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Devastation – a computer game released on PC in 2003 . The action takes place in 2075. The government closely monitors the people, strongly pressing it. Every now and then uprisings, the participants of which the government cracked down ruthlessly. An employee of the corporation “Dr. Gratius” – Baxter reveals an important state secret, then kill him. Before his death, Baxter recorded data on the disk, and told Eve, a female employee of the company Dr. Gratius convey this information to his friend-revolutionary Flynn that Eve did. Flynn sent the company to solve the mystery of the government … And he will reveal it …

Flynn ( Eng. Flinn ) – the protagonist. His biography is little known. At the beginning, it is mentioned that he is being “resistance” fighting leads to unfair totalitarian power in the face of Peacekeeper Gratiusa. Externally – the ordinary young man with blue eyes and white, with gray hair tint. Is an ordinary t-shirt with short sleeves, jeans, and shoes.
Eva ( Eng. Eve ) – one of the main characters. In the story of the game – runs on Gratius, is something of a laboratory assistant. At the beginning of the game wearing a uniform, and later after visiting apartments Gus dresses very sexy top and tight jeans. After Flynn’s team was captured regeneration platform, Eva loses the need to wear glasses. The game character is the main and the first assistant Flynn his partner. By default, the command executes «Follow».
Gus ( Eng. Gus ) – one of the main characters. Joins Flynn and Eve at the end of the Mission’s third. According to the plot – a smuggler, a party member, the arms dealer. Supplies Eve clothing and weapons. Expert electronics and all kinds of weapons. Wearing a blue checked shirt and cap “visor back.” In it is embodied the image of “a simple American guy.” It is not always possible to give commands to Gus because in some missions, it is there to protect the base.
Duffy ( Eng. Duffy ) – one of the main characters. Flynn met with her in prison, where they run, pre-killing guards of the prison complex. Duffy worked on Gratius was a spy. Wearing a T-shirt and pants dark green, army boots, cropped. Her image – a way of “GI Jane.”
Tara ( Eng. Tara ) – one of the main characters. Commanding the resistance Urbii. It occurs in the first mission in the area. It has a unique weapon, having a fantastic rate of fire. Reminds Uzi, some converted into a futuristic cyberpunk weapons. Externally – charming blonde in a dark blue tight fitting overalls and high shoes.
Baxter ( Eng. The Baxter ) – a minor character. Spied on company Gratiusa in favor of resistance. He managed to record important data on the encrypted drive, but he was seized by officers of the complex. Baxter was injured for a long time although the resistance members (including myself Flynn) thought he was killed. Because of his carelessness he was eaten by a shark at the “Docks”.
Lina ( Eng. Lina ) – one of the main characters.
Kyle ( Engl. By Kyle ) – a minor character.
Kurts ( Eng. Kurts ) – a minor character. Former teammate Duffy. The only black character in the game. Dressed in military uniforms handicrafts.
Glen ( Eng. Glen ) – a minor character.
Mika ( Eng. Mika ) – one of the main characters. Captive Head Resistance. Flynn was rescued by a team of “peacekeepers” headquarters. Eve calls her “just a child”, this is difficult to disagree, because Lin looks like a schoolgirl than as a fighter and leader of the rebel resistance army. Externally is a charming young girl with big brown eyes, blond dyed hair and touches of pink baby animals, pinned on the shirt. Wearing a top, plaid skirt and red shoes.
Gratius ( Eng. Grathius ) – one of the main characters. Polumifichnaya personality, founder of the corporation. In direct clashes with members of the Resistance did not personally enter, preferring to sit in his bunker, enters the field of view of the player, and only partially in the last seconds of the final movie. In everything he relies on his general-super-soldier. Specially designed for him a suit with a portable regeneration machine.

Gratius – Flynn with Eva is sent to the laboratory of Dr. Gratiusa. Flynn is trying to use the computer Baxter to decode the data from the disk. At this time, Eve is cheating on him, and locks Flynn in laboratories. Flynn has to find a way out on their own. He finds an open elevator shaft, and it goes down to the underground complex Doctors Gratiusa.

D & R – Flynn locates in an underground complex mortuary. Flynn is aware that carried out some experiments. But whether they are related to the information provided by Baxter? Flynn finally finds out and finds Eve. Flynn rescues Eve from the soldiers, pursuing her. .

Southern market – Eva and Flynn found smuggler Gus. Gus joins them.

Chinatown – Breaking through the crowd of soldiers, Gus leads Flynn and Eve in his den, where they replenish ammunition.

The top of the tower – Eve Flynn and Gus are still struggling with the punitive forces. The soldiers managed to capture Flynn.

Rock – The prison complex, which gets Flynn because of their carelessness and arrogance. He manages to escape from this terrible place, taking advantage of the earthquake. It weakened the concrete wall in his cell and he knocked her bare hands. Here, Flynn meets with Duffy, seizes weapons and making the way they are able to break through the crowds to their protection.

