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Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors 7 , known in Japan under the title Shin Sangoku Musou 6 ( 真·三國無双6 , Shin Sangoku Musō Shikkuzu ? ) is a video game type beat them all published by Koei and developed by Omega Force . The game is available since early 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and from 9 March 2012 on PC (Japanese only). The game features a version of PSP called Dynasty Warriors 7: Special and a spin-off  : Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends planned for 2011 in Japan.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is set in ancient China during the Three Kingdoms era. The game begins with the fall of the Han Dynasty, shortly after the death of Emperor Ling, when the leader of the Way of Peace, Zhang Jiao , leads an uprising against the Empire, and ends with the unification of China by the Jin Dynasty in the year 280. The game is loosely based on the history of the Three Kingdoms of Luo Guanzhong .

Dynasty Warriors 7 profoundly reform the classic “Musou Mode” in the series replaces the Story Mode, where it offers us more to play as a character from a kingdom to choose to follow a common chart of all battles but the characters directly select one of these kingdoms to follow its history, with its moments and key figures. The game features highly scripted story mode that switches cinematic and gameplay footage, and focuses on the characters’ psychology in order to allow the player to better assess and understand their dreams and motivations to continue the war and suffering that it generates. The very next game film does not allow the player to choose a character from the start he wants to play in the story mode, but it gives a real psychological depth to the characters at the heart of the story, even going up to kill the dates / locations consistent with those historical, giving the story mode a dramatic dimension true character of a film.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is also the first in the series to introduce the Jin Dynasty in addition to the three kingdoms already present, namely that of Shu , of Wu and Wei . It is the installment of the series, which historically goes furthest in the history of China.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is returning to the roots of the saga after the attempted revival imposed by the 6 th album. The game was designed and developed from the bases of Dynasty Warriors 5 , resulting in the return of the traditional system of combos in the series based on sequences of normal blows and blows loaded that made the reputation of the series while the refining and perfecting in order to make the gameplay even more complete and enjoyable; simple attacks are intended as special now even more impressive than before and still earn more soldiers around, ensuring immediate fun the first few minutes of play unlike the old Dynasty Warriors where some progress had to be achieved before feeling really all the possibilities of gameplay .

Each character is assigned two arms (inherited system opus Strikeforce ) that can swap at any time of the game, favoring the execution of combos. All characters have their favorite weapon, called Weapon “EX”, with which the character in question may launch its unique and special attack, the EX Attack, only with this weapon. Each character in the game has a level of compatibility with the weapons in the game, ranging from one star (poor control) to three stars (fluent). More compatibility level is high, the best character will take advantage of some special abilities of the weapon in question, for example; the possibility of a double jump or increase the rate of damage to enemies.

The character progression is using Skill Points which are obtained by defeating enemies general. The character can then evolve its “Grid talent” and be given special abilities such as invulnerability to elemental attacks or increasing the life gauge. To develop its raw statistics, the character must collect objects that allow changing the defeated generals behind them (a sword to attack a shield for defense, and Dim Sum for life).

One of the other new features of this release is the famous separation of the Musou gauge several parts that allows the appearance of a second Musou attack per character instead of a single. Some second Musou attacks can run outdoors, never seen before in the series, and is obtained on the grid talent character.

The list of selectable characters grows too, with appearances of new characters like Bao Sanniang, Guan Suo or Liu Shan (Shu), Ding Feng or Lianshi (Wu), Jia Xu (Wei), Deng Ai , Guo Huai , Sima Shi , Sima Zhao , Wang Yuanji, Xiahou Ba, Zhong Hui or Zhuge Dan (Jin), and many others.
Dynasty Warriors
Minimum System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz/AMD Athlon XP
Memory: 1GB
Hard disk space: 13GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT/ATI Radeon 9600 series
How To Install :
Mount DVD 1 With daemon tools
Install game via autoplay
When install this game, if there is instruction to insert DVD 2, Mount DVD 2 with daemon tools and continue installation and do same for DVD 3 like DVD 2
Download Crack and patch and then extract in to place you have install this game
Run Patch.bat with run as administrator
If game crash, Run Patch.bat again
Play the game
Games Size = 11.2 GB
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