developers will subsequently otkazalisʹ by portirovaniâ [1] . For the first time on sozdanii games became known 10 years after the May 2007 press conference at Shinjuku . First igrabelʹnaâ demo version has been prodemonstrirovana in September 2008 at the exhibition Tokyo Game Show . Action games walk in vymyšlennom World razdelennom from city-gosudarstvami naselennymi četyrʹmâ raznymi races and in the past were kotorogo Military Conflicts-of “Remnanty” magical artifacts different shapes and sizes. Player takes infected Rasa Sykes, a young male couple iŝuŝego their sestrenka, ÿ à vtânuta in tajnuû military. In the game prisutstvuet Unique fighting system in kotoroj player manages multiple Otrada instead of individual control každým characters.

The Last Remnant orchestrated game designer Hiroshi Takai and is the first game company, uses the engine Unreal Engine 3 . The President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, noted in this respect that the game “should be a turning point in the international strategy of the company,” [2] . Art direkturoy engaged chief artist Kimihiko Miyamae and art producer Yusuke Naor. The music for the game was written by composer Tsuyoshi Sekito assisted by Yasuhiro Yamanaka, the soundtrack was released separately as a triple album. Design and dialogues are built so that equally well come and Western and Japanese players for the main characters was adjusted lip synchronicity with replicas of British actors voicing.

The game has received low marks from reviewers, though the Japanese, they were higher than in Western. General claim, especially on the Xbox 360 version was on graphics problems such as low frame rate and “the sudden appearance of textures” when high resolution textures to replace the texture of low some time after the appearance of the image. Some reviewers had a claim to the story and combat system. The Last Remnant has received praise for direkturu art and music.

The game takes place in three distinct areas: the world map, the screen location and battle screen [3] . The player controls Rush Sykes, the protagonist, moving it to a location with a third-person camera. Location on the screen the player can talk to the NPC, enter buildings and other areas, or exit the screen world map. World Map allows you to instantly navigate between different cities and regions, or between different areas within the city. The screen displays only fight in battle, the battle takes place in three-dimensional space reminiscent of the location in which the player started the fight. In this game there are no random battles, which is a rarity for a JRPG, all monsters and enemies are initially displayed on the screen location, and “contact” with them loading screen battle. The player can start a fight with multiple opponents simultaneously activating the “deceleration time” [3] .

Features of the combat system in this game were marked by director Hiroshi Takai as a “turn-based, command system, which uses the symbol of the meeting [ check translation ! ] ” [4] . During combat, each opponent out of the screen location is represented as a group of enemies whose number can be from 1 to 5 units; Player detachments may also consist of 1 to 5 units. Skills units group of players that include the main characters and recruit units that do not appear outside the fights vary according to different parameters [3] . The band is one of the moral parameters that depend on the events in battle and can produce both positive and negative effects for both sides [5] . Each unit can explore different attacks, which are divided into categories such as melee attacks and healing spells. At the beginning of each turn, a player chooses from several orders of the type of attack is to use the group; the player can not choose individual attack for each unit. Special attacks require “action points” that constantly accumulates during each battle [3] . The player chooses at the beginning of the course of the enemy group will attack. If your opponent makes his choice along with the player, some groups may be “locked” to each other, or are forced to fight with the enemy or group of players who have chosen a different group. When several groups fighting one enemy, some groups may attack the enemy’s flank or rear to increase the damage.

In addition to the battles there are many quests that the player can take. Many of these quests takes players to the scope immediately after the decision and returned on completion, the job does not require the adoption of the guilds and the player can be performed randomly, regardless of whether the job was on the board or not. Rush Sykes and other warriors can equip a variety of weapons and accessories. Classical change gear manually only available for Rush, while the other characters are asked to find the ingredients for the improvement of their uniforms, which you can buy in stores, get with the monsters, or find locations using existing named mr. Diggs . As pumping, mr. Diggs can find more rare ingredients and in greater numbers.

The game takes place in a fictional world, with four races: Mitra, people in the conventional sense, Yama, strong fish-like people, ASIT, small reptiles, and popping, Coto people with four arms. The world is divided into several city-states, each of which has its own unique culture. The game’s plot revolves around “Remnants”, mysterious and coveted ancient artifacts of different shapes and sizes, possessing magical powers and in the past have caused many wars . Each Remnant can be “connected” with only one person who can use their strength; Powerful Remnants are not bound too long can cause a “collapse” and spawn monsters. In all the cities of the world have at least one is associated with the ruler of the city to assist in the management and maintenance of peace in the areas assigned to it.
The Last Remnant
The Last Remnant
The Last Remnant
Minimum System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Core2Duo/AMD X2
Memory: 1.5GB
Hard disk space: 15GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT/ATI Radeon HD3650
Games Size = 3.75 GB
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