Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Compressed PC Games Free Download

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Compressed PC Games Download 1.4GB
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is a computer game series Medal of Honor , the company Electronic Arts . Introduced new features to the game. This time we travel with Tommy Conlin one sailor American in command of a battalion of Marine Raiders to the conflict in the Pacific against the Japanese Empire .

During the game we will use many weapons such as machine guns of the time Thompson and Reising American and 100 Japanese type, mortars, anti-aircraft , grenades and pistols Colt M1911 American and Japanese Nambu.

To heal the wounds there are no kits first aid but the doctors can issue orders to attack, withdraw, covering fire and gather. The levels are the attack on Pearl Harbor , an attack-style Commandos the island of Makin , Battle of Guadalcanal and the Battle of Tarawa .

The protagonist of this episode is Pfc Thomas Conlin, of which, unlike the episodes on the console, you constantly follow the life and adventures. The story begins on the day of 20 November 1943 , with a prologue , in which we will attempt the dangerous landing on the northern coast of the island of the atoll of Tarawa . At the end of the first fight on the ground, Thomas was soon severely affected and lost consciousness. Everything is explained in a few moments, when, after a brief introduction, is found on September 3, 1941 , from a short sleep on a cot in the field of training of the Marine Corps where they meet friends Thomas.soldato simple Willy commander Frank and the bearer Jeck. In the form of a long flashback , then you learn the basics of jumping obstacles, then the melee (removable bayonet is introduced on some models of rifle), through the shooting range for small arms, explosives , grenades, mortars and machine guns, and finally a basic course in self-medication. You can, for a limited number of times per level, call the rescue medical personnel of the platoon, which restores health and always 100%. In combat, you have the option to order different behavior to fellow soldiers. Thomas Conlin is then sent to Pearl Harbor just before the famous attack . Then the story goes through several missions in various Pacific islands, until the last, where I regained consciousness, you have the opportunity to continue the initial assault.

The player can carry two weapons at a time, which can not be chosen before the game, but can be exchanged with those of the enemy dead; you will be able to carry 4 grenades at a time; from time to time, some bags will supply of grenades and ammunition; the character can perform a melee attack using the gun as a weapon, too low.

The weapons range from pistols Colt (American) and Nambu (Japanese) to the light machine gun, through the Thompson submachine gun M1 Garand rifle, sniper rifle and more; occasionally you will have to maneuver a fixed or retractable, like a flak cannon or anti-aircraft heavy machine gun Browning.

There are no health packs; the player can only call the team doctor who will treat up to 4 times per mission; Past that limit, you can no longer recover; your doctor will treat the protagonist automatically if the life bar goes to zero (unless you’ve used all 4 options!).

Storage is automatic once past the checkpoint scenario.

In Medal of Honor  : Pacific Assault the player is Tommy Conlin, US soldier belonging to the Marine Corps of the United States (USMC). The single player mode consists of 25 levels divided into 7 major missions. During these missions, the player will take part in some of the clashes of the Pacific campaign who opposed the army of the United States and the Empire of Japan from 1942 to 1945 . Starting as a mere rookie in training camp for the learning player in handling functions of the game, it will then be assigned to the base of Pearl Harbor and attend his attack of 7 December 1941 by the Imperial Japanese Navy . It will then take part in Carlson’s Raid , an attack on the atoll of Makin intended to create a diversion to facilitate the invasion of Guadalcanal before participating in the clashes that took place on it. The last part of the game consists of a hard landing then final battle on the island of Tarawa .

Unlike previous games in the series, the player is almost never alone during missions. Three teammates, each with a specialty, and that it is possible to give a series of four orders follow basic permanently and help in fighting with the warning of danger and its provenance. Another novelty: the game does not use the system médipacks in conventional shooters . When the player only has few points of life , he loses his blood, his movements slow and her vision blurred. Therefore, it has the ability to use a bandage to stop the bleeding while waiting for care. Once the player has more points, he falls and has a few seconds before dying to call the doctor who will heal but it can also be run by Japanese soldiers if it is too far from the doctor. The number of treatments available that can be awarded to the player during missions is limited, which adds to the realism.

In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault , the player assumes the role of Private Thomas Conlin A US Marine assigned to the Pacific theater in World War II . Levels include the Attack on Pearl Harbor , the assault on the island of Makin , the Guadalcanal campaign and the Battle of Tarawa .

The world is seen from a perspective in first person , with the exception of one level in which the player pilots a Douglas SBD Dauntless in the middle of a dogfight . The action takes place at the beginning of the war, starting with military training and the attack on Pearl Harbor (1940-1941) and ending with the Battle of Tarawa (1943).

The prologue of the game starts with the assault on Tarawa, until we reached a Granada. The protagonist begins to remember his story from his training as a Marine two years ago. After that, we go to Hawaii, where we assign to the USS Arizona. But the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor before they can reach. Given this, we try to do everything possible to defend ourselves.

The war started, are assigned to the 2nd Battalion Raiders, where you meet with friends from camp. Your first mission is the night assault at Makin Atoll. After this successful mission you get to Guadalcanal, where you must fight fiercely against the enemy. The last mission in Tarawa.
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Compressed PC Games Download 1.4GB
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Compressed PC Games Download 1.4GB
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Compressed PC Games Download 1.4GB
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Compressed PC Games Download 1.4GB
System Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 
Processor: Pentium [email protected] GHz or Equivalent 
Memory: 512 MB 
Hard Drive: 3 GB Free (4.5 for Directors Edition) 
Video Memory: 128 MB 
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible 
DirectX: 9.1
Games Size = 1.3 GB
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