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The Godfather Game 2 or The Godfather 2 Game PC Download From This Website With How to Install Instructions and Video. The Godfather 2 Release Date is April 7, 2009. Here you Will Find Cheats, Gameplay, Hints, Secrets, Ratings and System Requirements Information.

The Godfather 2 Gameplay

The main character (Dominic), unlike the previous protagonist of the saga (Aldo Trapani), starts from the highest rank of the Cosa Nostra . Although the name of the protagonist is Dominic (It cannot be changed) his last name is unknown since it is not named in the entire plot. The story begins in Cuba, on Hyman Roth’s birthday, which later joins the new year. This is not faithful to the film since in it, when the new year happens, Roth is admitted to a hospital. During the resignation of Fulgencio Batista as president, riots begin in Havana and Dominic will have to guide Aldo, Michael Corleone and Fredo Corleone to the exit. When they leave the building where the new year was being celebrated, they encounter the revolutionary riots in the streets and once again Dominic will have to fight his way to the airport where Aldo Trapani is hit by a sniper shot. After this, Michael, Fredo and Dominic manage to escape by plane to New York. On the journey, Michael names Dominic Don from Aldo’s family. From here, the player has to face Carmine Rosato , who controls half of New York.

Frank Pentangeli wants to get rid of the brothers Rosato, Tony and Carmine. But Carmine sets a trap for him, Dominic escapes and Frankie is believed dead. When Carmine’s family is eliminated Florida is unlocked, the biggest city. Where Dominic meets Hyman Roth. In the city there are two families at the beginning, the family of Tony Rosato and the family of Rico Granados. When Dominic tries to return to New York, he is prevented by a strike at the airport. Hyman Roth introduces you to a CIA agentnamed Mitchell. Who will commission him to get rid of the guy who created the strike. On returning to NY, Michael tells the protagonist that they are investigating him, so he puts Tom Hagen at his service as a consigliere. This will give advice to the player when it comes to taking enemy businesses or hiring guards for the premises and thus not losing money. As the story progresses, one more family will appear, the Mangano.

Don Mangano signs peace with Dominic. But someone shoots him and Fredo thinks it was the Mangano. Don Mangano robs Dominic of many of his businesses and starts a war against him and the Corleones. Fredo bears the blame claiming that they did not tell Michael anything so as not to involve him since he had an investigation on. Michael argues with him and tells him that he doesn’t want to see him again. Fredo does not appear again for the moment in the story. Roth and Mitchell convince Dominic to travel to Cuba and eliminate the current presidentFidel Castro . In Havana, the dissidents will have to be assassinated so that the revolutionaries believe that Dominic is on their side. He ends up being called by a young lady named MarĂ­a to invite him to the presidential palace. Then the player’s job will be to advance through the palace stealthily and assassinate with the stealth techniquethe guards until reaching a strategic point to assassinate Castro. When shooting him, Castro falls to the ground and his companion (Don Almeida) begins to speak with Dominic, without knowing where he is. Almeida is the Don of the Almeida family and is in control of Cuba. Dominic must escape from Cuba being persecuted by the authority of Havana. In New York, Michael tells Dominic to go to the brothel to extort money from Senator Pat Geary.

To do this, Dominic has to pose as a businessman. Then you have to pick up Frank Pentangeli’s brother. This would convince Frankie that violating the omerta, is paid with death. But upon arrival, he discovers the dead bodyguard. Someone has kidnapped Frank’s brother. You have to ask people on the street if they have seen it. After getting some clues, there are three places where the kidnappers can be found. Talking to the kidnappers will reveal the whereabouts of Pentangeli, when picking him up he will have to be taken to court. Frank, seeing his brother, changes the statement and does not testify against Michael. He will send Dominic to murder Mitchell and destroy all the other families. When he succeeds, seizing and protecting businesses, and later destroying rival residences. Then in Florida Michael will talk about Hyman Roth. The objective is to go to the Miami airport to assassinate Roth there. When Roth is assassinated, it will be necessary to escape from the police arriving at what was the Mangano mansion. Tom will wait there, who will show Dominic to a room where Michael is. This will tell you that you have earned their respect and the title of godfather. Then it will whisper something in your ear. The next image focuses on Lake Tahoe. You can see the boat with Fredo and Dominic next to it. While the first one prays a Hail Mary, images of all its appearances in the game are seen. When the sentence is over, Dominic aims a pistol at the back of his neck and shoots him. Then his voice is heard and he says: Fredo, I’m sorry. After the credits, the player appears in the Mangano mansion.

The Godfather 2 Weapons

Automatic: (Lv.1) Tommy Gun (Lv.2) MP38 (Lv.3) Modified AK-47
Magnum: (Lv.1) .357 Magnum (LV2) .44 Magnum Forcer (Lv.3) .501 Magnum Enforcer
Pistol: (Lv.1) Pistol (Lv.2) Pistol with silencer (Lv.3) M1911 Delta (with silencer)
Rifle: (Lv.1) Sniper Rifle (Lv.2) Spitzer Centerfire (Lv.3) Rifle SR-98
Shotguns: (Lv.1) Shotgun (Lv.2) Cropped (Lv.3) Schofield Semi-auto
Molotov cocktails

The Godfather 2 Game Cheats

Here Are Link to Some Websites Where You Will Find Cheats For Godfather 2 Video Game, it Also Include Trick, Hints, Trainers.

The Godfather 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough

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The Godfather 2 Cheat Codes for PC Games

PC Cheats – The Godfather 2


The Godfather System Requirements

Time needed: 23 hours

Follow This Guide to Install Game

  1. Extract

    Extract Files Using WinRar, if it Ask For Password Enter:

  2. Run Setup

    After Extraction, Open Setup and Press Esc to Cancel Intro

  3. Start Setup

    After Intro Cancelled, Press Any Key to Start Setup.

  4. Run Game

    Run Game From Desktop and Enjoy

Change Video Resolution to HD or FHD which is 1080P. Click on Gear Icon in the Bottom Right Corner of the Video to Change Resolution.

Games Size = 3.6 GB

Game RAR Password =

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