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Assassin’s Creed: Unity is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft . It is the eighth installment of the original Assassin’s Creed and the first fully developed for console next-gen. The title was to be published for the platforms PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 28 October 2014 but was postponed to 11 November 2014 in North America and November 13, 2014 in Europe . The system of parkour , like that of the fight, was revised into a more fluid, realistic and functional. The animations appear more realistic and complete than the previous installments of the series. The game for the first time in the series introduces the cooperative multiplayer. Players can enter in the taverns that serve as social centers, where you can see if your friends are playing in Unity. If you are currently on a mission, they will appear as a version of “ghost” of their player; Up to four players can join together in this way. Many missions and activities are available for cooperative multiplayer, but there are some story missions that are available to be played individually.

The protagonist of the game is Arno Dorian, a native French man born in Versailles . Arno is in search of redemption that takes him in the organization of the Assassins, rising slowly through the ranks, as Altaïr and Ezio in the previous chapters. The story of Arno is set in Paris during the French Revolution . The setting in our day focuses on Assassins in contact with the player who ask their help to explore the exploits of Arno in the past and help him in this.

Master Murderess belonging to the French branch of the Brotherhood, born to a French father and an Austrian mother, Arno grows in the nobility of Versailles, a descendant of a family that has long had affiliations with the Assassins. When eight years old, his father died assassinated in a mysterious conspiracy. Therefore, it is adopted by the Grand Master of the Templars in France ; However later, Arno is also implicated in the murder of his adoptive parent, died in circumstances similar to those of his biological parent.

Feeling partly responsible for past events of his life, Arno begins a journey of redemption that takes him in 1789 to join the Assassins. Thanks to his keen intellect and his skills in fencing, became one of the ablest members of the Brotherhood French; his work will then be vital to keeping the Templars to take power in France through the French Revolution. During this time he met and worked with men of great historical importance as the Marquis de Sade ,  Louis XVI , Marie Antoinette and  Napoleon Bonaparte . Moreover, cooperates with a Templar named Elise de la Serre, which eventually will give his life to save Arno.

The game is set mainly in  Paris  in full revolution, reproduced thanks to the power of next-generation consoles, scale 1: 1; feature that allows you to immerse yourself in the urban environment in a more profound way than in previous chapters. The map of the city of Paris, three times bigger than the one representing the sea of the West Indies  of  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag , is in fact the largest ever created for a series title of  Assassin’s Creed  and his seven neighborhoods are properly characterized and different among them. There are also many buildings explorable internally, including many historic structures like the palace of Versailles , the Luxembourg Palace and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame .

The navigation system has been rebuilt from scratch. And ‘in fact possible to perform the stroke acrobatic both upwards and downwards, thus allowing the player to quickly scale a building and to go down just as quickly. Arno is then able to learn new movements during the progression of the game and the players have the opportunity to buy new ones yet.

As the navigation system, even the combat mechanics have been rebuilt from the ground up. For starters was discarded can wield two weapons simultaneously, instead favoring the assimilation of real techniques of French fencing. Indeed fights consist of four basic movements, two offensive and two defensive; those of attack are to blow fast and heavy in the attack, while the defensive in the parade and dodge. The most advanced techniques, such as the breaking of the enemy defense, will only be obtained by combining the basic movements and running them with the right timing.

The main innovation is, however, in the removal of the system of counter-lethal chain of killings that characterized the previous chapters. The artificial intelligence of opponents were then improved so that they are able to deflect and dodge attacks Arno, possibly sbilanciandolo. Also, if you are in the presence of enemies, they will attack repeatedly and simultaneously. The consequence is a significant increase of the difficulties, which, according to the developers, entices the player to prefer a more quiet. Arno is equipped with a French saber, a pistol multi-barrel and a new version of the hidden blades, the blade ghost. The latter can also be used as a weapon to launch long distance as well as the traditional hidden blades, will be able to launch two types of bullets: one lethal and one able to poison and make crazy enemies.

