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Nuclear Throne is Vlambeerin developed a rogue like style top-down shooting game , which is positioned post-apocalyptic world. Early prototypes of the game was released back in 2013 Steam’s Early Access System. Nuclear Throne official release date was December 5, 2015, when the game was released for Windows , OS X , Linux , PlayStation 4 for and PlayStation Vita .

Nuclear Throne is a top plan described rogue like shooter. The game can be played either single player or two player local. The player can choose pelattavakseen one of the twelve characters, two of which have been opened immediately at the beginning of the game, and ten have opened various objectives will. One full game lasts about 30-45 minutes, but in most cases it is considerably shorter than the top of the game difficulty progression and death due to interruption of the return.

in accordance with the post-apocalyptic world player collects radioactivity and after gathering enough it will be able to choose for themselves the level at the end of one of the four options most appropriate mutation. Mutations often enhance the character’s features, visitors to the extra life or make enemies to obtain heikompia.Uuden mutation is required at the first level of 60 radioactivity, and subsequently as the number of mutations times 60. All in all, the same term potential mutations can normally be eight, but in some cases there may be as many as ten.

Nuclear Throne main focus is on comprehensive arsenal of weaponry. A player can simultaneously carry two different weapons and shoot one of them, with the exception of Steroids-playing character, in which case each gun can be used at the same time. Weapons used by inputs, which can be obtained either without foliage enemies or levels found in the ammunition boxes. Melee weapons do not use the inputs and they kimmottavat enemy bullets, when properly used, they can be very dangerous resistance vihollismassoille.

Set in post-apocalyptic world of the game begins theme typically the desert, where the enemy is largely the bad guys, scorpions and worms. Other types include area. sewage, glacier, landfill and laboratory. Each region is randomly generated and different from each other as well as their shape, their music that enemies behalf. While the desert is much more open and large areas of sewage is full of narrow passages and laboratory consists of various rooms.

Vlambeer took the game to develop abnormal approach and sought to be as transparent as possible. Indie Studio mm. sent Twitch-service broadcast of the game development twice a week. Players got to see how the designs or functions were born and were able to give comments, ideas striimavalle graphic artist or programmer at that very moment.

Nuclear Throne its release was received positively and received a Metacritic -arvosanakseen 88/100 PC PS4 and 81/100 for. The game was praised and reviled that due to its severity and Destructoidin Jordan Devore sanoikin game to be one of the best and what was the most difficult ever played, but at the same time also noted the difficulty could be detrimental to the game.

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Screenshots of Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 1.2Ghz+
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: 256MB
Storage: 200 MB available space
Additional Notes: This game is locked to 30 frames per second.

Game Size = 114 MB

Game RAR Password =

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