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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a game of third person action and stealth company developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive in 2002 . It is the second title in the series Hitman . It was released in 2002 and was succeeded Hitman: Contracts in 2004.

The Agent 47 has retreated to a church in Sicily to seek peace. During his time in the church, he works as a gardener for the priest , Father Vittorio. 47 sees the Father Vittorio as his best friend and mentor, attending regularly confess their sins. The priest understands that 47 has killed many but believes it is good at heart.

One day, after confession, Father Vittorio is kidnapped and a ransom note left for 47, demanding $ 500,000 in two days. 47 decides to return to his old job as a murderer to locate Father Vittorio. He contacts his agency, who thought him dead, and makes a deal with his contact, Diana. It will work for them if the agency can help you locate Father Vittorio. They accept the offer.

Diana informs 47 that Father Vittorio was kidnapped by a Sicilian Mafia capo named Giuseppe Giuliano. Man has imprisoned a priest in a cell in his mansion in Villa Borghese . 47 infiltrates and kills Giuliano, but can not find his friend. Later told that a satellite image shows Father Vittorio was led by “uniformed guys looking for Russians.”

47 working with the Agency to repay their attempt to find Vittorio. After both parties are satisfied that the agreement has been fulfilled, 47 negotiates a raise and still accepting contracts. Travel to various countries, including Russia , Japan , Afghanistan , Malaysia and India , to carry out their missions, assassinating the assigned targets ranging from terrorists and crime bosses to enemy agents and generals. 47 Finally abandons his search for Vittorio, believing he was dead.

47 eventually learns that the whole thing was a hoax from a man named Sergei Zavorotko, which is an important figure in Russian organized crime. It also has links to the Russian government and military. Sergei was an Agency client whom 47 had been working the whole time. Sergei had hired 47 to kill all the people who know everything about a nuclear bomb that had acquired. Sergei was also the brother of Arkadij Jegorov, one of the “five fathers” 47. Sergei believes 47 told the UN about the device, and organizes an assassination. 47 then receives the task of the UN to kill Sergei, but it is actually a trap. The current client is Sergei, and try to use 17, another clone of 47 to kill him. 47 after 17 kills.

Finally, 47 chases Sergei back in the church of Sicily, where it hostage terrified Father Vittorio. After a battle with Sergei’s men, 47 eventually kills Sergei. Vittorio gives his crucifix to Agent 47, asking him to follow the right path and find peace in your life according to your inner soul. Agent 47 takes a final look at Father Vittorio and leaves the church, hanging the crucifix on the wooden door of the church. He realizes that he never find peace there, and returned to life as a murderer for hire.

Finally he finds the dubbing of the characters, totally Castilian .

The game opens with a discussion between two shady characters. Sergei Zavoratko, spawning the famous Russian and international terrorist mafia, speaks with a mysterious informant who offers to shed light on an interesting case which emerged in Romania , in an insane asylum. Several people including Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer have created an improved race, designed to be more efficient than the rest of the human race, into a killing machine. Curious, Zavoratko went with his informant in the asylum, abandoned and neglected since the death of its director. They find a large number of bodies and attend some of the killing on tape surveillance camera that reveals their 47, the head of the killing. Convinced that it is not a legend, Zavoratko decided to go looking for him to make him work for his own account.

With thousands of miles away, was cut to 47 Gontranno, a small Sicilian parish where Father Vittorio hosted his first friend. After years of service, 47 is separated from his fortune, which he sold most of the parish Gontranno. Aspiring to a quieter life, he hopes to atone for his crimes and never return to the world of murder on command. However, Father Vittorio is kidnapped by a local mafia godfather named Don Giuseppe Gulliano, which together amount to 47 000 500 dollars to find his friend alive. Determined to rescue him, the killer gets in touch with the agency for which he formerly worked and starts to kill in the hope of saving his friend.

