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GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download

GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (abbreviated GTA: SA or GTA SA ) is a video game in the third person shooting , driving and action-adventure , developed by Rockstar North in Scotland ( UK ). The video game was initially released in October 2004 on console PlayStation 2 1 It is subsequently marketed. June 2005 on console Xbox 4 and Microsoft Windows (PC) 2 . GTA: SA is also marketed on Mac running the year in 2010 . Then, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone in December 2013 and finally on Xbox 360 (remastered) October 26, 2014 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. He is the eighth album to date in the series Grand Theft Auto , and the last of the trilogy Grand Theft Auto III .

The video game is set in the fictional state of San Andreas, located in Nevada , in California and Arizona , comprising three metropolitan cities: Los Santos (located in Los Angeles ), San Fierro (located in San Francisco ) and Las Venturas (located in Las Vegas ), including deserts, lakes, forests and a mountain separating the cities. The story takes place in 1992, San Andreas follows the adventures of a gang member Carl “CJ” Johnson , back in his hometown, Los Santos (state of San Andreas), after having learned of the murder of his mother . Johnson finds his old friends and family relations at risk. Throughout the game, Carl struggles to find the murderer of his mother and gain influence, trying to give back to his gang to its former glory.

Like previous games in the series , the output of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and its commercial success has spawned several controversies regarding the particular violence of the script, but also the content “hidden” game (side missions). Due to its contents violent and the presence of a minigame sex , gambling was prohibited for children under 17 years in the United States and recommended for children under 18 in Europe.

The game is developed in the year 1992 in the State of São Andreas (a mixture of the true states , California and Nevada ), to which belong the cities Los Santos ( Los Angeles ), San Fierro ( San Francisco ) and Las Lucks ( Las-Vegaso ).

The protagonist is Carl Johnson (known as CJ), afrikamerikano been born and grown up in the ghetto Glove (Compton) in Los Santos, who lived on the eastern shore ( East Coast ) in Liberty City (based on New York ) during the previous five years at the beginning of the story. Before he left, he and his brother Sweet led a band called the Grove Street Families along with the trusted friends Melvin “Big Smoke” Harris , a fat and wise (compared to the other gangsters), and Lance “Ryder” Wilson drogodependulo, quite stupid, sometimes act impulse due to the effects of the drug, which he assumes; Therefore, it is not uncommon that he would cause problems (for a mission he even offers to steal weapons to the army of Los Santos with CJ despite their great numerical inferiority against the soldiers). It seems that with them also Brian, the younger brother of CJ and Sweet, was a member of the band, but in the game he is not present and is rarely called for his death in an ambush by members of another band called the Ballas.

Forcing to return to his city because of the death of the mother (killed by the enemy gang Ballas in ensalto, which had the aim Sweet-on), CJ is going to hosted by Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, two corrupt police officers, who boltas and arrest for murder of the agent Pendelbury, that really killed them himself, because he wanted to expose them. Having no concrete evidence for kulpigigi him, they decide to throw him out of the car by the police in “Rollin Heigth” territory of the Ballasanoj. Due to its recent gangstera life, CJ manages to return to his old home, where he finds his best friend, Big Smoke. The friends and the brother home to as malkuraĝulon, who departed to avoid the inherent respodecojn, but Carl them surprised deciding to stay in Los Santos to save his family, and his own band and manage to raise the Families of Grove, who else has failed due to internal conflicts, drug and battles against the Ballasanoj.

CJ then meet Cesar-on Vialpando-n, a boyfriend of his sister Kendl and head of Varrio Los Aztecas, entering the world of the secret races, and Jeffrey “OG Loc” Cross , a young member of the Families of Grove remarkably extravagant, which would like to become a rapper and for which CJ steal the tekstolibreton of the famed rapper Madd Dogg .

Chronology of the series Grand Theft Auto
Erao GTA 1
1961 – London, 1961
1969 – London, 1969
1997 – Grand Theft Auto
Erao GTA 2
2013 – Grand Theft Auto 2
Erao GTA 3
1984 – Vice City Stories
1986 – Vice City
1992 – San Andreas
1998 – Liberty City Stories
2000 – Advance
2001 – Grand Theft Auto 3
Erao GTA 4
2008 – Grand Theft Auto 4
(The Lost and Damned,
The Ballad of Gay Tony)
2009 – Chinatown Wars
Things seem to be normaliĝantaj to CJ by whispering of Cesar discover that Ryder and Big Smoke has sold it to the Ballasanoj and prepared an ambush for him in Mulholland Insersection, where the families of Grove is kontraŭbatalantaj the Ballasanojn. Alirinte the place, CJ finds his brother dying and after a shootout against the Ballasanoj he is captured by Tenpenny and taken to Angel Pine in the country.

