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Battlefield 2 is the third title of the computer game series Battlefield , which was released on 23 June 2005. It is part of ego – and tactical shooter genre of. The previous games were Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam , the successor is Battlefield 3 . The number 2 in the title stands for the second part of the series, which was developed by DICE Sweden (Battlefield Vietnam has been developed by DICE Canada).
The graphics engine has been thoroughly revised and further developed.
Due to the setting of GameSpy announced in May 2014. Electronic Arts at the end of the online support for Battlefield 2. The servers were shut down on June 30, 2014.
Battlefield 2 plays mainly in the Middle and Far East of the present, in the Booster Pack “Armored Fury” the action was moved to the American continent. The Booster Pack “Euro Force” means the European Union in the fictional war events in the Middle East with. The game has a more modern graphics than the previous parts of the Battlefield series and there will be more emphasis on tactics and teamwork down. Battlefield 2 is about the struggle of three warring parties ( United States with the USMC , China with the PLA , and a fictional Middle East Coalition, the Middle Eastern Coalition – short MEC)., equipped with modern weapons systems such as the M1A2 or the SU -34 fighting each other. In this case, up to 64 players on 13 maps can again compete against each other, each available in 16-, 32- and 64-player version. The 13th card “Wake Iceland 2007” has been added with the patch 1.3, and corresponds geographically the same map “Wake Iceland” from Battlefield 1942 (and its multiplayer demo). Furthermore, there is since patch 1.4 the 14th card “Road to Jalalabad”. Regardless of the patch was released in June 2007, the 15th card with the name “Highway Tampa”. With patch 1.5 from 1 September 2009 Battlefield 2 is added to the map 16. “Operation Blue Pearl”. In addition, the booster packs “Armored Fury” and “Euro Force” are included free in the patch, which increases the number of cards in 22.
One of the important new features compared to its predecessors is the post of Commander. Here players can apply at the beginning of the round as Commander; one candidate with the highest military rank, occupying the post. The Commander may continue to participate actively in the game, but it there are also a lot of extra features. So he can,. As other players (only squad leader, see below) to conduct an overview map to a point of use or command them, which they can then pass on to their squad members. In addition, the Commander a reconnaissance drone (UAV engl. U nmanned A erial V ehicle, in German “Drone”) start monitoring a range of the battlefield for a few seconds and displays enemy positions indicating all players on their own team. Furthermore, the Commander supply crates can discard (and since version 1.3 and vehicles) by parachute, where other players can heal and replenish their ammunition. In addition, the Commander has the option at certain intervals to take any point on the map by artillery under attack. The Commander, it is also possible to observe each point of the map is accurate and zoom the map for so far that he can warn his colleagues against individual enemy soldiers. He also has the ability to scan the card completely for opponents and inform his team their positions. However, the opposing player can restrict the freedom of action of the Commander, by destroying its radar station, its UAV trailer or his artillery.
A Squad is a smaller network within a team that consists of up to six players (a Squad Leader and up to five squad members). In this case, only the squad leader communicate directly with the Commander (z. B. he can request instructions from the Commander or any of the above functions Request Commander). Also check his Squad Member only give orders (z. B. “attack here!”, “Advance to this position!” Or “You fix it!”). In addition, he serves as a mobile entry point for his squad members. However, this is only possible if the team min. A flag under control has. For tactical reasons, so the squad leader remains mostly hidden and leaves the Squadmember work for you. The squad leader has the opportunity to invite other players to his squad or remove, from the squad.
A player is Squadmember as soon as he enters the squad a squad leader. Now he has the opportunity to communicate with the other squad members via VoIP and in the event of the death re-enter the Squad Leader. After the so-called Spawn (new entry), the Squadmember oriented after his squad leader.
This squad system contributes to strengthening the focus of the game on teamwork and strategy as these squads can effectively and independently operate as small groups in combat. Thus, the player can fight much more effective if he acts alone, but in combination.
The last option is to play the Lone Wolf (Lone Wolf). These players belong to any squad. So they can operate independently and for example sabotage the equipment of the enemy commander. Often choose sniper this way to prevent that they are revealed in her hiding place by squad members.
The so-called “Commo Rose” is used for non-verbal communication. By pressing a button is about the crosshairs of the player around several communication options (such. As “enemy contact,” “need help”, “need ammunition supplies” or “ask for pick-up”) lists the elements that the player with the mouse can then select and can this kind to other team members communicate information or request assistance.
The statistics now all actions of a player on a central server are stored that are made on an official Ranked Server. Thus, one can at any time data such as game time, kills, time on certain cards and many others on the Internet to view. With the achievement of specific scores (global score), the player is promoted to the next rank. Here, players, depending on rank, unlock new weapons (in single player but you can not play with unlocked weapons). Through various activities, such. As the completion of a particular season, it is possible to acquire various awards. These awards (medals, ribbons, badges), as the available ranks, genuine military ranks and awards modeled. This system of transport generates competition between the players, which goes beyond the individual rounds, and is therefore responsible for the thrill of the game.
The game also features VoIP , a built-in function for communication between players (similar TeamSpeak ). So even a casual gamer or deny each other strategies call for help – microphone provided – without having to install additional programs. The developers have also made sure that the radio talk a degree of reality exists. Thus, the following restrictions were made:
Squad Loose players can not talk.
A squad player can only talk with your squad.
Squad leaders can speak both their squad and with the Commander.
The Commander can talk to your squad leader.
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Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 1.7Ghz
RAM Memory: 512MB
Hard disk space: 2GB
Graphics Card: 128MB


Games Size = 1.89 GB

Game RAR Password =

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