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Mafia 1 Ripped PC Game Free Download

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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is a video game of 2002 developed by Illusion Softworks and distributed by Gathering of Developers for Microsoft Windows [1] , PlayStation 2 [2] and Xbox [3] . The protagonist is Thomas Angelo , a taxi driver in the city of Lost Heaven (probably inspired by the New York of 1930) that, in the course of the game, will scale the organization mafia led by Don Salieri . The game recreates realistic cars and weapons 30s, a period in which it develops the plot; are also outlined a number of colorful characters, including Paulie and Sam (Tommy aides), the boss Morello and his brother Sergio , mafia bosses rival Salieri. Many scenes in the game are accompanied by the music of Django Reinhardt and the Mills Brothers . In 2010 was released the following Mafia II .
1930 , Tommy is a quiet cab driver who gets mixed up in a chase between mafia gangs, two armed men told him to take them to safety in the bar of their leader, Don Ennio Salieri , and help them to escape the killer’s boss Morello , rival Don. Tommy succeeds in the task, but the men of Morello took note of the license plate of his taxi. Paulie and Sam , the two mobsters saved by Tommy, reimburse the damage to the taxi damaged and propose to join their “organization”; Tommy, funky, initially refuses.
The next day, however, Tommy is forced to take refuge in the bar of Salieri to escape the men Morello, who want to punish him for his help with the gangster last night. Escaped criminals, think about the proposal to collaborate with Don Salieri and so he decides to become a part of this new family. Introduced in the organization, Tommy knows the various members (Don Ennio Salieri, Frank Colletti, his advisor, Paulie and Sam met the night before, the chef Luigi, Ralph mechanic family and Vincenzo, the gunsmith’s private Don). Don Salieri is an old-fashioned boss, hard with the enemies and traitors, but protective and speaking with friends and allies. The Salieri family is the most powerful but also the most disciplined and honorable. Nothing to do with that half of Morello whose head is a psychopathic murderess whose only creed is the senseless violence. There is great excitement within the family Salieri: It seems that Don Morello wants to start a war.
At the beginning of the tasks assigned to Tommy are simple driver for various tasks, but one day, something unexpected happens. Tommy has accompanied Paulie and Sam on a tour of the collection of lace applied for various activities of the city. Reached a hotel in the country, Clark’s Motel, Paulie and Sam come to collect, but are attacked by thugs Bill, the owner of the Motel. Tommy bursts massacres and other criminals to save his comrades. Intervenes, however, that Bill runs off with the money of the lace with his luxury car (a Lassiter V16 Phateon); Tom stops him and kills him, managing to get back the money. This earned him the esteem of all family members (except Frank, the deputy of Don Salieri) and from there he began his ascent into the ranks of the organization.
Son’s been two years since Tommy has entered the family is the 1932 . Don Salieri asks Tom a favor: to steal a race car European Union, known as the “world’s fastest” and take it to a mechanic Italian Luca Bertone , to make it tamper with, given that many members of the Family and other “affiliates” had bet on another runner, and if he were to win the European, many people (including Don) would lose a lot of money. Thanks to Bobby, dell’autodromo guardian and friend of Ralph manages to do everything on time. The next day, however, the guy who had to compete on behalf of Salieri broke an arm and it’s up to Tommy to do the race, which will come out the winner. Bertone also made a lot of money thanks to the race and promises to Tommy to get him a lot of luxury cars, in exchange for small favors; The first gift is a Lassiter V16 Phateon. Some time later, at the bar, Luigi asks a favor protagonist accompany her daughter Sarah at home, because the night before he had met delinquents. Tom agrees to accompany her, and shortly after, in an alley, he meets criminals. Tom, in an attempt to protect the girl, was wounded, but still managed to scare away the gang. A few minutes later, they reach the house. Tommy is curated by Sarah, then a spark between them. The two fall in love ending up in bed together. Tommy realizes that she is the woman of his life.
The next day, Tom tells everything to Salieri: it instructs Tommy and Paulie to kill those thugs. Big thanks to Biff, informant of the family, are the criminals in Chinatown, their “base”, and kill them all. They start in pursuit of the two leaders of the gang, Johnny and Billy, and eventually blocking them and kill them. But things do not go for the best: Frank, the next day he says that Johnny was saved without major damage and Billy was the son of city councilor, who soon will partner with Morello and the District Attorney. This will probably give some trouble to the family. Frank instructs Tom to kill a pensioner, killing one woman (who is giving information to Morello) and blow up a brothel. After killing the owner, he goes to kill the woman, but she does not because it is Michelle’s best friend Sarah: she did all this to save his brother. Tom, sorry, suggests the woman to leave and not to return to Lost Heaven. After his mission, he fled from the roofs of some buildings near the brothel, then ends up in the Church of Downtown, where he is conducting the funeral of the son of the politician; the priest of the church discovers Tommy. Johnny recognizes him and orders to kill him. After a violent and sharp shooting, the priest comes out and talks to Tom, telling him that murder is the greatest sin, and his soul may be in danger. Tommy rationalizes at first that they were criminals, but takes seriously the warning of the priest. Feeling a guilty priest gives the money to restore the church, then to escape, before the cops find him and arrest him. Some time later, Frank suggests Tommy to find a purpose in life: going to the races with the Don, or go to the movies or the theater, with Sarah. Tommy, however, does not want to endanger the life of Sarah saw the work they do.
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Mafia 1 ScreenShots

Mafia 1 Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP, 7 or Vista
Processor: Pentium 3 500 MHz
RAM Memory: 96 Mb
HDD Space: 1.8 Gb
Graphics Memory: 32 Mb
DirectX: 8.1


Mafia 1 Recommended System Requirements




Operating System: Windows XP, 7 or Vista
Processor: Pentium 3 700 MHz
RAM Memory: 256 Mb
HDD Space: 1.8 Gb
Graphics Memory: 64 Mb
DirectX: 9.1c

Games Size = 1.3 GB
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