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Far Cry 4 (2)
Far Cry 4 is an electronic game of first-person shooter played in open world that was produced by Ubisoft Montreal with Ubisoft Red Storm, Ubisoft Toronto, Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev. It is the fourth major title in the series Far Cry and was published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 18, 2014 in North America and November 20 in the territories EMEA and Australian .

Far Cry 4 is a game in open world of first-person shooting ( FPS ). And still with many of the features of Far Cry 3 , including the elements of [[ | role-playing game ( RPG ), experience points , skill trees, a small-scale system improvements, the possibility of hunting animals and climbing towers for free zones, thereby increasing the map. The player can also hide behind objects to escape the sight lines and also to look around and shoot without seeing, as well as the ability to perform sneak attacks from above, below or close to the enemy. 7

In an interview with Game Informer , Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Far Cry 4 , said the map size is relatively the same as Far Cry 3 , however, being a mountainous area, is denser than the previous game. In addition, Hutchinson described the ‘Hardcore’ mode, where the player gets hypothermia when in contact with the cold water and gains disease when bitten by certain animals. Far Cry 4 has multiple endings depending on player choices, but it is ” less clear “that the Far Cry 3 . 8 In addition to the main story, there are also several side quests to complete. 7

Despite the similarities, the game introduces new features, including: a system Karma accumulating points or withdraw depending on the player’s actions, for example, receives points to save hostages or civilians, but if you decide to kill wild animals, depending on how does, it will be deducted; moral choices that are proposed throughout history; the Autodrive allowing automatic driving to the point chosen by the player. 7 There are several vehicles to dispose of the player, including the ability to ride on elephants.

Mark Thompson, one of the directors of Far Cry 4 , said he wanted the narrative correct the deficiencies that he felt existed in Far Cry 3 . In Far Cry 3 , the nature of the gameplay in open world was at odds with the plot, one time allowed the player perform prolonged acts of exploitation, although the narrative situations that were supposedly critical moments. Efforts were made to ensure that in Far Cry 4 the game open world and history complement better. 12 In addition, the writers decided to mitigate the amount of voice of the character to allow the player to feel better the role it is playing adding black humor type- Tarantino , to create a greater contrast between the violence of the game and the pleasure that the player has to play it. ” 13

For platforms PlayStation , 14 15 Far Cry 4 is to be drawing to allow players to invite friends to play cooperatively, even those who do not have the game. To do this, the chosen players receive ten invitations to send to friends. These in turn can download a version of the game and play with the host player in a more basic way. 14 According to Ubisoft, the game was heavily inspired by the Nepalese Civil War . 16

Mark Thompson, director of the game’s plot, said in an interview with IGN that Far Cry 4 has between 15 and 60 hours, depending on how the player sees.
The November 3, 2014 the Ubisoft announced that Cliff Martinez , former drummer of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers and composer of films like Drive , Solaris and Traffic , created music for Far Cry 4 . Martinez worked with the audio team Ubisoft Montreal , including the designer Jerome Angelot, the supervisor Simon Landry and the Director Tony Gronick. “It was an honor to have been invited to compose the music of the game Far Cry 4 , my first full-length soundtrack for a video game “Martinez said. “It was exciting to me when I was asked to have a minimalist cinematic approach to the immersive world of the game. Any game where you can ride an elephant on the rampage is a project that you can not refuse!” 3 4 18 19 The music was created in order to “give life” to the world and the fictional characters of Kyrat using traditional instruments like the bowls of the Himalayas , the tablas and bells.

The soundtrack of Far Cry 4 was digitally released on 4 November 2014. However, a limited edition 2- CD will be launched on December 2, 2014 in North America and December 9th in Europe , followed by a another 3- LP in January 2015.

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Minimum System Requirements of Far Cry 4

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
CPUr: Intel Core i3
RAM Memory: 4GB
Hard disk Free space: 30GB
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX460/Radeon HD5850

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