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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a game of action in 2-D overhead view point, developed by Dennaton Games and published by Digital Return. Being a sequel Hotline Miami , Wrong Number occurs before and after the events of its predecessor, and focuses on the consequences of actions given by the previous protagonist, Jacket, who destroys the Russian mafia atrequest of the mysterious messages you come tophone.

Gameplay Wrong Number is almost identical to its predecessor, but Hotline Miami 2 contains a new mode of greater difficulty, unlockable after completing the story in normal mode. In Hard mode, enemies are harder to kill and some player capabilities are limited as to “make the enemy”. 2

There are thirteen playable characters instead of just Biker Jacket and the first game; each with their own to restraint that history is discovered interpretations. The mechanics of the masks is given back with the return of some of the previous game and new ones offer new skills and styles. Each character has special own abilities: Corey can do somersaults and dodge enemy fire; Mark carries two submachine and can separate arms, firing right and left simultaneously; Tony’s fists kill a blow to all regular enemies and fold down the heavy enemies to finish them then; Alex and Ash used a chainsaw and gun respectively, being controlled by the player simultaneously. At the beginning of each level are available different characters or groups of characters, each chapter of the story from the perspective of those characters. 3

A level editor was added later, and offers the player several options to create your own levels and stories. 4 5 design levels Hotline Miami 2 levels results in larger, thus having other gameplay.

Hotline Miami 2 takes place in an anachronistic order, with parts before and after the events given in the first installment, focusing more on the later developed between October and December 1991. During the events of Hotline Miami , the player character ” Jacket, “is manipulated to end with the leadership of the Russian mafia by 50 Blessings a neo – nationalist terrorist cell masquerading as a peaceful activist group. “Richard , ” a mysterious figure with a rooster mask Jacket occasionally appears in the original game, appears at various times game characters. 6 The player controls these individuals in a number of storylines cross exploring both the past and the consequences of killings Jacket.

After his killing, Jacket is arrested and brought to trial. He has earned a national reputation; game tutorial is given to a film adaptation describing it as “The Pig Butcher.” The star of the film, Martin Brown, dies later when he accidentally is shot with live ammunition on the set. A journalist Evan Wright, is writing a book about Jacket and try to find out more about people who hide behind. Evan receives tracks Manny Pardo, a psychotic police agent who uses his occupation to produce killings during surveillance operations.

“Fans” five murderers in search of excitement that emulate the actions of Jacket, carried out a series of murders against other criminals. Consequently, they kill a former henchman of the Russian Mafia, now led by the son of the original boss. When “the Son” attempts to communicate with this former henchman, fans follow the instructions given in the call to attack his new lair. All fans are killed during this attack; Tony, the last survivor, is assassinated personally by Pardo, thus denying their “fifteen minutes of fame”. The story of “El Soldado” the store owner previous game, shows this fighting a losing war against Russia in Hawaii next Jacket, prior to the events of the first game events. Soldier Jacket saves lives during the last of his missions, but dies later during a nuclear attack on San Francisco , revealing that his appearances in the previous game are hallucinations. The game also follows two other agents 50 Blessings of the original game, Jake and Richter. Jake realizes that peaceful officially 50 Blessings is giving orders when he meets one of his representatives and praises them. If you avoided the fate described in the original game, which is captured and killed by the Russian Mafia during a mission, is killed anyway by 50 Blessings to silence. It is revealed that Richter, the agent that kills girlfriend Jacket, is reluctant to work for 50 Blessings to threaten her sick mother. like Jacket, Richter is captured and jailed, but manages to escape.

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Hotline Miami 2 Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista, 7 or 8.
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better .
RAM: 1 GB.
GPU: OpenGL 3.2 compatible.
Required HDD: 600 MB.
Required VRAM: 256 MB.

Game Size = 625 MB

Game RAR Password =

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