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Serious Sam 1
Serious Sam is the first game (released in two episodes) Series Serious Sam . It is a game of first-person shooting (with option to play in third-person ) created by the game developer Electronic Croatian Croteam . Originally only released to the market for personal computers , the emerging popularity of Serious Sam resulted in ports being created for various platforms, including Xbox , GameCube , PlayStation 2 and Xbox Live Arcade , among others.

The game follows the adventures of protagonist Sam “Serious” Stone in his fight against the forces of the notorious leader extraterrestrial Mental, which aims to destroy the human race.

The Serious Sam games are created in the traditional style of shooters in first-person as Doom and Quake . Enemies often spawn and attack in large waves through the map, and the player must avoid their projectiles and attacks by dodging and jumping sideways, rather than simply go for some coverage. Life and armor are not regenerative, and can be recovered through items scattered by the phases of the game. The remaining life and armor are represented by percentages on the screen. Combat is high and frantic pace: the stages usually consist of a series of well-crafted arenas in which the player must defeat a number of enemies to proceed. The character can carry a number of different weapons, and ammo is plentiful.

The visual style of the game is fanciful and humorous. Types of enemies ranging from soldiers with rocket launchers that run the giant robots against the player, or even suicidal headless men and two bombs in place of hands. The environments include alien planets, Egyptian pyramids and rain forests.

Serious Sam has a cooperative play mode, on the same machine (with split-screen) and Internet.

Serious Sam consists of three episodes: Serious Sam: The First Encounter , Serious Sam: The Second Encounter , and package phases made by fans called Dark Island . The title Serious Sam: Gold Edition was released with the entire contents of The First Encounter , The Second Encounter and Dark Island together. The games are on separate CDs (in the UK version) and are identical to their versions released separately, except for the model of the protagonist in The First Encounter , which was modified to use a version of it in The Second Encounter .

Serious Sam: The First Encounter[editar | editar código-fonte]
The First Encounter was the first game in the series. Had begun its development since 1996 and a video demonstrating its fundamental gameplay in 2000. The First Encounter was originally developed by Croteam as only a demonstration for their engine and this is the reason some countries have seen the price Launch game in less than half of other games in the genre at the time.

Plot [ edit | edit source code ]
The game is set after the events of Serious Sam 3: BFE with a prologue introducing the player what happened between the end of BFE and the early history of First Encounter . In ancient time, Earth was involved in a major conflict between Mental, an evil alien being who wants to rule the universe, and the Sirians, a sensitive alien race that left behind many of its artifacts to be discovered by humanity. At the XXII century, Mental and his army of grotesque monsters stubbornly return to Earth to destroy humanity. As a last resort, human society uses the Time-Lock, a mysterious artifact that contains the Sirian able to carry a single individual to a specific earlier date. Because of his bravery in fighting these monsters, Sam “Serious” Stone is chosen to use the Time-Lock, with the hope that he can defeat Mental and alter the course of human history.

When the game begins, Sam appears in Egypt . He travels from one Egyptian monument to the next, fighting against the monsters Mental dispatches along the way. During the journey of Sam, he manages to find and activate a secret Sirian communicator, which has the form of an obelisk, located in Luxor , that summons a spaceship in outer space Sirian its way to Earth. Sam rushes toward the Giza Necropolis to meet the spacecraft, but is cornered by the right arm of Mental, Ugh Zan III. After a keen battle, Sam manages to defeat the giant and teleports into the ship. Aboard the “SSS Centerpiece”, he leaves a phone message for Mental, saying that there “a package special delivery for him,” and sets course for Sirius, the Sirian home planet.
Serious Sam games are designed in traditional First-person Shooter style, such as Doom and Quake . Enemies often appear and attack in large waves from all over the map, and the player has to avoid their projectiles and attacks, which usually make jumping and moving, rather than hiding. Health and armor do not regenerate itself, instead it is added to the packages that are available at all levels. The remaining health is shown as a percentage figure on the screen. Battles are fast and savage: the level usually consists of several arenas in which the player must win a certain number of enemies, who re-appears ( the English term – spawn ) before proceeding to the next road. The player can carry an unlimited quantity of arms and ammunition levels are also very much to the enemies dying it never fails to act.
After the visual style is fantastic and ridiculous. Enemies range from the soldiers and giant robots raķešmetējiem to shrieking suicide – bombers, without heads and hands with bombs. Games surroundings are alien planet, the ancient Egyptian pyramids and tropical forests . Serious Sam is a possible co-operative play via split screen mode or online through.
Serious Sam 1
Serious Sam 1
Serious Sam 1
System Requirements
Pentium: 3
RAM: 128 MB
Graphics: 16 MB
 HDD Space: 450 MB
Games Size = 138 MB
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