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Crysis 2 is a video game first-person shooter developed by the company Crytek and published by Electronic Arts . It was published in March 2011 for PC , Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 . 1 It is the sequel to Crysis and the first game to use the engine CryEngine 3 developed by Crytek as well. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009, Electronic Arts introduced a lead of 1 minute duration during the conference.

New York , 2023. The city suffers a strange “plague” that spreads rapidly throughout Manhattan , creating a crisis in this, with massive protests and crackdown by the authorities, triggering a isolation of the city to avoid spreading the virus. The imposed martial law in the city, imposed by the same army of the United States, but also with the presence of the armed wing of Crynet Application and Local Logistics (CELL), responsible for the creation of Nanosuit company and apparently they have some responsibility for what happens in the Big Apple.

Alcatraz is a member of the US Army sent with a team on a mission to find the whereabouts of Nathan Gould, Crynet former employee who may have valuable information about the events that occurred and the foreign alien presence I called CEPH, who were blamed in virus in the city. The submarine which Alcatraz and his team travel is attacked by CEPH, where he died most of the crew and Alcatraz is seriously injured with several broken ribs and ribcage .

On regaining consciousness, observed a subject on the coast equipped with a strange costume apparently very advanced, the Nanosuit 2.0. This eliminates the strange craft subject CEPH and water rescues, but again lost consciousness. When you reopen your eyes, discovers that he has put the Nanosuit, but with a dead body and a gun nearby. When picking up the gun, Alcatraz suffers Flash Back and remember what happened. “Prophet”, the same seen in the original Crysis, turns out to be the mysterious soldier, but is unfortunately infected with the deadly virus, so he instructs Alcatraz to continue its outstanding mission, as it is the only hope left to the humanity and it is unable to comply. Prompts find and help Nathan Gould. Before shooting himself in the head, his last words are: “They used to call Prophet, do not forget me.”

The suit quickly adapts to the DNA of the new user. Immediately after, Nathan Gould contacts Alcatraz. Unaware that Prophet is dead and that Alcatraz is the new user asks you to meet him in his lab.

Before, Prophet was a white CELL by one of his commanders, Dominic Lockhart, who regarded it as a biological threat to have the virus, but also partly due to ethical disagreements about the side effects of using nanotrajes, which had expressed to the board of the CELL started the project, but was not listened to their arguments and the project continued.

Since no one knows about the death of Prophet, they all refer to this name the “subject of the suit,” which in truth is Alcatraz

Along the way to the shelter Gould, Alcatraz is crossed with a demolition of a ship of the CEPH by the CELL, to which Gould asks that collects alien tissue samples, or anything that will help their investigations of this threat. Unfortunately fails, but manages to make contact with one of them to leave the place. When the stranger kills, made the removal of tissue, but the suit behaves strangely: apparently absorbs “nanocatalysts” and interact with them. Gould tells receiving signals across his suit and the sensors are going crazy, and seek to find an explanation when in the laboratory.

Continuing your way to refuge Gould and fighting strength of the CELL, Gould communicates back to inform him that his lab has been compromised because the CELL forces are getting closer to your position, so poses a change in plans. It proposes a new meeting in a nearby building, but before Alcatraz must destroy the computer lab Gould to prevent data from new point of falling into the hands of the CELL.

Completed this spy Alcatraz manages a conversation between two officers in command of the forces of CELL, Lockhart and Tara Strickland commander, daughter of Mayor Strickland, died in the original Crysis. Tara Strickland insists that capture Prophet (Alcatraz) alive would be more useful than deleting it, but Lockhart refuses to accept the request as the sole aim of Jacob Hargreave is the suit, not the user. Jacob Hargreave is the majority shareholder of the Crynet, project founder Nanotrajes and under his command the two officers CELL

Alcatraz comes to meeting with Gould, where it performs a partial examination to the suit, because the facilities are not sophisticated enough. We propose to know more about the strange readings received when the Nanosuit had contact with alien material. At that time, Nathan Gould realizes that Prophet who is not carrying the suit and reacts aggressively with a pistol , but before he could act, the Nanosuit memory files are activated, in which Gould realizes what Prophet had succeeded. Discouraged by the loss of Prophet, Gould tells what you could find at Alcatraz. Apparently, the Nanosuit is made similar to those found in the alien forms tissue so they are absorbed into the deeper layers of outfit and are configured in a way that still manage to decipher because of the small team they have, but Jacob Hargreave certainly knows something about this, because this was the creator of this advanced technology. And also mentions that the CEPH Gould are as cephalopods , namely, as octopus and squid .

