Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download


Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood , in Spanish titled Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood , 2 is an action-adventure video game and stealth historical fiction, developed by Ubisoft Montreal . It is the third installment in the series of Assassin’s Creed , the sequel and second episode of Assassin’s Creed II . The game was released worldwide for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , beginning in North America on 16 November 2010. It was later released for Microsoft Windows in March 2011, followed by a version for OS X in May 2011.

The story is set in a fictional story of real-world events that takes place in two time periods, the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries. The main part of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood takes place immediately after the plot of Assassin’s Creed II , with the murderer of the sixteenth century, Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Italy and their quest to restore the order of the murderers and destroy their enemies: Borgia family . Intersecting with these historical facts, the activities of today’s series protagonist Desmond Miles , who relives the memories of his ancestor Ezio to find a way to fight the enemies of Murderers, the Templars , and to prevent the Apocalypse 2012 .

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is based on an open world from the perspective presented in third person with a primary focus on using combat skills and stealth Ezio and Desmond to eliminate targets and explore the surroundings. Ezio is able to freely explore sixteenth century Rome to complete side quests outside the main plot. The game introduces a multiplayer component to the series, presented as a training program of the Templar

The game received critical acclaim along with multiple awards, including an award BAFTA for Best Action Game. It was followed in November 2011 by Assassin’s Creed: Revelations , a direct sequel that served as a conclusion to the story of Ezio and continued the story of Desmond Miles.

The continuing story is set in 2012. After escaping the attack of the Templars at the end of Assassin’s Creed II . Desmond Miles , Lucy Stillman , Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings flee to Monteriggioni , establishing a new hideout in the ruins of the Villa Auditore. After restoring the electricity in the old tunnels under the villa, the player once again takes control of Ezio Auditore through the genetic memory of Desmond Miles using the Animus 2.0 (which is the memory interface of the game). Your mission is to find the Apple of Eden , an important and mysterious artifact that could prevent impending disaster that is coming in the same year, believed it was perpetrated by the Templars.

Ezio’s story continues in 1499, where he exits the vault, confused by what he saw inside. Escapes Rome with his uncle Mario Auditore and arrives at Monteriggioni. Once home, Ezio is comforted by the prospect that his personal vendetta is over and that his days are over as a murderer; However, Nicholas Machiavelli challenges Ezio’s decision to leave the Spanish Rodrigo Borgia , now Pope Alexander VI , alive. The following morning Monteriggioni is besieged by Cesare Borgia , son of Rodrigo and kills Mario, and bears the fruit lost to the Templars. Ezio escapes with his family and travels to Rome, the center of the Templar Order in Italy , once again seeking vengeance against the Borgias. There, she discovers that the Murderers are failing in the fight against corruption. Determined to redeem the Guild, Ezio convinces Machiavelli that has everything you need to run the installation, while a Brotherhood powerful enough to destroy the Templars and his new nemesis, Cesare Borgia meets.

During the next four years, Ezio running missions with the intention of stopping the Borgia influence in the capital resources Caesar sabotaging and assassinating key people close to and / or worked with him in the process, and is slowly restoring Rome its former glory. Ezio becomes the leader of the Order and was promoted to the rank of Il Mentore (Italian for “The Mentor”).

Caesar, knowing the actions of Ezio faces his suspicious father and desperately asking for more money and the fruit itself. Rodrigo Borgia (Pope) refuses and tries to poison his son, realizing that ambition by Caesar’s power can not be kept at bay. Caesar, however, goes around the table toward his father and kills him with Ezio witness and after learning the location of the result, it recovers after a chase ending in fights with many guards from inside the St. Peter’s Basilica . Ezio uses to crush the forces of Caesar and withdraw support from his followers.

Cesár is arrested by the army of Pope Julius II and is taken to the prison in Viana, Spain.

Ezio uses the result, again to see Caesar, who escapes from prison and has besieged the city Navarre of Viana , Spain . He finds César on the battlements of a ruined castle and fight him. Caesar states that can not be killed by the hand of man, so Ezio decides to “let the hands of fate,” dropping the battlements. After defeating Cesare Borgia, Ezio returns to Rome and hides the Apple of Eden in the crypt of the Colosseum.

By using coordinates taken from Ezio’s memories, Desmond, Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca travel to the temple, intending to use the result to find the rest of the temples to hide other parts of Eden from the hands of the Templars. While Desmond enters the temple, he is confronted by holographic apparitions of a being called Juno , who appears to be of the same race as Minerva ; however, neither Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca can see or hear. Most focus your comments on the lack of knowledge of mankind. He states that humanity is “innocent and ignorant”; that people are not born to be know, getting only five of the six senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, but lacking knowledge. His lack of care then decreases as suddenly becomes angry, yelling “‘We would have left as such were haberos!”