So he would have to work with Tenpenny, with the captain of a Chinese gang Wu Zi Mu (called Woozie) for Hippie called The Truth (“The Truth”), which is said to know many things about the US government, and for the drogprovizanto Big Smoke, whose name is “T-Bone” Mendez. Carl will get both the second city (San Fierro), where he will begin work on karoseriejo with Cesar, and kill at a meeting T-Bone-n and Ryder-on. Therefore, in the third and final city, Las Lucks, he will have to work with Woozie in a casino (in which one can legitimately hazardludi) and to regulate the accounts with the Italian Mafia and the matadoro of a rival family, Salvatore Leone. Here CJ succeed relief at the corrupt agent Pulaski, killing him in the wilderness.

Then, with the help of a secret agent Mike Toreno , who initially pretended to be narkotiktrafikisto friendly Mendez, he will succeed elprizonigi his brother Sweet, resuming to impose the rule of a band of Grove in Los Santos. At the same time, operate violentega urban uprising because of the acquittal of Tenpenny in the case of corruption, murder, narkotikkomerco and sexual violence. CJ will benefit from the situation to help his friend Cesar colonize the territories malgajnitajn of his band and to impose definitively rule on all Los Santos.

In the final mission, Carl will get the Crackhouse-n Big Smoke: kovrate of the confusion of the riot, CJ will manage to eliminate their korpogvardiojn and found involved within direct duel with Smoke, killing him. In his last vivomomentoj, he would reveal that he was betrayed Grove-n, because that was the opportunity to become rich and famous (in fact he lives in a penthouse ). Involved Tenpenny, who, kaŭzinte explosion in the crackhouse that CJ is involved in a fire, fleeing with stolen fajrobrigada vehicle. Carl manages to escape from the crackhouse, but Sweet, seeing Tenpenny-n forkuranta themselves hang in the truck from the police and CJ follow him. But then two other police officers try to drop out of the truck Sweet-on. CJ will take it by senkapuĉigebla car stolen at the crackhouse. Sweet ekstiras the vehicle following Tenpenny-n, while CJ tries to push police vehicles, ribelantajn citizens and freneziĝintajn gangsterojn firing from the vehicle. Tenpenny in the confusion lost control of l truck and subenfalas of the bridge over Grove Street in catastrophic incident. Few momentetojn before dying Tenpenny cock to Carl and the others that he has managed to conquer the city. It is ironic the final, where Carl, elportinte all tricks of Tenpenny, finally manages to kill him and make fun of him by saying, “We intervidiĝos somewhere … Agent!” the phrase with which Tenpenny used to greet Carl-on. From this moment, after the death of Tenpenny, the rise milder. The game ends with the meeting of CJ, Sweet, Cesar, Kendl and The Truth in a new Grove Street and through Madd Dogg, who will win the Golden-n Disk-n for his new album. However CJ leaves the house, saying that he has to do, as does the business in the neighborhood, and after ankoraŭa and last phone call from Catherine may continue to play after the end of the story to complete the game.

As with the other episodes of the series, is a great agadlibereco: one can actually steal cars or motorcycles , fly by helicopters and aircraft , navigate through boats or motorboats or even walking and bicycling. But in San Andreas the situation is improving, the first time the protagonist can superpasi borders or climb on walls, swim and carry out aquatic mergiĝojn; we will even pay a little attention to the health and physical shape, konsumigante it a rule meals in several fast food and sekvigante him trejniĝokursojn in gimnastejo. You can also choose the surmetendajn clothes leading to one of the many konfekciaj shops. You can also modify the tondaranĝon of the hair and make tatuojn.

Compared to GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Vice City , the map is four times larger, is present in fact three islands with these surrounding areas, divided from each other by great bridges over the sea. The map, in fact, extends 44.3 km. The scenario includes: rivers , mountains reliefs (with mountain Mount Chiliand with height 800 meters above sea), lakes, several kilometers of streets and highways, green vastojn, forests, one desert, one Canyon, ferumitajn streets, senmakulajn beaches, a military installation called Area 69 (inspired from the Area 51 ), tunnels and even the remains of a few “ghost cities” of the past. In addition to the three main cities, attend several small loĝaj centers.

The available missions are even 100: the simplest are the classic stiradmisioj within the San Andreas (among other things also trains), then presents also the missions more difficult (in charge homicides, night robberies, participation in punitive attacks etc ..), which will force the player to move is also a city to another. Finished the main game, you will be able to devote themselves to subludoj or secondary missions. Among the best known “subludoj” We remind basketball , forviŝadon of grafitojn of the hostile bands dislokitajn in the cities, akrobataĵojn by bicycle BMX in one of the many antaŭpreparitaj kurejoj, sporting contests and attend a few car races organized in several stadiums of the State. The character will be able to additionally go to the centers for ĉevalaj vetaĵoj, in several casinos or in any lokalon for bilardi or videoludi.

GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
GTA SanAndreas Compressed PC Game Free Download 606MB
Minimum System Requirements:
1GHz Pentuim III or AMD Athlon
8x Speed DVD Drive
3.6 GB Hard Disk Space
64MB Video Card
DirectX 9 compatable sound & video drivers
Keyboard, mouse
Recommended System Requirements:
Intel Pentuim 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)
16x Speed DVD Drive
4.7GB Hard Drive Space
128MB Video Card
Games Size = 620 MB
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