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Hitman 5 Absolution PC Game Free Download

Hitman: Absolution is a video game series Hitman , developed by IO Interactive and distributed first by Square Enix , after the acquisition of Eidos Interactive in 2009. 1 The game is available for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , with this is the debut of the series on the PlayStation 3. A console version Mac OS X will be published by Feral Interactive . Hitman: Absolution will run the graphics engine itself Glacier 2 . IO Interactive, combining classical mechanics with the new Hitman 2 The game story is separated from the agency missions gives an argument that goes deeper into the life of Agent 47 being delivered in this more personal. Hitman: Absolution was announced at E3 2011 in Los Angeles.

As a result of Hitman: Blood Money , Diana Burnwood, Controller Agent 47 with the International Contract Agency, suddenly becomes treacherous, holding a catastrophic sabotage includes publicly exposing the Agency. The Agency is reformed under the command of Benjamin Travis agent; Travis assigns 47 kill Diana and bring Victoria, a teenager in charge of, the Agency. Diana shooting and wounding at home in Chicago , 47, rather than run, comforts the dying Diana apparently, which gives you a letter and asks him to keep Victoria safe from the Agency. 3

47 Victoria hides an orphanage Catholic, somewhere in Chicago and contact an informant named Birdie, who asks him to kill a rich gangster nicknamed “The King”, who sells drugs in Chinatown. After removal, 47 meets Birdie, who talks about Blake Dexter, the Dexter Industries CEO, who may have more information on Victoria. As payment, 47 is forced to bear Silverballers Birdie. 47 finds out that Dexter is in the “Terminus” hotel, and then to evade the minions of Dexter, which eavesdrops. 47 discovers Dexter’s conversation with his secretary Layla plans to kidnap Victoria and auction to the highest bidder. 47 tries to strangle with a cable Sanchez, the huge bodyguard Dexter, who proceeded to leave 47 unconscious. He accused by Dexter for killing an innocent maid, 47 escapes from the hotel which was torched by Dexter and evade the police. 47 contact Birdie, who tells him to go to a strip club and kill the owner Dom Osmond, who works as an informant for Blake Dexter, so you can protect Victoria. Osmond 47 kills and discover a phone message at his office Birdie is being chased by Edward Wade – a psychopathic mercenary, who is close friends with Dexter and under employment. Despite killing henchmen seeking to Birdie, Birdie still sells the location of Victoria Wade for his life.

Victoria reaches 47 and finds out that Victoria has a collar, which if not used will become physically weak. Wade and his henchmen attack the orphanage and kill most of the staff. 47 is forced to pick up the fuse boxes that are scattered around the orphanage because the elevator to the basement is broken. After dodging the minions, 47 fuse boxes installed and turned on the elevator. Victoria is kidnapped by Wade, that makes murder a nun, who knew 47 47. Wade manages to shoot, but Victoria is kidnapped and taken hostage by Lenny’s son Dexter. 47 Wade asks about the location of Victoria, which is Hope, South Dakota . 47 Wade then leaves to die from their injuries and will be Hope. Meanwhile, Dexter Birdie approaches, offering to negotiate the rescue of Victoria to the agency, but is rejected. With anger, Birdie secretly provides information about the location of 47 to the Agency, as well as information about Dexter 47, hoping to capitalize on the situation. In Hope, 47 regains its Silverballers when Birdie gives the place an armory. Later, the band 47 kills Lenny, Lenny then interrogates and then have it. Lenny Knowing that Victoria is in the Dexter Industries Silk, 47 infiltrates the facility and destroys evidence about the murders while its leading scientists girl and discovers that Victoria is actually a clone engineered , created to be a top-notch assassin like him, but his fighting skills are only possible when wearing your necklace. Sanchez 47 kills in a fight underground cage after learning from him that Victoria was taken back to Hope. Recovering in a hotel, 47 survives an attack by the ICA team led by elite shock nuns in leather outfit, “The Holy” and kills them.

Infiltrating jail Hope Court, 47 Victoria reaches, but is subdued by the corrupt local sheriff Skurky Clive, who is working with Dexter. The ICA, directed by Travis seizes the city in an attempt to return to Victoria kill 47, but she is nowhere to be found, while 47 escapes from jail and escapes to the ICA. Then he faces a Skurky wounded in a church, demanding the location of Victoria, to what ends up telling Skurky 47 is at Blackwater Park, then dies of his wounds. Travis pays a ransom of ten million dollars for Victoria, but Dexter does not fulfill its part of the deal and stays with Victoria and money. 47 reaches the floor of Dexter, killing the assistant Dexter, Layla. Dexter without the knowledge that Layla has been murdered, plans to destroy the hotel roof if not found there in five minutes. As Dexter is about to leave the hotel with Victoria and money by helicopter, 47 mortally wounds him. Victoria 47 saves, while Dexter, with his last words, he apologizes to his son, Lenny and asks for money. Victoria, who is disgusted by the words of Dexter opens the bag with the ransom and release the money to his dying body. Victoria 47 and then leave the hotel.

47 discovers the letter that Diana gave that Travis Victoria created without the knowledge of the Agency; the letter also asks Travis 47 kills to protect Victoria. Chasing him to England, located 47 ICA exhuming the graves of family Burnwood, believing that Diana’s death was faked. After killing the assistant Travis, Jade, and his personal guards, 47 Travis Corners, who asks if Diana is dead, but he refuses to answer and kill Travis. 4 During a closing scene, observed 47 Diana and Victoria from afar, before a message Diana welcomes you to the Agency, revealing that the shot fired at 47 she was not lethal. Victoria also considers disposing its collar to prevent him from hurting someone, Diana telling you to do what you have to do. Another scene follows Birdie offering about 47 to Cosmo Faulkner, a detective investigating the case.