Unfortunately, they suffer an attack of CELL, who discovered their position, but both manage to flee the scene. The new plan is to infiltrate the perimeter of the Wall Street , where there are more powerful, able to explain more precisely what is happening with the alien suit and tissues facilities. Arriving at the center of analysis, Nathan Gould proceeds to investigate further the suit. In the process, they discover that Alcatraz has severe injuries that under normal conditions, we would have already killed but thanks to the suit, has been kept alive. Also note that the fabric of the suit, which is a biological part is merging with his body, but before finding out what happens in the deeper parts of the suit, the men manage to penetrate and disrupt CELL analysis. Lockhart and Tara Strickland go to the site and proceed to capture both, since Tara Lockhart prevents murders Alcatraz. During the transfer, however, a huge structure CEPH spear-shaped emerging from the ground, releasing a strange spore powder that kills nearby soldiers Crynet but not Alcatraz, but the suit loses control and does not work properly . CEPH troops arrive at the site and engages in combat with CELL reinforcements, then, Alcatraz loses consciousness. It is unknown what happened to both officers and Nathan Gould CELL.

Upon awakening, among ruins, Jacob Hargreave contacts him and, somewhat mysterious, asks him to go in search of “something is missing”. Indeed, Hargreave want to check if the suit is capable of interacting with alien technology, which is why you sent hives alien species, structures protruding from the earth. Alcatraz must make your costume to interact with the spores found within structures and according to Hargreave, successful, protocols are supported, but the energy of the suit is insufficient to accomplish the tasks of Hargreave. However, during the process, the US Army (Marines) decides to intervene and overthrow the CELL was exercising authority in the city, with the intention to evacuate all civilians from New York possible.

The Pentagon authorized the destruction of maritime dams that protect the city, with the intention of flooding the lower part of the city and try to finish with CEPH forces. Hargreave, aware that the suit is the key, instructs a CELL helicopter to be evacuated quickly Alcatraz, but not on time and Alcatraz is swept away and lost consciousness.

Waking see a small squad. They are fellow Marine, codenamed “Chinese”, who survived the attack submarine. Nathan Gould had tracked the whereabouts of Alcatraz and thus had found him, but it is unknown how Gould contact American forces is still held by Hargreave.

While Alcatraz and the group of marines through the city, heading to Grand Central Terminal (central evacuation point), Hargreave contacts open once again. He explains that the suit needs a stabilizing agent to interact more easily with the spore, as the previous experiment did not give very good results. Currently the suit is interacting with aliens trying to write tissues and codes relevant program, so that the group deviates Hargreave-Rash building where the lab and the stabilizing agent is.

After beating the CEPH troops sector Alcatraz manages to enter the building. Unfortunately, first down to secure facilities to gain access to the upper floors, where Hargreave’s lab. It is appreciated that the lower floors of the building are completely surrounded by water that spread by flying dams that controlled the sea levels. The only thing keeping the internal flooding of the building are still holding huge glass of water pressure. However, Lockhart had followed Alcatraz, holding an ambush inside the Hargreave-Rash. Hargreave orders him to leave her alone to Alcatraz and that the suit is the only salvation, but, blinded by rage, Lockhart ignored the order, saying that it will end the madness that Hargreave home 3 years ago with the draft nanotrajes. While Alcatraz manages to overcome the ambush when you try to take control of security in the building, a huge robot appears CEPH underwater, breaking the windows and flooding the entire building. Hargreave, aware of the situation, as lost the opportunity to gain stabilizer and tells Alcatraz to cluster with their fellow Marines, and will contact you if necessary.