47 is initially charged with murder Don Gulliano, suspected of holding Vittorio in the basement of his villa. 47 eliminates the mafia, but can not release Vittorio, moved by the henchmen of Zavoratko in a safer place. The agency responsible for the murder of a Russian general during a meeting in St. Petersburg . The contract completed 47 agrees to work again on behalf of the Agency as it tries to regain his priest friend. The bald killer is responsible for murder one by one the other three generals who attended the meeting. He shoots the Makarov and the Russian mob in a park in St. Petersburg, then General Mikhail Bardachenko in the heart of Nevy Prospekt underground base of the Russian army where he came again to the rescue of officer CIA Smith. General Vladimir Zupikhov ultimate survivor of the quartet is eliminated within the ’embassy of Germany . During the mission, a killer escapes supposed to contain a guidance system for missiles carrying case. He also discovered bundles of yen . This discovery puts him on the trail of smugglers Japanese weapons.

It is then sent to Japan on the trail of their leader, the oyabun Masahiro Hayamoto Senior. To locate and approach 47 eliminates his son Masahiro Hayamoto Junior and places a tracer on his corpse. He manages to find the lair of the yakuza in an ancient castle, lost in the middle of snowy mountains and inhospitable. After a slow and difficult approach, the assassin infiltrates the castle, removes his target, steals a device for guiding missiles.

Once the task is completed, the Agency sends to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to remove a hacker expert in cryptology , Sidjan Charlie and his twin brother, who stole software importance.

Then he moves in Afghanistan in the province of Nuristan to assassinate the leaders of a terrorist organization, including their leader, Khan Abdul Bismillah Malik, has stolen a priceless cargo content. After removal of the Khan and three of his henchmen, 47 is about to get their hands on the precious cargo when it is blocked by mysterious members of an Indian religion.

47 hand therefore India infiltrate the cult, a powerful Hindu sect. It first removes the main doctor and propagandist, Hannelore Von Kamprad, before murdering Deewanna Ji, the leader of the sect, during a surgical operation on Island Hospital.

The cargo was intercepted by the UN troops and 47 is re-sent to St. Petersburg to eliminate the employer for whom he has worked include: Sergei Zavoratko. Informed the terrorist imagine a plan to get rid of the killer overtrained. For this, he plays his trump card, 17, a survivor probably clone assassin massacre of Romanian asylum, it loads to shoot 47. The latter, quickly detecting the trap set by his enemy, escape in extremis death that he reserved his “clone brother.” The predator became the prey and it was 17 which went to put his name macabre ranking of 47.

Though stunned that his plan failed, he holds 47 Sergei inform the father Vittorio to the shrine of Gontranno to force the killer to come and measure him. Revenue in Sicily, the murderer leaves his ordinary methods and killing the bodyguards Sergei before facing and defeating in single combat.

Not feeling ready to give up a past that never really left, 47 means Vittorio its immediate leave him no longer attract trouble. Badly wounded, the priest presented him with a crucifix after solemnly promise to do the right thing and not astray. 47 accepts the crucifix, but separates right out of the Church, renouncing the faith to take his life back.

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Compressed PC Game Free Download 181MB
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Compressed PC Game Free Download 181MB
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Compressed PC Game Free Download 181MB
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Compressed PC Game Free Download 181MB
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Compressed PC Game Free Download 181MB
System Requirements
– System: PIII 450 or equivalent 
– RAM: 128 MB 
– Video Memory: 16 MB 
– Hard Drive Space: 800 MB
 Cheats Codes
IOIRULEZ or IOIRULEY – God Mode on/off
IOIGIVES – All Weapons and Items
IOISLO – Slow motion on/off
IOIER – Bomb Mode on/off
IOIHITALI – Ali Mode on/off
IOILEPOW – Special attack Mode on/off
IOIGRV – The force of gravity Mode on/off
IOINGUN – Nail rifle Mode on/off
IOIPOWER – Mega Power
Games Size = 181 MB
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