For the first time in the series, the story revolves around a more personal quest for Agent 47, after a probable betrayal of his agency. Hitman: Blood Money ended with the scene in which Diana helped 47 for his presumed death, in order to ruin the plans of The Franchise. 47 killed their leader, former FBI Director Alexander Leland Cayne, who was part of a secret society called Alpha Zerox. Diana and the rest of the ICA does not then know the exact location of 47, or the player for that matter – although the last scene shows 47 enter an Asian establishment, strangely asking what they have to offer “Any in the back room. “

The first comprehensive analysis of the trailer for the game shows 47 to storm a hideout, and confronting Diana while under a shower. 47 is then “betrayed by those he trusted and is now wanted by the police. He suddenly finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a world corrupted and twisted in his research on the truth. ” Part of the game takes place in Chicago , and the rest of South Dakota . Another trailer shows 47 “withdrawing” his famous barcode. Next, Spike VGAs 2011 revealed then shows Diana, killed 47.

Unlike previous versions, which is chained or at least meet in the choice of missions and some characters, Hitman: Absolution is not defined as a specific Hitman timeline.

47 is charged by the agency to go out in his villa Diana (former employee of the Agency, it was in previous games the only contact 47 and as such was responsible for giving him his assassination orders, with remuneration of the Agency). He shoots him while she takes a shower and when she is dying, asked him to take care of a girl, Victoria (Diana chose to betray the Agency to protect Victoria, on which was apparently conducted experiments). 47 hesitates, then on the phone, the head of the Agency, Travis Benjamin, asked him to finish; he finally broke contact with the Agency and we do not know the fate of Diana (although it is assumed she is dead).

The first part of the game takes place in Chicago . 47 Victoria hides in a religious orphanage; it appears that a mysterious object she wears gives him strength and without it, it becomes invulnerable. 47 then wanted to know why the girl is chased and exchange of information held by an Asian mafia, Birdie, gives him his favorite weapon (his Silverballers ), and agrees to perform several contracts. First he killed the “King of Chinatown”, a cacique of Chinatown Chicago . Birdie says 47 then he will find information from Dexter, a businessman who lives on the top floor of the Hotel Terminus. But got there, the agent is controlled by one of the henchmen of Dexter, Sanchez (a huge colossus), and 47 is left for dead beside a maid murdered in order to be guilty in the eyes of Police notified and arrived on the scene. However, Dexter took care of setting fire to the building and 47 managed to escape through the roof, chased by the police. It then passes through an abandoned library, crisscrossed by the police and an apartment where the living junkies . He manages to escape by blending into the crowd Skytrain . Always on the hunt, 47 went to Vixen Club, a strip-tease to kill the owner for Birdie. He then returned to Chinatown to eliminate three targets. Made aware of the imminent arrival of men of Dexter at the orphanage, 47 Victoria will seek, but it is removed by the second last. However, 47 managed to kill Wade, one of the lieutenants of Dexter, and learns that he has won Hope, a town in South Dakota .

The second part of the game is going to Hope, seat Dexter Industries, a company owned by the businessman of the same name, which manufactures landmines and explosive man. 47 first went into a gun shop to get his Silverballers , who landed here after Birdie has joined the camp of Dexter. He then kills Lenny’s son, Dexter, and his band, who are more or less their reign Hope Act with the complicity of the local police. 47 subsequently infiltrates the headquarters of Dexter Industries to retrieve information about Victoria: it is as gifted him a murderous clone exceptional abilities, but it is not yet known. The agent took the opportunity to kill several scientists involved in the work on Victoria. This also explains why the Agency would like to recover all costs; without understanding its true nature, Dexter hopes to win his share of money and sell them at a high price to the Agency. 47 then went to an arena where Sanchez’s henchman Dexter, fight like a wrestler. He must also fight the “Saints”, killer disguised as nuns who stormed the motel where he spent the night. 47 Sanchez had learned that Victoria was detained in the prison of the county courthouse and went there to liberate. It is nevertheless arrested by sheriff Skurky, a man in the pay of Dexter, and Victoria is again moved. The Agency, warned invests Hope to kill 47, who nevertheless manages to eliminate Skurky and escape.

The third and final part takes place again in Chicago, Blackwater Park, a building owned by Dexter. 47 infiltrates to win the top floor penthouse where Dexter and his partner, Layla lives. A little before Travis gives the name of the agency millions of dollars in Dexter, in exchange for a promise to be back the young Victoria. 47 happens to kill Layla. Taken aback, Dexter decides to blow up the building to 47 perish. However, the agent is able to stop Dexter on the helipad where he planned to escape, to kill, and to recover Victoria (which has since shown itself capable of feats when wearing killer her necklace). For its part, the Agency understands that it will not recover but Victoria begins to doubt the death of Diana. Travis then went to the cemetery where his family grave to exhume the body officially buried (we learn that the other members of the Agency are beginning to be annoyed behavior Travis, who made the fate of 47 personal cases ). 47 infiltrates kills Jade, Assistant Travis three mercenaries to protect Travis and Travis himself. The game ends on a drive in the Villa Diana: it is alive and lives with Victoria, who is reluctant to throw his necklace into the sea (thus determine its future). 47 observed from a boat and goes.

Hitman 5 Absolution Compressed PC Game Free Download 10.3 GB
Hitman 5 Absolution Compressed PC Game Free Download 10.3 GB
Hitman 5 Absolution Compressed PC Game Free Download 10.3 GB
System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista, 7
Processor: True dual core CPU (Intel, AMD
Memory: 2 GB RAM at least
Video Card: NV8600 512 Mb RAM, or AMD equivalent
DirectX®: 10
Games Size = 9.8 GB
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