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Sacrifice was a game of real – time strategy published by Interplay Entertainment in 2000 for Windows 98 . Developed by Shiny Entertainment , the game incorporates elements of action and other genres. Players control magicians who fight each invoking monsters and casting spells. Impressing critics with its graphic quality, sacrifice was the first commercial video game to make full use of graphics cards of the time, using techniques of transformation, clipping, and advanced instructions. The game was ported to Mac OS 9.2 in 2001.

Unlike many modern strategy games in real time, Sacrifice was little emphasis on the acquisition and management of resources. There was no working system and workers; Wizards players collect souls to summon creatures and mana (energy used to cast spells) regenerates constantly. Players can customize their attacks choosing between spells and creatures lined up to five gods. To defeat an opponent, the magician player sacrifices a friendly unit on the altar of enemy mage, profaning and disappearing the enemy magician. Apart from a solo campaign, sacrifice offers a multiplayer mode in which up to four players can play each other in a local network.

Sacrifice was developed by a small team of developers; most work was done by four key people. The game engine made use of tessellation: thousands of polygons were used to represent an object in the objects with less detail fewer polygons are used. Adjusting the level of detail Sacrifice can work in diverse teams with the highest possible level of graphics. Graphic level of play was complemented by the work of professional voice actors such as Tim Curry , and musical compositions Kevin Manthei. SacrificeIt was praised by critics for the design of its creatures and their humorous content. The enormous attention needed to handle generic fighting was mentioned as a weakness. Despite winning several awards, sacrifice was not a commercial success, and had no sequel.

Published in 2000 for Windows 98 (and in the following year for Mac OS 9.2 ) Sacrifice is a game of real – time strategy that incorporates elements of the genre of action. Players control wizards, looking over their characters from behind. 1 The game begins with the player controlling a magician and an altar. Using the keyboard and mouse, players move their wizards in a virtual world, commanding armies and cast spells to eliminate his opponents. The Wizard of a player defeats an adversary to desecrate the altar through the magical “sacrifice” of a friendly unit. 2

Mages can cast spells that harm the opponent (combat spells), spells that heal damage taken, or spells that summon creatures. 3 Hechizos most advanced fighter affect large areas of the battlefield, taking the form of tornadoes and volcanoes. 4 Casting spells requires energy, which represents the game in the form of flows. Mana recovery is slow, but when a magician is near an altar, this process is accelerated. Be near any source of mana distributed worldwide also accelerate the recovery of mana. A wizard can monopolize a power source flowing to lift a structure known as “monolith” above. Because the mana always recovers, it is an infinite resource. 5Souls are other resource in this game; They are used, along with mana to summon creatures, who are the main offensive strength of the players. 3 Unlike mana, souls are limited in number. At the start, players start with a few souls and may increase its resources to locate unclaimed souls, killing aggressive monsters and taking their souls. 5

Summoned creatures were classified into three types: melee range, and flying. Similar to rock paper and scissors , each class was strong against the other. Creatures body type body caused more damage to creatures range, but can not defend against flying, which in turn were vulnerable to those who can attack range. 6 Several creatures also had special abilities, such as creating magical protective barriers, become invisible, or immobilize their opponents. 3 7 8 9 Two units, “Manahoars” and “Sac Doctors”, had special purposes. 6 OctoberThe “Manahoars” They helped recharge the energy of your Summoner channeling energy from the monoliths. 11 The “Sac Doctors” extracted the souls of fallen enemies and took them to the altar for conversion. 5 These units were also called upon to perform the ritual of desecration of the enemy altar killing a “Sac Doctor” interrupted the process. 12

Spells and abilities of creatures were designed on the basis of Five gods. Persephone, the great healer, gives his followers powers of regeneration and nature. His counter-part, Charnel, God of death and decay, celebrates death and decay; His creatures are zombies and spells drain the lives of others. The other three gods-James, Stratos and Pyro-govern natural elements, giving his followers capabilities associated with land, air, and fire, respectively. 13

Unlike other games real time strategy published in mid-2000, the style of game Sacrifice is not focused on resource management and bases. Instead, the game emphasizes the micro-management units players; Success in the game is linked to the meticulous control of each individual or small groups to defeat enemies. 6 14 Players arrange their armies in formations by pressing a hot key or navigating through a menu of action that emerges at the top of the screen. The order can also be given with mouse performing specific patterns without having to wait for the action menu appears.

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Sacrifice System Requirements

Operating system (OS): 2000, XP
Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium II 300 MHz or Intel Pentium II 450 MHz
System memory (RAM): 64 MB or 128 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD): 650 MB
Video card (GPU): 8 MB of VRAM or DirectX 7.0a compatible 16 MB of VRAM

Game Size = 564 MB

Game RAR Password =

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