Payday 2 PC Game Free Download


Payday 2 PC Game Free Download

Payday 2 is one of Overkill Software together with the parent company Starbreeze Studios and developed by 505 Games published game. It is the successor of Payday: The Heist , which is still of Overkill Software has been developed. The aim of the first-person shooter is to plan and carry out robberies.

The game is structured in missions as heists are called (eng. for robbery). In the standard version of Payday 2 can handle thirty Heists. There is no action between missions, the game is instead as Koop designed shooter. In single player mode , the player is asked to replace human players two bots aside.

Almost every mission can be alternatively in stealth mode play. Some of the missions drag on over several days, for others an escape comes in between. Unlike FPS games of the usual players in need Payday 2 dispense a crosshair aim assistance.

Payday 2 shows the four characters of the first game: Dallas, Houston, Chains and Wolf. These personalities are played by players during games, but do not define (or) specialization of each player.

Each player can customize his game, buying skills, weapons and modifications, as well as masks and their modifications as he gains levels (reputation) and money.

The game offers flexibility, allowing each player or group of players to define his style, ranging from infiltration (type Splinter Cell ) raids typical FPS .

Missions that do not follow a linear pattern as in the first episode are available as an original system to join running games or lounge or create rooms. More difficult missions are unlocked over the course of increasing the reputation of the player.

Reputation, the corresponding level is capped at 100. In order to continue its progress must redeem 100 levels to $ 200 million Payday giving you a level of infamy. Experience is gained at the end of each mission’s rate of success (eg mission silently (Stealth)). Points generated are based on experience of the mission and the number of days (minimum Exp.) To which is added according to the chosen and finally if the mission is played in “Pro” level or not. (If the mission is played pro it will not recommençable and therefore no money will be distributed together with a very low level of experience.

Each level provides a skill point. Every ten levels (10, 20, 30 …), the player gains 2 bonus skill. These skill points are then divisible into four areas (see: Skills)

The increase also unlocks new missions. However, a player with access to mission high can invite a player who would not normally have access.

Hosts exhibitions may establish a minimum level (limited to reputation) that must be reached to join their party (in increments of 10 levels: 0, 10, 20 …), provided that this level does not exceed their own.

The competence are divided into 4 areas: Brain, Executor, Technician and Phantom.

The fields are independent, it is possible to specialize in several areas. However, each domain includes seven steps. The first tier is composed of a single skill that costs one point and provides access to a different object for each field (= Brain care kit, Executor = pack ammunition technician = mine, Ghost = CME). Once unlocked this object, the second level is accessible.

After which, a number of points must be spent in the field to provide access to the next level (level 3 = 5 points, level 4 = 10 points, level 5 = 20 points, level 6 = 30 points, level 7 = 40 points). Each level after the first offers a choice of three skills, which can be maximized as, improving the competence view changes completely.

The skills levels 2-4 require 1 point to be taken, and 3 points to be optimized as. The skills levels 5-7 require four points to be taken, and 8 points to be optimized as. In addition to the cost in skill points, there is a cost in money increases over the bearings.

After a quick calculation we note that 120 points is not enough to fill an entire area (145 points).

Domains can be reset independently, but a significant loss of money is the consequence.

Given the youth of the game, theorycrafting is not yet very developed and it does not seem to be “build” optimal.

Instead focused on the support team, skills Brain bring together buffs for the whole group and, what is important, skills intimidation and domination common opponents. The area of brain is not the only one who unlocks a weapon or ability to open the door or trunk.

The brain is often put in hand with the Phantom for infiltration.
The Executioner has skills that allow him to be a foremost all-risk insurance for the team. Mainly directed to the fight, he can also unlock the saw, which allows him to be more a very effective weapon of body-to-body, open ATMs, most of the doors, as well as small individual safes (number 120) located within the great vaults of banks. The saw can not, however, open chests armor.

For less discreet than the Phantom Brain and nature, Executor usually stays in the background until things go wrong (which is the case most of the time).

The Technician is a little MacGyver Payday. Its competence opens multiple pathways that can all be unlocked at higher levels. The first is the optimization of mining, which can be transformed into C4, a powerful explosive used to open chests and door indiscreet manner. It can also develop skills in the use of drills, which allows him to break silently and very quickly. Finally, it can unlock the turret, which replaces the domain object, which is actually a weapon that fires at enemies as they approach.

Given its primary role as a specialist opening, it can either be first in line to support his team with its mines and turrets, or infiltrate and drill a safe and withdraw without anyone noticing.

Specialist infiltration, the Phantom can for example put the bodies in bags to transport them to a place where they are less likely to be discovered. His other skills include include the use and optimization of its ECM (or CME: Electronic against measures) which allows, in addition to jam signals from the cameras and portable civilians (so they do not call the police), to open the electronic gates or even destabilize [What?] enemies for a few moments. The Phantom can also unlock the picking, allowing it to open chests quieter than the C4 and much faster than a drill.
Payday 2 PC Game Free Download 3.4 GB
Payday 2 PC Game Free Download 3.4 GB
Payday 2 PC Game Free Download 3.4 GB
Payday 2 PC Game Free Download 3.4 GB

System Requirement

OS: Windows® XP SP 3 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista® (32-64 bits) / Windows 7® (32-64 bits) CPU: (Minimum) 2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor (Recommended) 2.3 GHz Intel Quad Core Processor Memory: (Minimum) 2 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7) (Recommended) 4 GB for Windows ® XP, 4 GB for Vista / Windows ® 7 Video Memory: (Minimum) NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD 2600 (256MB minimum) (Recommended) NVIDIA GeForce GTX460/ATI Radeon HD 5850 (512MB minimum) HDD : 18 GB of free Hard Drive Space

Games Size = 2.8 GB
Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Installation Help Please Visit How to Install Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Errors & Solution Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

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