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Company of Heroes: Band of Brothers ( Company of Heroes , pronunciation / k ʌ m p ( ə ) n and ɒ v h ɪ ə r ə Ʊ : with / ) – strategy video game set in the realities of World War II , produced by the Canadian studio Relic Entertainment with Joshuą Mosqueirą as chief designer and Drew Dunlop acting as lead programmer. It was released in the world in September 2006 year for THQ .

Action Company of Heroes takes place during Operation Overlord , between June and August 1944. Solo campaign allows the player to take control of the two American companies of participating in hostilities against the French forces stationed in the Wehrmacht . Role-playing games are the axis of the relationship between one of the company commander, Captain Sam McKay and his subordinate sergeant Joem Conti, and the gameplay itself includes events from landing on the beach “Omaha” after the battle of Falaise .

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy based on the accumulation of resources by keeping the supply lines. Delivered to staff resources are the means of payment used to expand the base, training of individuals and of sending them into battle. Game mechanics complements the possibility of using the area as guards, soldiers gain experience during battle system and the use of military doctrines. The latter allows specialization led the company in terms of the conduct of war struggles. In a multiplayer game player can gain control over both the company of US Army and Wehrmacht forces which control the application of different playing styles.

Company of Heroes was enthusiastically received by critics associated with computer games. Praise mainly related to fixtures and audiovisual playability, and some critics have also pointed out as an unparalleled advantage in strategic games about World War II and dynamism clashes show the brutality of war. American Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awarded her the title of a strategic computer game of the year. This and similar distinctions resulted in the creation of two viable additions to the game: Band of Brothers: On the front line (2007) and Band of Brothers: Glory to the heroes (2008). In 2013 she published her continued under the title Company of Heroes 2 (2013), this time focused on the clashes of war on the Eastern Front.

Action campaign sole proprietorship Company of Heroes: Band of Brothers, set during World War II and describes the actions of US troops during Operation Overlord between June and August 1944. The player during the game control of the two companies of “Able” belonging to the 29th Infantry Division and “Fox” with 506. Parachute Regiment 101 Airborne Division . In most missions the player is to manage the data and is the first to focus on the story Company of Heroes .

June 6th, 1944, during the Normandy landing , the captain Sam MacKay, his subordinate sergeant Joe Conti and the other soldiers from the company “Able” perform landing on the beach “Omaha” . Their predecessors from the company “Dog” before they were decimated by the machine-gun nests and bombardment by the guns of 88 mm . Company “Able” fail despite the fire to reach the dikes detonate bunker firing the gun crew and destroy [6] .

At night before that landing, during the chaotic landing parachute near the village of Vierville, soldiers of the company “Fox” regroup and block the supply line of the Germans trying to provide support to defenders of the beaches “Omaha” and ” Utah ” [7] . After the destruction of the supply convoy moving towards the town of Carentan to secure the connection between the beaches. Despite stiff resistance German soldiers are forced to retreat, and an American spadochroniarzu amok massacres body of some would-refugees [8] . Company “Fox” prepares the defense of the city, and the German forces counter is stopped by the Relief of the company “Able” [9] .

Both American troops moving towards the town of Cherbourg in order to protect the port. Montebourg repel the attack near the Division Panzer Lehr , guarding a convoy crossing the Red Ball Express [10] . MacKay and celebrating success through binoculars Conti notes directing attack Captain Joseph Günter Schultz, who is looking for opportunities to revenge. Meanwhile, the company “Able” is ordered to master the central part of Cherbourg. Liquidated coastal works by bombing US soldiers from the warship USS “Texas” manages to force the surrender of the German defenders [11] . City due to destruction is not suitable as a port, but are captured documents concerning the position of the secret base missile V2 in the village Sottevast. They lead parachute forces to invade and destroy the missile base [12] .

Company “Able” shall then ordered the attack on the city of Saint-Lô from the north. Before its way through the village saint-fromond , detonated by the Germans reconstructed bridge and fending off a counter attack [13] . US forces then attack the heavily fortified Hill 192 near Saint-Lô. Despite the hostile terrain consisting of vegetation bocage hill it is gained, and the road to the city – open [14] . Heavy clashes urban environment arrive at the square root, division, but Panzer Lehr exits the siege [15] . The remnants of the German divisions are broken down into town Hebecrevon , but Schultz survivor sitting in the tank ” Tiger ” secretly tracking MacKay and shoots a bullet into him from working. The master die, a Conti is forced to take command of the company of [16] .

Conti and his branch is posted to the town of Mortain , who unexpectedly becomes the target of a counterattack by German forces as part of a wider operation Lüttich. US troops attacked at night weapon until the morning the relief of armor company “Dog” [17] . Germany are forced to flee, poniósłszy heavy losses [18] . 7 German Army responsible for bringing the operation is trying to pull out of Normandy, the Americans are trying to protect it. Company “Able” is trying to close one of the escape routes in the village of Autry . Good retaliation for the breakdown of another branch of American soldiers under the command of an armored Conti eliminate Schultz and the latter is lost in the interior of its tank [19] . Upon the death of the killer MacKaya Conti reacts with irritation [20] .

His trail war company “Able” ends at Chambois , along with Polish and Canadian forces protecting the bridges, which tries to escape by 7 German Army. Bled and free escape routes army 7 is forced to undergo and Allied soldiers celebrate victory.

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Company of Heroes Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows® XP or Vista
Processor: 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers
Hard Drive: 9 GB Free Space

Game Size = 3.66 GB

Game RAR Password =

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