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ONI is a video game of Action / adventure developed by Bungie Software and published by Take-Two Interactive in 2001 on Windows and PlayStation 2.

The player is a hero capable of carrying out attacks of martial arts . The game takes place in missions according to the continuity of the scenario, and the player must use the martial skills and futuristic guns to eliminate his enemies. The goal itself is usually to get from one point to another in one piece. It is sometimes necessary to protect people to benefit from their help, or eliminating a boss to finish or continue the mission.

Finally, Oni is like a fighting game with its complex system of martial arts, but with other dynamic, particularly because the movement is entirely free and many enemies.

During the cinematic dialogue, character faces do not stir the mouth when they speak, not even a lip movement. To compensate, the developers have added a small window from which emanates a bubble with the spoken text in the style of a comic or manga.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the game is highly inspired by the manga Ghost in the Shell , in his world, his struggles, his heroine, and his superior Griffin who are both very physical similar to their counterparts in the manga. Finally, it is noted for owners of the game that can change character depending on the level once the finished game for the first time, thanks to some code while after the end credits . This will particularly enjoy the styles of own battles to each character.

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Oni Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 266 MHz Pentium III processor or higher.
RAM: 64MB of RAM.
GPU: Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card (OpenGL compatible).
Video Modes Supported: Voodoo 2+, TNT2+, Rage Pro+, Intel i890.
Supported graphics: 3DFX Voodoo 2, ATI Rage Pro, ATI Rage 128.
OS: Windows 98/ME (with Service Pack 3 or higher)/2000. https://gamesystemrequirements.com/
Store: 800MB free hard disk space.
Note: Only OpenGL, Glide and Software Rendering supported on WindowsNT.

Game Size = 213 MB

Game RAR Password = www.pcgamespunch.com

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