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Super Mario Brothers Free Download (37 MB)

Super Mario Bros. ( Ap. スーパーマリオブラザーズ Su: So Mario Buradza: MC ? , rus. Superbratʹâ Mario )  – kulʹtovaâ video game , vypuŝennaâ in the year 1985 by the company Nintendo . Excited in the ” Guinness World Records KNIG »how Samaa prodavaemaâ game in history. After the fall sale Mario Bros. , vypuŝennoj in the year 1983 , poyavlenie Super Mario Bros is quick Vernut has allowed them to Previous Level. Main hero games, Mario , Nintendo Company standing symbol. Now Mario is one of the most famous characters vymyšlennyh the world.

The main heroes of the game are a plumber Mario and his brother Luigi (as a game character for the second player). The goal – to get through the Mushroom Kingdom , eluding or destroying soldiers Turtle King Koopa (also known as Bowser ) to save the captured them captive Princess .

Mario (or Luigi) attacks opponents by jumping on top of them (this method of killing fungi Gumba and temporarily neutralize turtle Koopa , forcing them to hide in their shells) or by hitting the platform on which the enemy from below. “Scared” turtles can be used as a weapon against the other enemies, pushing the shell in front of him: speeding, he sweeps away all in its path, but when it encounters an obstacle, changes direction and can hit most of Mario. On some enemies, such as porcupines Spini , can not jump, because it hurts Mario. They can be killed by shooting fireballs, kicking them in the turtle or a blow to the platform below. The same goes for carnivorous plants, regularly features protruding from the ground in the pipes. Some of these pipes are to pass bonus level, dungeon, where you can find a small number of coins, and simultaneously reduce the path to the exit from the level. Also found the germs for which Mario climbs clouds, bonus level, where a large number of coins and no opponents.

Along the way Mario collects coins and bonuses by hitting the blocks with a question mark, as well as searching for the secret vault of coins into a brick wall. When dialing a hundred coins Mario gets an extra life . For the defeated enemies get points that do not bring any practical use, but serve only to reflect the skill of the player. When set to 1 million points six-figure increases to seven-digit scoreboard. When successive defeats enemies with one turtle shell points are awarded in ascending for each dead: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000 points, and then (with the defeat of the eighth character) Mario charged extra life.

Among the bonuses can meet orange mushroom picking which character grows in size, becoming a Super Mario ( eng.  Super Mario ). If you take after this flower, it becomes Super Mario Fire Mario ( eng.  Fire Mario ) and is able to shoot fireballs, that is to hit the enemy from a distance.

If Super Mario or Fire Mario touches the enemy, then they return to the stage of the usual Mario. If the opponent is hurt Mario or running out of time allotted for passing a level, the player loses one life and the game starts again (or from the beginning of the level, or from the middle). In the levels, which are located in castles, killed Mario begins the game ever since the beginning of the level.

Another bonus is occurring in the game – the star. It does not “grow” out of the block like a mushroom, and jumps out of it and starts to move along a sinusoidal path forward in the direction of motion. After securing it, Mario becomes invulnerable for a while for enemies: enemies are killed by one of his touch. On some levels there are also bonuses in the form of a green mushroom “1-up», which adds one life Mario (Mushroom “1-up» moves, and in order to catch it, the player must demonstrate skill).

The game consists of eight worlds with four levels each. In the first level, in all the worlds of Mario is on the ground, the second most often underground, in the sewers, or under water, in the third level, Mario walks on giant mushrooms and jumping on the platforms, hanging in the air, in the fourth level, Mario enters the castle. In all the worlds, except the third and sixth, Mario travels day. At the end of the fourth level, on a bridge over a lake of lava, Mario meets with King Kupa ( Engl.  King Koopa ) – cherepahovidnym huge dragon. King Koopa breathes fire, and from the sixth of the world – and even throws a huge hammer. Kupu win in two ways: to touch the ax, located behind Kupa (he cut the rope and King Koopa will fall into the lava), or hit the King Kupa from a safe distance fireballs (you need to Mario was under the Fire Mario and all the way through the castle passed without loss). In case of victory over the Kupa in the first seven worlds with fire, it turns out that it’s actually a simple enemy disguised as a tortoise, Gumba and t. D. After that Mario meets Toad  – Mushroom Kingdom resident who says his famous phrase: ” Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle! »( rus. Thank you, Mario, but our princess in another castle! )

Warrior King Kupa, level 8-4. In the image the usual Mario

In the game there are three secret move called the Zone Transfers ( Engl.  Warp Zone ) and allows you to quickly move to other worlds. When injected into the secret room appears on the screen «Welcome to warp zone!» And the number of worlds in which to migrate. The first of these transitions is located at the end of level 1-2 for the pipe that leads out of the dungeon. To get there, you must jump on the wall above the pipe. From there you can go in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th worlds. The second crossing is at the level of 4-2. Under the wall after the first bridge are invisible blocks. Perched on them, you must beat the leftmost brick, and then from there out into the stem, where you can climb to the top. There are passages in the 6th, 7th and 8th worlds. The third is at the end of level 4-2, it needs to go over the top (similar to 1-2) and reach the exit at the 5th world. Also at levels 4-4 and 7-4 has a trap: constantly repeated three rooms, running through that again, Mario gets into them until the time runs out. The secret passage is enclosed in the structure of these rooms: they are separated by horizontal partitions on “floors” and get out of the trap can be passed only the first room on the bottom, the second on an average “floor”, and the third – on top. Traps exist in the world 8-4, there is need to go down to the right of the pipe, the pipe is not selected properly toss you step back for 1-2. In addition, at 8-4 can be found in virtually all enemies occurring in the game.

Super Mario Brothers Free Download (37 MB)

Super Mario Brothers Free Download (37 MB)

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