The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download 1.3 GB

The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download

The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download 1.3 GB
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The Cat Lady is a graphic adventure of horror created by the designer of video games indie Remigiusz Michalski of Harvester Games that was released for PC on December 7 of 2012 . The story revolves around Susan Ashworth, a woman on the verge of suicide, which is elected by unknown forces to end five crimes psychopaths.

The Cat Lady is an adventure game in 2D with a third-person perspective . The player interacts with the game world through the keyboard , making it easy to play from a laptop and allowed to occupy only one hand in the game. 3 To solve the puzzles and advance the plot, the player gets items that can be combined, using or delivered to non-player characters (NPCs) . at specific times 2 The protagonist also talks with NPCs, the player can choose from several options dialog; the development of these discussions can affect history. 4 In all, the adventure offers about five hours of play.

The game tells the story of Susan Ashworth a cat lady , that is, a lonely woman who lives surrounded by cats. 6 No family, no friends, no hope, Susan played with the idea of suicide at the beginning of the adventure. However, a mysterious force gives you a purpose in life: to find “Parasites” five ruthless psychopaths who roam the city and want to hurt Susan … unless she finishes before them. With the promise of a better life, Susan has to overcome weaknesses (lack of trust in others, their fears and their apathy towards the world) and find these murderers. 5

The plot, the characters and the atmosphere of the game itself are inspired to some extent in the game Dark Seed and the works of Stephen King.

The game is the work of designer indie Polish-born (but living in UK ) Remigiusz Michalski, who spent three years on this project virtually alone and without financing. 3 As with his previous work, Downfall (2009), Michalski wanted away from commercial games that focused more on striking graphics, creating instead a game with a complex and intimate story where the talks were the engine of history. 7 However, unlike what happened with their previous game, in this case the game graphics have not been hand drawn, but are a mix of photography, animation and rendering . 3 The game also has an original soundtrack and voices of over forty actors, but is only original version in English.

The Cat Lady has an original soundtrack composed by Michal Michalski, brother of designer gift that comes with the game. 3 In addition, the game features songs Warmer (Jesse Gunn), Josiah Osrie Spanish group Tears of Mars and Jamo Markwell.
The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download 1.3 GB
The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download 1.3 GB
The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download 1.3 GB
The Cat Lady PC Game Free Download 1.3 GB

System Requirement

OS: Windows® XP SP 2 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista® (32-64 bits) / Windows 7® or 8®(32-64 bits) CPU: Intel Pentium IV Memory: 1GB RAM (2 GB on Windows Vista or Windows 7) Video Memory: Video-card with 32bit support for 800×600 res HDD: 2 GB of free Hard Drive Space

Game Size = 813 MB
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