Henceforth, Alcatraz joins the US military and cooperates in various tactical missions, in order to allow the evacuation of civilians from the city under the command of Sherman Barclay, commander in charge of operations. After securing the subway station, where evacuation is effected, Alcatraz reunites with Barclay, who is accompanied by Nathan Gould, who claims to have escaped from the hands of CELL under skepticism Barclay, who suspects Strickland, just let it go. Gould Barclay ordered to evacuate by civilians, while Alcatraz, along with a group of marines, you must buy time defending the station rush of CEPH while carrying out the evacuation. Gould insists that the analysis must end with the Nanosuit, so he refuses to be part of the evacuation, but Barclay ends forcing him to leave.

The evacuation, unfortunately, is not enough, and a second option is required. Barclay decides to add an air evacuation in Times Square , so Alcatraz again must defend the positions to be carried out. About to take off all the ships, a huge robotic spear out of the ground, a radio CEPH spores. Fortunately, the Nanosuit had finished processing the spores received last time and Hargreave was aware of it. Hargreave contacts Alcatraz and was entrusted introduced into the spear to interact with the spore. In doing so, the spores are released, but this time just with all CEPH nearby rather than human: the suit was reconfigured alien spores.

Heading out of the city, Alcatraz, Barclay and a group of marines are evacuated to a military air craft, but Gould communicates with Commander Barclay, informing him that the train that escaped suffered a derailment, but are out of danger. Again, Gould insists it is vital to continue investigating what happens in the costume of Alcatraz and apparently Hargreave has all the answers. For this reason, the ship takes a detour and leave Alcatraz near Roosevelt Island , where they are Hargreave. The latter, he is surprised by the act of going to meet him, but still helps him to enter the premises of the island, as Lockhart, deployed all remaining forces CELL on the island, and is ready to finish with Alcatraz and costume. Thanks to the advice of Hargreave, Alcatraz manages to outwit the PEM trap and the whereabouts of Lockhart, killing him once under the command of Hargreave. Following the meeting Hargreave, Alcatraz falls into a trap PEM, which was installed by Tara Strickland, with orders Hargreave. The EMP disables and damages the suit, Alcatraz loses consciousness.

Upon awakening, Alcatraz is tied to a platform with machinery “surgical” appearance. Hargreave intentions are removing the suit to Alcatraz to use it and take off the CEPH force. The process is painful, but the suit, in a way, refuses to leave his current user because it has absorbed almost entirely on the condition of symbiosis , because the suit is in part biological. Hargreave then decides to kill Alcatraz to clinch the suit and ordered one of his soldiers to shoot him in the head, but just at that moment, Tara Strickland kills CELL soldiers and frees Alcatraz, to the disappointment of Hargreave. Strickland reveals to Alcatraz from the beginning that she belonged to the CIA and worked undercover for the whereabouts of Hargreave, but so far had failed. Help Alcatraz to find a way to Hargreave to capture and interrogate him because, apparently, know enough about these extraterrestrial forces. Upon arriving, they discover something disturbing.

Jacob Hargreave is in a vegetative state , capped with a variety of medical equipment that keeps him alive for over a century, from his first interaction with the accident CEPH Tunguska therefore Hargreave has been communicating electronically from his motionless body. Hargreave assumes that Alcatraz must finish the work against the CEPH, as this is left to the suit, the key to victory, so you should finish what he and Prophet had left pending. Before leaving, Hargreave gives Alcatraz a syringe containing the Tunguska iteration, but after injecting, fainting. Waking Hargreave triggers a self-destruct sequence the entire Roosevelt Island, so you should hurry up and get out. Hargreave tells his men to cease all hostilities against Alcatraz and to help evacuate the island. Amid the CEPH forces Alcatraz barely escapes the Queensboro Bridge, which is also destroyed. Alcatraz is the bridge and falls unconscious.