While Desmond approaches the fruit and touches it, time freezes around it, although you can still move and talk. Juno cryptically says that Desmond is descended from her race and their enemy, and that a woman who is supposed to accompany him through “input”, but she is not with him. She takes control of Desmond’s body and forces him to stab Lucy in the abdomen. Both fall to the ground, apparently dead Lucy, Desmond going into a coma. In the credits, two men, one of them the father of Desmond, hear them discuss whether to put Desmond back into the Animus.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is an action-adventure video game in the third person whose primary focus is the gameplay style sandbox an open world in the ancient city of Rome . As in previous titles, the main mechanics of the game is based on movements of parkour , stealth , agility, strategy, fighting, fencing, caches (hay bales, sheets, banks, mingle with the crowd), murders and fighting system Melee. The combat system has many improvements and for the first time in the series, the game offers a mode multiplayer with over 15 hours of single player mode . 3

The game introduces a new management system: the player can recruit new members by destroying 15 “Borgia towers” in Rome where papal troops are stationed, then rescuing disgruntled harassment by guards citizens. The player, as Ezio, can send them to multitask around Europe or call them for support during missions (if they are not busy before). Post new tasks makes murderers gain experience points, and the player can customize their appearance, skills and weapon training to some degree, consuming skill points they have earned. The murderers can die on missions, from which they will not return. Ezio masters new devices like the parachute Leonardo da Vinci , which can be used to jump from tall buildings, along with poison darts, a poison faster acting, a crossbow, and the ability to swing and throw heavier weapons like axes . 3

The primary setting is Rome , which has fallen into ruin due to the corrupt rule of the papacy of Borgia and the Templars in the Papal States and concentrating all the wealth in the Vatican . Like the city of Monteriggioni in Assassin’s Creed II ., the player is able to invest in the city and witness its development and unlock rewards 4 The player has to conquer and destroy towers Borgia to release areas of the city family influence. 3 By completing this new missions and opportunities are unlocked. Rome is the largest city founded in the series after the first two installments (Rome is three times bigger than Florence from Assassin’s Creed II 3 ) and includes five varied districts: Vatican, center, Trastevere, Campagna and Antico. Unlike the previous installments, travel between different cities or regions is no longer present, as most of the action in the game takes place around the city of Rome. Instead, a network of tunnels in the city allows the player to travel to different sectors of the city with ease. However players can explore the entire city of Rome, visit the port of Naples , a part of Navarre , Spain and Monteriggioni in the present day.

The combat system has been modified. Attacking first and offensive actions are more deadly in Brotherhood than previous games where counter-attacks were the most efficient. Before, this made the player wait until the AI attack, which slows the pace of the fight. The AI in this game is thus more aggressive and can attack by enemies simultaneously. To defeat them, Ezio can use melee fight and ranged weapons at the same time as well as introducing the hidden gun in combat. After killing one enemy the player can start an execution streak to dispatch multiple enemies quickly. Ezio can throw heavy weapons (axes, spears, and swords) at his enemies. There are new enemies, in addition to those seen in Assassin Creed II such as horsemen , arquebusiers , papal guards and others.

Horses play a larger role in Brotherhood , not only used as a means of transport (inside the city for the first time), but as a component of acrobatic sequences and advanced combat as well, allowing ranged weapons to be used mount. Brotherhood also introduces various types of horse-related assassinations. There are environmental objects like the hanging pot in Assassin’s Creed II to move faster inside the city (a system of tunnels around the city allow fast travel), as well as new objects such as elevators merchandise to climb buildings or tall structures quickly. five

Unlike previous installments, Desmond can leave the Animus at almost any time. This allows Desmond to explore the present-day town of Monteriggioni. The player you are also offers virtual training, a mini-game where the player can prove his skills free running and combat.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ripped PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor: Intel Core 2 [email protected] Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000 + Memory: 1.5 Gb Hard Drive: 8 Gb free Video Memory: 256 Mb Video Card: nVidia GeForce 7900 / ATI Radeon X1950 Sound card: DirectX Compatible Network: Internet Connection for Online Multiplayer broadband DirectX: 9.0c


Recomended System Requirements:




OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor: Intel Core 2 [email protected] GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 + Memory: 2 Gb Hard Drive: 8 Gb free Video Memory: 512 Mb Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4700 Sound Card: 5.1 Network: broadband Internet Connection for Online Multiplayer DirectX: 9.0c



Games Size = 3.6 GB
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