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Chaser: Total Recall ( Rus. ) – a computer game in the genre of science fiction , created by the company « the Cauldron HQ » and released by « JoWooD Productions » in 2003 .

When representatives of the 34 largest companies from various industries have created a Martian consortium – Marskorp – nobody could even imagine what a monster they sired. Initially, the main objective of the Consortium was declared the transformation of the Red Planet in blue . But after his appointment to head the helm of the ambitious tycoon Samuel Longwood, the Consortium became a polumafiozny cartel. With the secret help of the all-powerful United Nations , it has become the main tool for the control of Mars and its inhabitants. Newest never liked that their destiny disposes of distant New Yorkton (a slang term for a conglomerate of New York and Trenton), So that at first they fully supported the power of the Consortium. Many even believed that Longwood, sooner or later will lead the movement for the independence of Mars … For this naivety, many have paid with their lives.

Martian police and secret agents Longwood fiercely persecuted all who dared even to hint about the Martian independence. Stir the former once numerous and powerful, it turned into a small group of separatists , a driven former university professor Graham Castor. Today, this man was referred to as Commander Castor. For some it is – a fighter for freedom, for others – a weed that should be pulled out by the roots. Castor splol complex, deeply conspiratorial network, the basis of which became separate, independent battle groups. The entire organization, thus, was virtually immortal. Returning to the old ways of communication, the separatists kept their contacts secret. Seeing that his men were unable to cope with the enemy, Longwood unwraps campaignterror . Anyone who fell on suspicion of collaboration with Castor, was severely repressed . Hundreds of people disappeared without a trace. Other anti-terrorist judge the UN tribunal, and they were sentenced to many years in prison. These measures unleashed separatists hands. Until then, Castor opposed armed resistance Consortium …

UN Secretary-General Webster Jones delegated to Mars better RAOON officer (Intelligence Agency of the United Nations) Scott Stone to help the Consortium once and for all get rid of the threat. Castor organization entered into a brutal fight with Stone and his thugs … One of the main resistance leaders was a man named John Chaser

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Minimum System Requirements
 Operating System: Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Processor: 650 MHz Pentium® III or comparable
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics Card: DirectX® 8.1 3D graphic card (32 MB)
DirectX®: DirectX® 8.1
Hard Drive: 1.35 GB of free hard disk space
Sound: DirectX® 8.1 compatible sound
Games Size = 1.28 GB
Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Installation Help Please Visit How to Install Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Errors & Solution Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

Game RAR Password =

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