Upon awakening, he realizes that Nathan Gould, Strickland and Chino Tara were waiting on the other side of the bridge. Tara Gould convinced that Alcatraz and the Nanosuit was the key to defeating the invasion, which devises a plan to introduce Alcatraz Central Park . Prophet knew that the center of the hive CEPH was there; even he was there before he died and, thanks to the record of the suit, Gould could know, so get going. Tara Strickland, in his new capacity as a CIA agent, and like Gould believes the suit is the key, asks the Commander Barclay operation support. Barclay agrees to help, but reports that the Pentagon has struck again. It has authorized a nuclear attack on Manhattan in order to finish a good time with the threat CEPH, but the immense serious collateral damage due to the large number of civilians and members of the military who are still in town, but it is a cost they are apparently willing to pay.

With a nuclear holocaust coming, Alcatraz must hurry if you intend to get to the center of the hive. At that moment, a strong earthquake occurs and virtually all Central Park begins to rise into the air. This complicates matters, but Barclay gets air support to leave Alcatraz amid the floating island. With time and strong resistance against CEPH, Alcatraz manages to interact with robotic nanoesporas spears, but if you want to bring a definitive end to the alien presence in New York, go to the main structure CEPH. Thanks to the Tunguska iteration, the suit is powerful enough to alter the configuration of all nanoesporas. Then an explosion occurs across the floating island, spreading the spores throughout the city, annihilating entire CEPH presence and thereby preventing nuclear attack. Thus begins then, the total evacuation of civilians and military in New York.

Moreover, Alcatraz, unconscious, has a vision in which he sees Prophet. This is because part of Prophet’s inside the suit, because of their biological nature. Prophet explains that although they have triumphed in New York, it is not the end, for the CEPH are all over the world since ancient time and also tells him that both were necessary, they should not die until end the task. Alcatraz awakens among ruins of Central Park, and an announcement of the Nanosuit reports that all memories of Prophet have been assimilated.

Alcatraz receives a broadcast from Karl Ernst Rash (by his surname, it follows that is the other founder of Hargreave-Rash), who asks her name, to which answers Alcatraz?

Officially announced at ‘ E3 2009 Crysis 2 has been in development since 2007 at Crytek Frankfurt and Crytek UK . It is the first game ever to use the game engine CryENGINE 3 , and the first game Crytek to bring the experience of the German software house console. The PC version, on more powerful machines will be able to take advantage of DirectX 11 (when they are activated by an update of the game) and textures in high definition. Crytek aims to surpass the level reached in the first Crysis graph [4] , and four years since the release is still used as a benchmark for measuring the graphics performance of your PC. On January 25, 2011 was published in two modes multiplayer demo for the Xbox 360; The PC demo has arrived on 1 March, and the PlayStation 3 on March 16 in Europe and March 15th in North America.

The game, while delivering high image quality, has been subjected to criticism in its PC version for not having taken advantage of DirectX 11 since its release (limited version 9) [5]

Between May and June were released two packs of downloadable content ( DLC ) for multiplayer:

Crysis 2: Retaliation , which is available from May 17, which contains 4 new maps for the multiplayer segment, called Park Avenue , Transit , Shipyard and Compound [6] ;
Crysis 2: Decimation , available from June 15, which includes in 5 new maps (called 5th Avenue , Chasm , Plaza , Prism , and Apartments ) and 2 new weapons (FY71 Assault Rifle and the Smoke Grenade) [7] .
On June 27, were also issued two free upgrades to enable DirectX 11 and textures in high definition [8] .

In January 2011 the CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, also said that a team was already working on the story of Crysis 3 [9] , but its actual development (then officially announced in April 2012 ) would depend on the satisfactory sales figures Crysis 2 .

Crysis 2

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with the latest Service Pack
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz, or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz, or better
Memory: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: 9Gb
Video Card: NVidia 8800GT with 512Mb RAM or better, ATI 3850HD with 512Mb RAM or better
Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX®: 9.0c


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