Sanctum 2 PC Game Free Download


Sanctum 2 PC Game Free Download 1.9GB

Sanctum 2 PC Game Free Download 1.9GB
Sanctum 2 is an electronic game of first-person shooter mixed with tower defense . The game is under development by Coffee Stain Studios and published by Reverb Publishing . Sanctum 2 , which is the continuation of Sanctum , was first announced on February 6, 2012, with a release date in 2013. 2 Unlike its predecessor, Sanctum 2 will be released for both the PC as for consoles.

Sanctum 2 will continue with the mixture of genres present in the first game, but with some differences. As in the first, the player must protect, at each level, the core, which is being targeted by hordes of alien attacks. To this end, the player has access to both towers, he can invoke to defend and help create mazes, as their weapons, which can be used directly on the control of the player to destroy the enemies, allowing more flexibility than the games defense standards.

In contrast to its predecessor, the game will focus more on player development, which will unlock new abilities as you play. 3 4 The player gains new levels by killing enemies and complete levels successfully, and each new level allows the use of new skills, and be able to use more of them simultaneously. 4 The way of choosing the difficulty of the maps will also be different from the original. Instead of directly escolhar difficulty, the player can choose different modifiers before inicar level, how to increase the life of enemies, or let them faster each modifier leaving the game progressively harder. If the player finishes a level that has such modifiers, they will receive bonus experience. 4

Enemies are divided into two categories. The liabilities which go straight to the core, and aggressive, they will change their way if they are threatened by the player, becoming a greater threat in 5 Furthermore, there are bosses, enemies too stronger than the common, and can kill the player instantly if it is in their vicinity.

In Sanctum , players take on the role of the detachment under the command of the Defenders Cores Skye Autumn, sent to protect the city Elysion One, from hordes of mysterious alien creatures and investigate the reasons for their attacks. To save the city, the player must defend the “core” of each level; build defensive structures and improve the defense, destroying the enemies before they can get to the “core”.

Defense core can be divided into two phases, the phase and the phase of construction of defense. In the construction phase, the player can build units (Tower base) and the tower (Tower). Towers, in contrast to the first part, only include stationary weapons and engineering structures, which do not cause damage to the enemy. Handguns player has infinite ammo, but after using the clips you need to wait a while until the weapon is loaded again. Unlike the first game, the weapon is no longer improving.

Notable difference from the first part is that the construction blocks in adjacent cells, including diagonal, the space between them is closed wall.

To build and upgrade towers needed “resources” that are given at the beginning of each phase of construction. The amount of resources varies from card to card.

After the installation and improvement of necessary towers need to press Enter to start the phase of defense. In this phase, the player is directly involved, often becoming a major element of defense. The enemy is trying to reach and damage the core. If the state of the nucleus is equal to 0% game will be over. In the construction phase, you can see what will be the wave of enemies, using this information is necessary to build / improve a tower for more efficient destruction of new enemies. In the second part of the game player’s death appeared due to enemies. Enemies attack the player if he will be on their way, some even deployed to strike. This allows you to delay the enemy sometimes themselves from the nucleus. In case of death of the player in the construction phase (this is possible if to fall off the map, or enter into enemy territory), the “respawn” can hold at once. In the phase of defense after the death must be at least 10 seconds.
Sanctum 2 PC Game Free Download 1.9GB
Sanctum 2 PC Game Free Download 1.9GB
Sanctum 2 PC Game Free Download 1.9GB

System Requirements:

 OS : Windows ® XP SP 2 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista ® (32-64 bits) / Windows ® 7 or 8 ® (32-64 bits) CPU : QuadCore 2.0 GHz + Memory : 2GB RAM ( 2 GB on Windows Vista or Windows 7) Video Memory : DirectX 9.0c-compatible, SM 3.0-compatible, 512MB VRAM +; NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS or better HDD : 4 GB of free Hard Drive Space

Games Size = 1.4 GB
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