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Left 4 Dead is a game multiplayer cooperative of survival horror and first – person shooter originally developed by Turtle Rock Studios now, on 10 of Janeiro of 2008 , part of the corporation Valve . The game was built by the Source Engine from Valve and is available for PC , Xbox 360 and Mac OS X . A Certain Affinity is responsible for the version of the Xbox 360 . Left 4 Dead makes available four principal characters (two of which are controlled by the Artificial Intelligence game in Xbox 360 ) against waves of hundreds of infected. These survivors live in an environment apocalyptic pandemic , which will face infected hordes almost all times while variously appear five other “bosses” (Special infected) with special and unique abilities that can be controlled by players in some ways game.

The great advantage of Left 4 Dead is that the game requires cooperation team, where, to stay alive, the survivors have to help each other in small acts of first aid cooperating and thus making the passage of the easiest chapters. For the infected hand, they will have to cooperate to prevent humans to continue.

The release of Left 4 Dead , considered by many to be the most anticipated game of 2008 occurred in 4 of November of 2008 for most of the world; in the UK the game arrived on November 7 . The game was first revealed at Christmas in 2006 by PC Gamer UK to an article six pages describing the first strategies of the members of Valve . The first teaser / trailer for this game is available on Orange Box and the varied local Internet . Left 4 Dead was first tested in 2007 Showdown LAN in San Jose and QuakeCon 2007.

Left 4 Dead begins in Pennsylvania , after the outbreak of a known lethal virus only as “Green Flu,” a highly transmissible virus that manifests itself in the infected individual causing extreme aggression, with a massive increase in violence and the loss of many of the functions higher brain of his victim.

Two weeks after the first infection, four immune survivors to the virus (Zoey student, veteran Bill, the biker Francis and Louis manager) try to survive as they go through the city of Fairfield , when eventually discover that the virus is creating new and even more dangerous mutations . While manage to escape alive these numerous threats, the group is alerted by a helicopter flying over the area on a point of evacuation being makeshift helipad at the Mercy Hospital . Crossing the city and facing hordes of infected, the subway to the sewer system, the survivors are finally rescued on the hospital roof, being taken by helicopter that was once the use of a local television news.

The pilot of this, however, was infected by the virus and about to succumb to it, a fact that is only noticed by enraged survivors when in midair virus finally dominates the brain of his victim and the pilot goes violently against Zoey, who had seized co-pilot seat. The girl however, can shoot the infected causing the aircraft, which is now destabilized and fall route. The helicopter eventually falls on an industrial estate outside the city.

With all miraculously escaped with only superficial injuries, they set off to explore the place, thus discovering an abandoned delivery truck that had been properly reinforced (probably for other survivors). The group decides to use the vehicle tank to escape the region Riverside , and begin travel aboard this. However the journey is an obstacle to discover that the road to the next town were completely blocked, preventing heavy and bulky vehicle proceeding. The group is forced to abandon the safety of shielded and continue walking path. After a few events – among them, a man mentally disturbed and has already infected, by which they discover that the city had been invaded – the survivors understand that escape by land has become virtually impossible, and find themselves obliged to formulate a new plan. Then decide that the best place where they could wait for rescue was the river that borders the city, and continue to a nearby pier. Survivors can make contact with a couple, owners of a fishing vessel, that can get to them as the group faces numerous infected fierce. Already on board the small boat, the friends try to rest as they walk down the river towards the next town. But when they arrive in Newburg , spot on the banks of a numerous horde of infected , all shockingly between burning flames and lost in fanatic ecstasy.

Seeking shelter in a large greenhouse, their rest is interrupted when a military plane passes, leading the survivors to travel through the city’s industrial district for Metro International Airport. When they arrived at the site the group is shocked to see that in an attempt to contain the infection, the military bombed the airport and the track, but the track is largely intact, allowing the survivors refuel and escape on a plane C -130.

Despite this apparent rescue, survivors, once again find themselves alone on the edge of the National Forest Allegheny . After walking for a series of train tracks through the area, the group found a military post in operation, but the drop. After responding to a radio broadcast, the survivors once again battle against infected hordes before a military APC arrives to transport them to a Security Zone located Northeast, supposedly the only place in the area that has not yet been invaded by infected.

Then, instead of being taken to the Security Zone Echo, the survivors are taken to a military base in Millhaven with orders to capture the test “Tango Mikes” which is how the military refers to them. They are informed that they have the virus and although no physical symptoms, they can still infect others. An alarm sounds by a lieutenant and the survivors are guided by a military convoy that help them flee useful. Your new friends are unfortunately left to die by an older survivor who refuses to compromise his fellow survivors, leaving them adrift.

The survivor catch a train, then to that time in Rayford, Georgia , a town located not far from Atlanta . Their disputes are put aside for the moment, the group begins to look for a boat to take them to Florida Keys where they believe not be infected. The journey takes them to a sailboat blocked by a drawbridge. Survivors can trigger the three generators, however, one of the generators failed as they climbed the older ponte.O survivors then decides to risk to save others mates and get them safely. He jumps from the bridge and back to the generator to restart it. Before connecting the generator, three furious Tanks appear and to gain time, he lets out a Motolov about you and then restarts the gerador.Com a minimum of time to go up, he decides to fight Tanks that left him mortally wounded and killed him.

To make sure that his sacrifice was not in vain, the three survivors depart for Florida Keys , but only after helping four other survivors (the team Left 4 Dead 2 ), lowering the bridge to leave them on their way to New Orleans .

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Left 4 Dead System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista, Vista 64, XP,

CPU: 3.0GHz P4, Dual Core 2.0 or AMD64X2 (or higher)

Graphics: GeForce 6600 or AMD Radeon 9500

RAM: 1 GB for XP / 2 GB for Vista

Hard Drive: 7.5 GB of free space

Game Size = 919 MB

Game RAR Password = www.pcgamespunch.com

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