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Saints Row IV PC Game Free Download

Saints Row IV is a video game action-adventure thrown open world produced by Volition, Inc. and published by German publisher Deep Silver. Released on August 20, 2013 for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 . 1 3 is the fourth chapter in the series Saints Row , after the release of Saints Row: The Third . in 2011 3

As in previous games, the player controls the leader of the Third Street Saints, who now became president of the United States. The game returns to the fictional town of Stillwater The Third , which will be redesigned to present itself as a dystopian retro-futuristic, with elements of Washington, DC . The game takes place a few years after The Third , Saints focused on fighting a much bigger threat than street gangs: aliens . 1 3

The June 25, 2013, despite having an R18 + videogame class, the classification was refused Saints Row IV in Australia . The responsible organization states that the game “includes interactive and visual representations of sexual violence that are not justified by the context” and that “in addition, the game includes elements of illicit drugs or forbidden related to incentives or rewards. Such representations are prohibited by the rules of computer games.

Saints Row IV (abbreviated SR IV or SR 4 ) is a video game developed by Volition, Inc. and published by Deep Silver in 2013. on PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and Windows . The game is like a GTA-like focus on the war against the aliens. Officially unveiled on 15 March 2013 , the game was released on 20 August 2013 in the United States.

The game is presented on 15 March 2013 with a trailer showing the app take place in Steelport (city also used in the previous installment), it will always be a GTA-like crazy and the number of new vehicles and weapons will greatly increased. Deep Silver announced with this trailer that the game will be released on 23 August 2013 in Europe 3 .

The player is the leader of the Saints, who became president of the United States . This game is supposed to be the end of the saga of the Saints, their debut single neighborhood to conquer the whole country and the struggle for humanity. The main plot of the game is based on an alien invasion on the streets of Steelport and the Saints face the aliens (called Zin) in addition to gangs and enemies from their past. The game has a futuristic look with the use of lasers, spaceships, references to Matrix (the world in which the Saints are live virtual) indicating that the saga progresses over time 4 this episode of the Saints Row series marks the return of Johnny Gat famous was believed dead during the events of Saints Row: The Third and marks the first appearance of former WWE wrestler Roddy Piper .

Saints Row IV , by its futuristic, many references to the works of science fiction, including the popular science fiction as Armageddon (by the use of background music is that of the metal rock band Aerosmith for the film: I Do not Want to Miss a Thing and farewells made hero by his friends as he rides a rocket (another reference to the 1998 film when “Carrot” rides a nuclear warhead to the film image Dr. Strangelove )), the video game Mass Effect (the player can traverse an alien ship as Commander Shepard aboard the SSV Normandy , talking to members of his crew, seduce, build a team for the final mission, as in Mass Effect 2 , with such missions loyalties to avoid the “buddy” to die in the final mission), Star Wars (the destruction of the Earth, recalling the destruction of Alderaan by the Galactic Empire, a scene of anti fight -aérien where the player is in control of laser turrets alien ship, recalling the space combat members of the Millenium Falcon TIE Fighters against the Empire in Star Wars , costumes inspired by Han Solo , Jango Fett and Boba Fett, weapons inspired by the world of George Lucas ), and many other film and videogame references.

Some time later, after the events of Saints Row: The Third, the Saints sent to Pakistan to kill Cyrus Temple, which combined with the terrorists. There they meet a new character in this series: Asha Odekar. There’s also helps them Matt Miller, who was an antagonist of the third part of the game. After some time, the Saints boss kills Cyrus Temple, but he managed to activate the bomb, which should explode in Washington DC. Successfully defuse a bomb, Boss jumps and turns in the White House.

After 5 years after the events in Pakistan, the boss with the whole gang, which includes characters from different parts of the series become US president. Action takes place in the White House. Before we get into the hall of talks with reporters, the boss will approach 3 characters: Keith David, politician and Josh Birk, he also see Oleg. After he came to the hall, it stops Shaundi and says that we can attack the aliens. A short time later explodes the ceiling of the hall and there are aliens. Chapter aliens Zinyak says that mankind should rejoice that they now live in Empire Zine. Zinyak steals Kinsey Shaundi. Moving on to the White House, Boss sees his friends kidnapped. After some time, Zinyak kidnaps and most bosses.

After the abduction, boss wakes up in the past. Last Stilportom is 50-ies famous. After some time, he goes to the car, next to which stands the police, they go to a cafe to hang out with the best people Stilporta. Before coming to the cafe boss realizes that there is something strange. Arriving at the cafe, he began to meet people. Realizing that he was not a real person, and part of the simulation, it promaterilsya the whole cafe. The policeman said so in Stilporte not expressed. And all went to attack him. Left in a car, the Boss heard Kinsey. She said that it is in the simulation and that he needed to get out. Arriving at the park, he began to organize the Chaos in order to get out of here. But escape failed, further Zinyak appears and says that if he tries to escape, it will blow the planet.

Next Zinyak throws Boss Stilporta simulation. Kinsey says that you need to become familiar with the simulation in order to get out of here. Then there are the introductory quests. Boss will gradually get superpowers.

