Resident Evil Revelation Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download


Resident Evil Revelation Ripped PC Game Free Download

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Resident Evil Revelation Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 2.5GB
Resident Evil: Revelations ( rus. Resident Evil: Revelations ), in Âponii izvestnaâ as Biohazard Revelations  Bajohadza: the Ribera: Sands ? , “Biological threats:  Revelations”) – video game in the genre Survival Horror , The developed and izdannaâ âponskoj NOW Capcom for portativnoj console Nintendo 3DS . Is the eighth score igroj primary series . Play has started on the counter in January and February 2012 years . In May , 2013 Vysla version games with ulučšennoj graphics on the platforms Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , Wii U and PC.
The game returns to the “roots” of the series and is a mixture of genres Action-adventure and Survival Horror . In terms of gameplay the game combines elements of the first and fourth parts. Basically, the player is given the most location at which it can be moved relatively freely. Most of the doors locked, so to access new areas of the map the player is required to search for keys, access cards, as well as solve puzzles and fight monsters.
However, the main feature of the game is just a return to the classic style of the game. As before, we have one location and a few temporarily inaccessible areas. To access them you need to look for the keys, access cards, hack switchboards, solve puzzles. Monsters do not just hang on the location they can get out of the vent pipe, out of the darkness to attack suddenly and often in groups of three or more individuals. As before, they can be slow, shooting specific parts of the body, but the most vulnerable in their place – the head. Of the creatures do not “drop out” cartridges, and other bonuses. Ammo, health packs and extra bonuses you need to look either itself, or using the scanner «Genesis», which is also suitable for scanning the remains of enemies and more first-aid kits. Player ammunition is limited, and its expansion is achieved searching bags for patrons. Also, there are small cases for upgrade weapons, in the manner of parts for weapons from Resident Evil 2 . The game itself has become darker and the corridor. The main part of the game locations made in the style of the mansion from the original game .
The combat system of the game copies Resident Evil 4 . As before, the camera is mounted behind the back or shoulder hero during the sighting. It also adds the ability to move while aiming, which greatly simplifies the game. Also added the ability to evade enemy attacks. Enemies in the game are more hardy: they can not be “stun” a shot in the eye or knee, but can be a little slow. During the game the player is “change” of the character, which is also reflected in the gameplay, as each character has their own preference for a particular weapon. The game introduced a new device – the scanner «Genesis». The device helps the player to look for many hidden ammo and power-ups that are not visible at first, but after the discovery of the scanner light up and become available. Also, the scanner is used to scan the biomaterial to develop a vaccine (first aid kit).
In 2004. Floating city of the future, Terragrigiya ( English.  Terragrigia ), equipped with the latest technology, is attacked bioterrorist organization known as «Il Veltro». After futile attempts to defend the city, the Federal Commission on bioterrorism ( English.  The Federal Bioterrorism Commission ) destroyed the city with the help of an orbiting satellite, and the events of those days were known as the “Panic Terragrigi.”
2005 year. Estimated Alliance in defense of bioterrorizma ( Anglo.  : The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance ), in the face of agents Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani, as well as director Clive O’Brien, otpravlâetsâ in Europe where near the ruins Terragrigi were detected traces of biological Threat. By measures results sledov O’Brien uznaet CTO Telecom with other agentami, Chris Redfield and Džessikoj Šeravat, Byla is lost. Meantime, Chris and Jessica are both snowy mountains, where the base is located “Il Veltro.”
Jill and Parker sent to the place where he was spotted last signal from Chris. Arrival – liner Queen Zenobia. On-board agents stumble upon mutants known as «Ooze» ( Rus. Flowable ), which became all the people on the cruise ship. The reason for that was a new virus «T-Abyss». On board, they found no trace of Chris and Jessica, but there they waited for the trap that they have arranged for the people of the organization «Il Veltro».
Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica are the old airport, which is the base of the terrorists. However, they are interrupted by O’Brien, who reported that the relationship with Jill and Parker was lost. Chris asks for further investigation they sent a replacement. In the mountains of China expelled “the Grinder” Lumley and Quint “Bugsy” Ketchama. At this point, Jill and Parker come to life after the terrorist attack. After the reunion, they are attacked by Raymond Vester, agent «FBC», previously worked with Parker. At this time, Keith and Quint find a video in which something is killing operatives «Il Veltro». As it turned out, a new form of Hunters, infected and gain the ability to become invisible. Chris and Jessica had already landed on the ship, but traces of Jill and Parker was not found. Later, they learned that it was – twin liner, Queen Semiramis. Jill and Parker at this time trying to swim out of the flooded compartments Zenobia build the tower and learn from O’Brien, that’s all the same is happening. However, they expect the bad news: the satellite, which destroyed the floating city is going to sink the ship. Fortunately, Quintus time to inform Jill and Parker on the system «UAV» (applied in the spread of the virus). Running it, they are able to deflect a blow satellite. Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica get to the right ship.
Returning inside the ship, Jill and Parker discover operative «Il Veltro». But before they are able to enter into negotiations, which appeared with Chris Jessica shoots him. Wounded operative is Raymond Vester. He manages to say Parker something that they need to “learn the truth about Terragrigii.” At the same time, Keith and Quint still find valuable information about the «Il Veltro». But as soon as they copy the data as a base subjected to air strikes. Teams are divided on the liner. Chris reunites with Jill, and together they are sent to the laboratory in the bowels of the ship. There they are, and learn the truth about matters Lansdila: it has a direct bearing on Terragrigi, and «Il Veltro», and its main goal – to promote «FBC». Once was established antivirus Lansdil destroyed the whole group, to set on them mutants, thereby betraying and «Il Veltro». Now he gets rid of the evidence. He destroys the liner Queen Semiramis by satellite, while Zenobia is to go to the bottom due to the system of self-destruction. Heroes have time to apply the antidote to neutralize the virus and prevent it to get into the world of water. Meanwhile, Parker and Jessica must find a way to stop the self-destruct the ship. While Jessica is working on the system, Parker teaches gun at her. As it turned out, Jessica – a double agent. At this time there is Raymond, who was in a flak jacket. He says that Jessica is going to destroy the ship and all the evidence on it. But Parker can not believe in all this, and lowers the weapon. Jessica uses it and shoots Raymond, but it makes Parker. Jessica also runs the self-destruct mechanism and runs away. Still conscious, Parker tells Vester run.
The ship is burning. Chris and Jill Parker and are trying to pull it out. However, Parker sacrifices himself in order not to delay the group. Jill and Chris get to the nose of the ship, where they are attacked by a huge creature, those exposed to the virus. They destroy the mutant and fly away. On the ship, meanwhile, remains Parker, but he helps Raymond. Jill and Chris learn the truth: their operation – a search for evidence against acts Lansdila. The only evidence of his guilt rests on the bottom, along with a third ship – Queen Dido. At this point, the office O’Brian burst operatives «FBC» headed by Lansdilom who wants to “lay” his former friend false information. Chris and Jill get to the next Queen. On it they found the head of «Il Veltro» – Jack Norman. All this time he was here, introducing a virus to survive, somehow resisting mutations. He has the information against Lansdila who betrayed him. At the moment he enters an overdose, which makes it the new Tirana. To the heroes manage to kill him and pick up all the data. The resulting information out in the open access. For these reasons, O’Brien Lansdila arrests.
However, the final game is still open. Parker still survives, and after recovery, he will return to the system as an agent «BSAA». O’Brien leaves the post of Director of the Alliance. Keith and Quint also remain alive despite the airstrike. Jessica also remains alive and unharmed, and receives from Raymond virus samples. Meanwhile, Jill and Chris are sent to a new job, which leads them to the house of Spencer .
Resident Evil Revelation Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 2.5GB
Resident Evil Revelation Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 2.5GB
Resident Evil Revelation Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 2.5GB
Resident Evil Revelation Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 2.5GB
System Requirements
OS: XP  Vista or 7
CPU:  Intel Core 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz AMD Phenom  II X4 3 Ghz or better
RAM Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 ATI  Radeon Hd6950 or better
DirectX : compatible sound card
HDD Spce: 8 GB Free Space
Games Size = 2.3 GB
Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Installation Help Please Visit How to Install Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Errors & Solution Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

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