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Lost Planet 3 is a video game third-person shooter developed by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 The game’s story takes place before the first. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition , on the same planet EDN III. The “Campaign” single player mode is particularly focused on narrative and character development, in a very similar manner to the first Lost Planet . Unlike previous games in the series, which were developed entirely by the Japanese division of Capcom , this third chapter was developed by Californian studio Spark Unlimited Matt Sophos as playmaker, although creator Kenji Oguro Series Figure director creative franchise.

The story of Lost Planet 3 is located well before the first game, and Jim Peyton’s life during an adventure that will reveal the events leading to the onset of the first shows Lost Planet: Extreme Condition .

After nearly being buried alive in a cave, an old Jim Peyton is found by his granddaughter Diana. Realizing that not much time is life, Jim begins to tell how he came to the planet EDN III. The action moves in a flashback fifty years earlier, at a time when Jim seeks support his family working hard. Jim joins an expedition to the mines of EDN III for resources. NEVEC funded corporation, the expedition hopes to seize the “thermal energy” EDN III like substance that could solve the problem of the energy of Earth . Jim meets with Dr. Kendric Kovac, operations director Phil Braddock, Dr. Romano, and the chief technician and pilot Rig Laroche. While working to repair the communications relay, Jim begins to suspect that there is a saboteur in the base when you see someone near damaged relays. He discovers that Dr. Romano has had similar sightings, but rejects their suspicions and focuses on working to support his family.

The game takes place long before the events of the first part, when the planet EDN III was still icebound. It all starts with the arrival of the first colonists on the planet EDN III, who went Neo-Venus (NEVEC), construction company. Later NEVEC began to pursue other goals. The protagonist of the prequel – Jim, colonist, who works at the mine NEVEC and helps extract minerals on the planet, which is enclosed energy (essential in the world) and send it to the ground. On Earth, lives the family of Jim. The game will not be our usual paramilitary furs BM, as in the earlier parts of the series (because then the world they do not exist), instead of them bellows-Riga (humanoid rigs), precursors of paramilitary furs. Unlike military furs furs in engineering no weapons, they are equipped with claws, drill and welder.

In the first part of the company NEVEC established dictatorial regime on the planet EDN III, locusts destroyed (not all, but enough). She left only to subjugate or exterminate snow pirates, who rebelled against their dictatorship. In Lost Planet 3 NEVEC company has not yet become an antagonist, it helps create the conditions on the planet suitable for human life, building thermal electric generators to fight the terrible weather conditions and produce energy. During the course of the game, Jim will reveal some dark secrets of NEVEC.

Lost Planet 3 is more similar to the first game with an action adventure based on the story unlike the second game, Lost Planet 2 , which replaced the story and narrative for greater emphasis on cooperative online multiplayer. The story is based missions. The player can choose to perform the core missions that progress the story or side missions to help their fellow colonists on the planet EDN III. The game allows the player to openly explore areas in a similar role-playing games, with the option of talking to NPCs, get side quests, upgrade equipment and build their own war using bipedal mecha gathered during the style campaign. Thermal energy is no longer tied to the life support of the character; instead it is used primarily as a form of currency, so the player has more freedom to explore without any pressure EDN III for fear that the heat energy is exhausted. Once again, the game will be antagonists akrid, the invading found alienñigenas planet EDN III.


System Requirements:

 OS : Windows ® XP SP 3 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista ® (32-64 bits) / Windows 7 ® (32-64 bits) CPU : (Minimum) Intel Pentium Dual Core E6400 2.13GHz or AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 5600 + (Recommended) Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 630 Memory : (Minimum) 3 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 3 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7) (Recommended) 8 GB for Windows ® XP, 8GB for Vista / Windows ® 7 Video Memory : (Minimum) GeForce 9800 GT or ATI Radeon 4770 high-definition (Recommended) GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon 6850 high-definition HDD : 16 GB of free Hard Drive Space
Games Size = 9.35 GB
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