Pier – After escaping from prison, Flynn and Duffy met with other team members. Gus says that Baxter is rumored to be alive and in the former psychiatric hospital in Urbii. After that, members of the team, breaking through the peacekeepers are sent to the bus and Urbiyu.

Urbiya Territories

Urbiya, south – Flynn with friends gets to Urbii (prototype, which is probably Los Angeles). There they met with Tara and decide to help the local resistance. It was during this mission found that the peacekeepers used “regenerators”.

Nuthouse -Vesma remarkable place. This impregnable mental hospital. It imprisoned Baxter. Take by storm the fortress Flynn’s team can not be solved, and it takes only right decision – to give up. Once inside, Flynn runs from the camera, using as weapons the board gvozdomot finds GPS-navigator and Baxter camera. Together, they manage to escape in a stolen car.

Urbiya, north – Flynn and Baxter returned to the city, where the latter decrypts the disk. But Tara tells them over the radio that the peacekeepers caught Eve and Duffy and laid next to them explosive. Soon the girls were rescued and four of them went to the docks to meet Tara and Gus. However, their joy was not long – Baxter due to the carelessness jumped into the water-filled dock, where it was eaten by a shark. Flynn kills shark harpoon gun and the team combined.

Docks – Tara offers to seize the cargo barge to get to Taipei. From there to the United States acted “regenerators” and there are large industrial complexes that produce them. On the way to the barge Resistance team is going to the regenerator. In the last minutes of the mission Eve kill peacekeeper, but Tara regenerator collecting and using data disc Baxter animates Eve.

Taipei Territories

Market Taipei – the first location, where available regenerative platform that makes the main character and his team almost immortal. In this mission, the characters are introduced to Lina – Resistance spy.

Cardboard country – From Lina heroes find out where the large batch of weapons intended for peacekeepers. Flynn destroy the whole party with explosives.

Aquifer – Stage extends in drained channels. The main character must be destroyed regenerator 3 “peacekeepers” to capture them and to reprogram Tara. Besides the aim of the mission is to launch the 3 current generators, opening locks and collect fuses for electrical. At the end of the mission level will be flooded. Water flow will carry standing next Gratiusa plant.

Ihtiya, south – Resistance squad moves to the plant for the production of “memetic liquid” (liquid, consisting of nano-robots that and recreate the man in the “regenerator”) to destroy it.

Ihtiya, north – to destroy the factory, Flynn with the team headed north Ihtii to destroy the already produced and stored there “memetichiskuyu liquid”. And then they seize a helicopter and fly to Tokyo.

Ginza Territories

Chozo – Arriving in Tokyo, the Resistance detachment settles in one of the abandoned buildings, but here they take on sight, members of the local resistance, which all kind of say they are former military. However, Duffy settle the situation. It turns out she – friend of the people, and offers to help in the fight against the peacekeepers. The purpose of the mission – to destroy the regenerator peacekeepers.

Waste river – Level is a shootout in the sewers of Tokyo, a proper environment. A lot of blind alleys, hidden passages, and dispersed toxic waste make passage difficult and fascinating. The ultimate goal of the mission – the capture of the peacekeepers base and find a way out to the surface.

Zangana – Kurts and Kyle (and they were the former military) report to the heroes of that building Zangana peacekeepers held captive leader of the Resistance – Miku. And after fighting with peacekeepers Flynn with friends free her.

Transit – level Home is a journey through the dilapidated Tokyo subway, and later – a shootout at his stations, seizure and destruction “superregenerator”. In the final level of the whole team Flynn destroy, destroy their base, as most of the protagonist and Eve prepare for death, but with the help of a radio-controlled robot rat rescue ex-peacekeepers have taken the fight against Gratiusom. Flynn’s team comes to life through the use of new regenerative platform.

Bacco – Resistance forces are preparing a final assault on the main office of Naco-Naki (a corporation interacts with Gratiusom for miniaturization regenerators). Making his way through the streets, which have become a battleground, a detachment of Resistance captures building Naco-Naki and sent to the roof to help out with the satellite network to extend to the whole world the truth about the secret machinations Gratiusa.

Nako-Naki – Flynn with friends already close to victory, but then appears on the scene the main villain – General peacekeepers, who first tried to imagine the latest developments in the field of regenerators. He became almost completely immortal, but Flynn is his weak spot and destroys the general. After winning Flynn Mick immediately sends information about Gratiuse and Naco-Naki on the satellite network, showing all the details of their investigation on every screen in the world.

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Minimum System Requirements
 Operating System:Windows Xp,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows 8
Ram:256 MB
Video Memory:64 MB
CPU:Intel Pentium III @ 900 MHz
Hard Space: 1 GB
Direct X:9.0
Sound Card:Yes
Games Size = 612 MB
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