Arno is in possession of the eye of the eagle, but it has not developed innately like the protagonists of the previous games in the series. However the ability to develop it during the continuation of the game. At first it will be simply referred to as pulse eagle and Arno will be able to exploit it to their advantage only for a short time. Subsequently a better refining, the power will be called the sense Eagle and Arno will be able to use it until it maintains a low profile. At the last stage of development, the capacity will be called free eagle and its effects can be useful allies nearby. This innate power is able to offer the player the position of the enemies that are inside of the buildings, as well as to distinguish enemies, targets and allies as they did in previous titles in the series.

Unlike previous titles,  Assassin’s Creed Unity  has a system of weapon customization particularly deep. The weapons have indeed a strong impact on the gameplay and you must pay close attention to equipment of the hero, trying to figure out how to customize it for best results. According to the developers, this will also affect the economic system as it will be crucial to choose the best how to spend the money earned.

Similarly to what happened in the previous title, the protagonist of this portion of Assassin’s Creed: Unity  is controllable in person. However, the main character will not be an anonymous employee dell’Abstergo Entertainment as in  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag , but the player himself.

Instead of giving the player the specific objectives to complete a memory with synchronization total, Ubisoft has decided to develop a system of completion of the memories that offered greater freedom of action, which he called Adaptive Mission Mechanic. For example, he explained Amancio, the failure of a stalking will lead to an inevitable chase instead of the de-synchronization, as they did in previous titles in the series. Furthermore, in the event that you lose sight of the target, it will then need to look for it, while killing him might be possible to discover the place where he was looking for clues among his clothes. Assassinate the target may, however, lead to have more guards on patrol during the next memory, alarmed by the murder committed previously.

The developers of  Assassin’s Creed Unity  have tried to enhance the value of the segment with the introduction of a special stealth stealth mode that will make it more difficult to detect by the enemies, and a new cover system that will exploit and walls various objects as shelter.

There are of underground tunnels similar to those present in Masonic  Assassin’s Creed III , but much more extensive and insidious. Furthermore, through them it is possible to find the hidden inputs for some buildings, the fact that, according to the developers, offer more possibilities for the completion of certain memories. Reintroduced the missions of the various guilds present in Paris, including those linked to thieves and mercenaries; also have been added to the missions to be carried out on behalf of the Order of the Assassins. There will be other secondary activities such as the resolution of cases of murder and repression of acts of violence initiated by guilds faithful to the absolute monarchy.

We have introduced the ability to display directly on the screen icons of the possible activities offered by the game when you are on the roofs of the city of Paris during his exploration. Possibility unlockable after observing an area of the city from one of the observation points, you do not necessarily have to break the rhythm of the game to see the map in search of the various activities to be carried out.

Removed the automatic switching between day and night in the chapters of this series from Assassin’s Creed II . In  Assassin’s Creed Unity , at certain times of the plot, the weather will be fixed at a certain time in order not to experience sudden alternations between day and night once embarked on a memory.

There are also numerous historical figures of the time, such as the  Marquis de Sade , King  Louis XVI , Napoleon Bonaparte ,  Maximilien de Robespierre , Marie Antoinette and  Honoré Gabriel Riqueti de Mirabeau . Moreover, in Paris there are clues left by  Nostradamus , which will bring the player to the discovery of a treasure.

In  Assassin’s Creed: Unity  is an unprecedented cooperative campaign. This will replace the multiplayer in every game in the series since the release of  Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood  and allows up to four players to undertake missions related to the plot of the single player mode, which include actions to be taken to stop such an execution, protect a master or assassinate a target. 

According to the developers, at least one third of the duration of the entire game will be dedicated to the missions of the co-operative sector, which will however be played in single once the protagonist has obtained certain skills. The four Assassins will be customizable in appearance and in the equipment they bring with them, while the experience points earned will be used to improve their unique abilities.


Minimum System Requirements of Assassin’s Creed Unity

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i3
RAM Memory: 4GB
Hard disk Free space: 50GB
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 680/Radeon HD7970

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