Medal of Honor Airborne Compressed PC Game Free Download

Medal of Honor Airborne Compressed PC Game Free Download 3 GB

Medal of Honor: Airborne (dim. / m e d ᵊ l ə v ɒ n ə ʳ e ə b ɔ ː n /) – a computer game genre first-person shooter set in the realities of World War II , produced and released in 2007 by Electronic Arts . This is the eleventh part of a series of computer games Medal of Honor . The player directs a soldier in the US 82. Airborne Division , which is involved in airborne operations in Europe.

The first mention of Medal of Honor: Airborne appeared in 2005. Work on the game lasted two years. Posted in the game engine Unreal Engine 3 . Production was accompanied by extensive advertising campaign, including event organized by Electronic Arts on the Hel Peninsula . After the release of the game, however, met with a mixed reaction to the critics. Praised novel in the history of the genre and the possibility jumps audiovisual binding, while criticized flagrant departure from the realities of war, no doer game physics engine more reliable, less innovative mode multiplayer and deception of artificial intelligence to the player.

In Medal of Honor: Airborne player takes on the role of the American paratrooper, Corporal Boyd Travers, who belongs to 82. Airborne Division. The game begins with the landing of US paratroopers on Sicily as part of “Operation Husky” . After landing in the village of Travers Adanti participates in the destruction of several Italian antiaircraft guns , and the American forces displace the Axis troops from the village [8] . A year later, the soldiers 82. DP land as part of “Operation Avalanche” in the ruins of Paestum , where accede to destroy German supply lines and communications. Then join the main Allied forces.

In 1944, Travers takes part in the landings in Normandy . 82. DP is dropped on the back of the bunkers Germany, where its soldiers suppress radars and master the watchtower [8] . Then they participate in Operation “Market Garden” . Dropped around Nijmegen , after heavy fighting acquire tear the bridge allowing the Allied armored forces into the Netherlands.

In 1945, Travers participated in Operation “Varsity” during which destroys several industrial facilities in the Ruhr area [9] . The last mission is a fictional attack on American paratroopers powerful defense tower ( Flakturm ), which after its capture is blown up.

The player is the virtual world presented in the game with a first person perspective . Indicators appear on the screen to help you in the game: compass indicating the mission objectives and indicators of ammunition and standard of living [10] . Bar indicating levels of life is divided into four segments; If after receiving injuries will decline in living standards, it can regenerate within a given segment [11] . Subsequent filling of successive segments of life after meeting kits [12] .

Driven by the player character can move in any direction, jump and crouch behind shields [13] . Disposal has three types of weapons used to fight against computer enemies, which may change during the mission [11] . Firearms is a total of eleven [14] . During the battles the player has the ability to throw grenades divided on fragmentation and anti-tank (which are new to the series) [15] . Moreover, in the fight to close the distance a player can attack enemies with the butt of weapons [13] .

The single player campaign is available six missions. They begin with a jump of transport aircraft for parachute , the player has a choice of weapons with which they will be dropped [11] . The player can land anywhere on the map, the most preferred is landing zones marked with a green flare . In these zones, which are usually allied soldiers computer, the player may, for example, make up the ammunition. During the war, you can upgrade the weapon, which is often enjoyed before. Improvements can be disposable (for example, grenades ) or solid (e.g., less recoil when passing shots). Save current state of the game is performed automatically after a specific task during the mission.

Mode multiplayer game offers the opportunity to play for 12 people at the same time on the same map. In addition to the standard mode is Team Deathmatch, where players choose one of the parties to the conflict: Allies or Axis , and the winner is the team that won in the specified time points. Team Deathmatch Airborne is further characterized in that the Allies are thrown on the map as in the campaign, and the players on the side of the Axis remain on the ground. Whereas in the Objective both teams have the task of winning three flags of the enemy and bring them to their own point.

The first mention of the new part of the series Medal of Honor appeared in 2005. January 17, 2006, the company Electronic Arts has revealed details of the production of the game. Publisher games mentioned “fully interactive” part of the game, which consists in dropping the parachute, and the possibility of upgrading your weapons . May 9, 2006 at the Fair Electronic Entertainment Expo showing a demo video that showed the discharge portion of the game with a parachute. For the purpose of games Electronic Arts has signed an agreement with the company of DaimlerChrysler , which allowed the use of cars Willys Jeep. The soundtrack was composed by Michael Giacchino.

Medal of Honor: Airborne has been designed using the engine Unreal Engine 3 [26] [27] . With it, developers designed specifically looking characters, and also made possible the display of light and shadow [28] and changing weather conditions [29] . The game supports HDR rendering [29] . Patrick Gilmore, chief designer of the game, he spoke in interviews about his use of the studio system of artificial intelligence affordance. It allows soldiers to search the computer screen that protects them from fire and hiding behind them [29] [30] . Gilmore in terms of gameplay also mentioned that the developers originally planned to put at the beginning of each mission an additional character – a “guide” landed before the actual hero in hostile territory, what was to be a prelude to the appropriate action. However, due to the negligible impact on the game abandoned this idea.

Game was accompanied by extensive promotion. From 9 to 12 August 2007, Electronic Arts has organized on the Hel Peninsula event under the name of D-Day Hell. It consisted of staging some of the battles of World War II: get the battery in Merville and landing on Omaha Beach [31] . August 23 appeared demo version of Medal of Honor: Airborne , which contained one mission positioned in Sicily [32] . September 4, 2007 was a premiere game version on the platform of Windows and Xbox 360 [33] , while the November 13, 2007 – Prime Minister console PlayStation 3.

Medal of Honor Airborne Was Developed by EA LA and Was Published by Electronic Arts. Medal of Honor Airborne Was Released For Windows, XBOX  and Playstation. Medal of Honor Airborne Was Released November 2007. Medal of Honor Airborne Has New Amazing Features all Weapons Upgrades by Killing Enemies. In Medal of Honor Airborne Player have to Complete its First Mission Named Operation Husky In Italian Village of adanti . Player Have to Complete a Series of Objectives to Complete a Mission. Objective are like Killing Enemies, Destroying Radio Station and Radar Station Aircraft etc.

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Medal of Honor Airborne Compressed PC Game Free Download 3 GB
Medal of Honor Airborne Compressed PC Game Free Download 3 GB
Medal of Honor Airborne Compressed PC Game Free Download 3 GB
Medal of Honor Airborne Compressed PC Game Free Download 3 GB

Medal of Honor Airborne System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Xp, Vista, 7
CPU: Pentium 4 2.8GHz or 3GHz or Better
RAM Memory: 1 GB
Graphics Card: ATI Redeon X1300 or NVIDIA Ge-Force 6600 GT or Better
HDD Space: 9.1 GB Free Space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible 
Games Size = 2.8 GB
Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Installation Help Please Visit How to Install Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Errors & Solution Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

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