After all the introductory tasks, Kinsey says that you can run. After the boss enters the portal, which frees him. After liberation, the Boss gets on an alien ship, he advances to the platform, where it had to take with Keith David Kinsey Kensington. Successfully escape, Boss begins to control the ship. After they emerged, they fly to the ground. Kinsey called Oleg, to warn him. At this point Zinyak blasts Earth. Saints return to the Empire Zine to free his friends.

For the passage of the plot, the Saints meet a digital copy of man, he says that he can help save his friends. He helped him and he gets a form of life, which is called the SMS and it becomes part of the Saints. Boss gets further in the simulation of their friends in order to save them. Simulation of his friends (including simulation Boss) is based on the most terrible memories in the minds of friends. After rescuing Matt Miller, he was a prison in the form of aircraft. Boss started to list those who have been there and came to the conclusion that Johnny GET alive.

Going into this prison, they saw that it was a nightmare GETA and Shaundi nightmare. After he got back, they saw Shaundi from Saints Row 2. After Shaundi was saved, the Saints began to save the rest of Saints: Benjamin King, Pierce and Ashu Odekar Washington. After rescuing all, Boss decided a second attempt to save Johnny GETA. Boss gets in the simulation, where he must save his wife Geta, Aisha. Death Aisha was the most horrible do remember in my head GETA. After the mini-game with the boss GET saved Aisha, he woke up and remembered that Aisha died. Once freed Boss Geta, he flew into the empire to save GETA. Salvation is successful. On the ship, he tells how he got there. He said that his Zinyak kidnapped by plane, while the boss with Shaundi jumped out of the plane, in a room where there was a GET, appeared Zinyak.

Then the Saints decided to kill Zinyaka. Zinyak to know where their hideout, sent his army. They successfully repulsed their attack. Next Boss with Getom and Kinsey sent a helicopter to cover the rest of the Saints. Inciting them and they fall on the roof, where there is a lift to the arena Super Ethical Climax Professor Genki. The arena punched Zinyaka army. After the necessary conditions to fulfill the Saints, he goes Professor Genki Saints and kill him. Next Boss with Kinsey Getom sit in the car from Genki Cup VII and go to Zinyaku but Zinyak himself came to them and stole Kinsey. The Saints thought that MI6 their bases, but substitute them Keith David, who believed Zinyaku that he can restore the Earth.

Then the boss comes to the area where it was held by David Keith. After that, the boss began to fend off a crowd of people who were there. Chased him, he was able to catch up with him. The boss comes into his office and there were two subordinates Zinyaka. They almost killed his boss, but he tripped and Zinyaka said, where they hold Kinsey. Then he gets into a strange simulation, where he sees Keith David and Roddy Piper, who fight among themselves. After a while, the boss Roddy save China and they know what the simulation is Kinsey.

Boss goes to rescue Kinsey. Once there, he immediately recognizes the simulation. It was Stilport 50-ties. Along the way he meets two false Kinsey. With them, he learns where the real Kinsey., Where he sees Cyrus Temple. He says that he’s dead, but not in the head Kinsey. There Boss acquainted with new weapons – dubstep gun. After the Boss saved Kinsey, they began to collect the key to destroy from within the simulation and to penetrate the ship Zinyaka.

Collect keys, Saints decided on a desperate attempt to get to the ship Zinyaka. Boss takes with him his friends: Pierce and Shaundi, Ben and Johnny, Asha and Matt. The first stage – the Boss drive protects key for key natural preys Zinyaka army. The key is being taken to the Syndicate tower. Cracking entrance to the tower using the UCL, they found the key to break. By order of the UCL, boss guarding the key until it gets to the core of the simulation. The second step – getting into the simulation, which begins to break down. Boss with his buddy goes to open the rift to get there nightmares Saints who sided with the Saints. The third stage – the Boss with his team-mates get on the ship Zinyaka. They fight to break Zinyaka shelter, but after opening the door, colleagues say that he went further. In a suit with superpowers, he gets in the Throne Room Zinyaka. Big battle begins. After defeating Zinyakom Boss pulls his head and sits on the throne Zinyaka. After that, the servant Zinyaka, Zindzhay says that you can travel through time. After that, the Saints are dancing in the bar.

System Requirement:

OS: Windows® XP SP 3 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista® (32-64 bits) / Windows 7® (32-64 bits) CPU: (Minimum) Quad Core Processor such as an AMD Phenom II X4 or even Intel Core i5 or Dual Core 3GHz+ (Recommended) AMD Phenom 9850 2.5 GHz or Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5 GHz 
Memory: (Minimum) 4 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 4 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7) (Recommended) 4 GB for Windows ® XP, 4 GB for Vista / Windows ® 7 
Video Memory: (Minimum) 1GB RAM GPU with Shader (Recommended) Radeon HD 5850 1GB or GeForce GTX 260 GTS 1GB or better 
HDD : 9 GB of free Hard Drive Space

Game Size = 5.2 GB

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