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Starship Federation ” Enterprise “receives a distress signal from the space station in a double star . Interference prevent teleportation , so Kirk and Spock are sent to the station on the space shuttle. There they meet T’mar, Spock’s childhood friend, who tells them that they are at the station by using energy harvesting devices Helios for terraforming the planet Vulcan . Marmot, T’mar father says that at the base where the device is located, attacked and stole the horns Helios. Although the device has been used for peaceful purposes, it has a powerful destructive potential and carries a greater threat galaxy .

The game is a third person shooter , allowing you to play as two players in co-op for Kirk and Spock [1] . During the presentation of the game at E3 Steve Sinclair called cooperative brooperativom ( Engl.  Bro-op from Eng.  CO-op ) [2] . In the single-player game while passing chapter can not switch between the characters, but the game can connect to another player, thus making the game in multiplayer.

Abilities Kirk and Spock are very different. If the character of Captain Kirk is more typical of shooters, the gameplay is built on a Vulcan other accents. For example, Spock available unification of mind and nerve stimulation. Each of the heroes of his weapon, suitable for their style of play. Kirk is equipped with powerful phaser , and Spock silent morozyaschey gun. As you progress through the storyline the player, he get points that allow weapons to unlock additional features.

Most foreign and domestic publications gave the game a neutral or negative feedback. So many critics have written that the game can be interesting only to fans of the universe, ” Star Trek ” .. Ivan Chernyavskii from Absolute Games wrote: “It could be much shorter, and did not have time to be bored, and visually like a good time to walk on the surface of the space station in the magnetic boots would like to retell friends more than ironic posts about bugs, glitches and broken at the stage of launching a cooperative mode ” [8] . Gambling game called “militants below average” and noted that it is possible to realize it was much better.

Prior to the game was filmed a promotional video in which William Shatner accuses bugle that he won it in a cooperative mode and a fight between them fastened. The fight scene repeats of the show, but at times they stop to catch my breath


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