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Alien Shooter 2 Free Download Full Version

Alien Shooter 2
Alien Shooter  – a computer game in the genre of arcade action games with elements of RPG , developed by Sigma Team . It was released in 2003 . Distributed by shareware -scheme. The game features a large number of blood that remains after killing enemies, the blood color can be changed from red to green.

Endless darkness, grim long passages of a military complex have become the abode of evil, as thousands of bloodthirsty monsters fill its offices, warehouses and research laboratories. Your mission is simple: destroy the alien at all cost. You will be given the necessary amount of explosives, lots of weapons and a lot of equipment. The invasion has begun, you have one chance, and you should use it. The fate of humanity is in your hands now!

The player will play as a paratrooper, after selecting the sex of the character. Basically, the game comes down to the destruction of all the possible ways and means hordes of monsters attacking player, but also during the game character will perform simple mission of finding explosives inclusion of electricity, mining of various objects, and so on. D.

The image of the monsters and their abilities as the game constantly changing. If at the beginning of the game the monsters are not so serious threat, near the end of the enemies are arming more and more dangerous types of weapons – rocket launchers, laser guns. However, the player before the start of each level can buy the necessary amount of weapons. Also you can buy weapons and other items contribute to the destruction of monsters: a first aid kit, flashlight, armor, night vision, and a small, flying over the character’s head battle droid.

At the end of the game shows a map of the first level, and both of the holes that first game the player makes, runs a small green monster.

At the beginning of the game the player can choose to undergo one of two characters (Man or Woman). Characters differ in appearance and initial characteristics (the guy more life and power, but less accuracy and speed, the girl – on the contrary). These characteristics are increased due to the implants, which can be either to buy or to pick up (after killing some monsters in survival mode, or in the recesses of the passage of the campaign).

Though the game is a two-dimensional arcade, yet the player can interact directly with the surrounding material world, in particular the player can move various objects – chairs, barrels, gas cylinders explode and break the monitor screen, in addition due to the impact of projectiles when fired, for example in the wall, it still marks. Graphical features of the game create dynamic lighting.

The game has two game modes – a campaign (in this mode, the player is directly involved in the passing game by levels) and survival (the player is on a limited area of territory on all sides that it is coming more and more increasing number of monsters).
Alien Shooter 2
Alien Shooter 2
Alien Shooter 2
Games Size = 310 MB
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