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Need For Speed Undercover
Need for Speed: Undercover is a video game for racing developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts released in 2008 . The game is available on PlayStation 2 , PlayStation 3 , Wii , Windows , Xbox 360 , Nintendo DS , PlayStation Portable and cell phone. It is part of the series Need for Speed .

Need for Speed: Undercover takes what made the success of the series from “versions tuning “and can be compared to Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Need for Speed: Carbon (2006) Need For Speed: ProStreet (2007). The game is on the principle of police chases and also the possibility to destroy doodads in rushing in like Most Wanted and Carbon.

Need for Speed: Undercover is a racing game franchise Need for Speed , released in November 2008 by Electronic Arts . 1 According to John Riccitiello, chief of Electronic Arts , the game’s development took quite a while, assuming again that was not entirely pleased with the final result of ProStreet. He also said that because of the many sales of NFS Prostreet, the franchise will go back to its origins (not yet known which will origins, the classic, no tuning, perhaps with the back of the Ferraris or new, with the tuning, and many cars) with new content, including open-world racing and a new mode “Battle of the highway.” Only knows that this is the first game of the World in 4D “FourDy Race” option, where the player enters a dark room with the necessary equipment and interacts directly with the game, making it more real.

This also marks the return of the police and Speedbreaker game, including having a crucial role in the game, just as it was in Need for Speed: Most Wanted . The police have the help of helicopters and cars during chases.

Escape the police is one of the favorite activities of many players (in virtual life, of course). Only the renowned series Grand Theft Auto could fulfill this desire with praise from gamers since the release of Need for Speed Carbon , the renowned title of Electronic Arts . Still, the latest generation of racing games left to be desired in this regard.

It was then that Undercover was finally announced and since then is being coveted by thousands of people. The game developed by EA Black Box is pretty much a mix between technical “Hollywood” direction and a large open world. Escape the law enforcers in fantastic events with new skills will be considered for a real adrenaline jogador.Neste game, the protagonist is a heavily infiltrated the world of illegal racing and the world of crime police.

The world depicted is based Undercover Tri-City Bay area with a stuffed floating highways, dirt roads and industrial scenarios. Exciting races are usually made during the setting of the sun, all of which will be covered with beautiful golden lights.

One of the game’s strengths is the diversity. Experiencing several new events, gamers will have the opportunity to set foot bottom with a Carerra GT, for example, in diverse environments. Schools, football fields, tunnels … It could be seen as running track. According to the developers of the game, the fastest car in the world able to circulate in eight minutes timed consistently at the highest speed possible.

This time, EA Black Box has decided to reveal more information about the Heroic Driving Engine, a system that promises to change much of the famous racing Need for Speed. With this technology, gamers will be able to gradually become more agile steering wheel.

LDH innovations are displayed, for example, by removing the traditional relationship between the camera and the direction of the controlled car. Gamers will be able to play with the brakes and see the car doing a 180 degree turn without having the camera move.

Sometimes, quickly maneuver the car in reverse gear is one of the activities that will bring experience points, similar to an RPG . If the player has full success in those risky moves, points will be received for the driving skills are up to date.

It is clear that the HDE bring an extreme imbalance the gameplay Undercover if there was a counterpoint. The police (with vastly improved artificial intelligence, let it be said in passing) will cause chaos on the streets of Tri-City Bay and appears in the most opportune moments, such as instances where gamers play lunatics other racers off the track for 150 miles per hour .

In other events, such as Driver Job, players will have to scrounge their own police cars and take them to the sale of specific local bolides. Maintain the greatest possible distance, as usual, will be essential to outwit their pursuers, and entering tunnels and under bridges to hide from helicopters.

The player is placed in history as an FBI agent, who will infiltrate the criminal network of Tri-City, a fictional bay where the game is based. He works in the greatest secrecy, to the point that even the local police will not know his true identity. Driving at excessive speeds, it must prove, left to itself, making many “jobs” and participate in races. All this is in order to infiltrate and stop an international criminal syndicate smuggling, consisting of illegal street racing and car thieves. The only player contacts with the police are federal handler Chase Linh, and later, Lt. Jack M. Keller. The player is an excellent driver; as it goes deeper undercover infiltration, he finally arrested several “friends” criminals, but he meets wrongly Chau Wu, the ruthless leader of a crime syndicate. Chau Wu then calls the player and told him there was only one thing he can do to redeem himself: there is a fly shipyards car containing criminal evidence. Chau Wu G-MAC suspected of having stolen it, and he wants it back at any cost; in fact, Hector and Zack Maio are the culprits, not realizing that the car belonged to. Carmen, lest Chau Wu capture, asks the player to take the car, but Chau Wu discovered this. He calls the player telling him that he caught Chase Linh and that the hostage will keep until the car is returned to him. The player will take the car to Chau Wu, hoping to save Chase Linh, but on his arrival he discovers that it was working with Chau Wu long. Once she is released, she gets a silenced pistol Chau Wu and removes it after also silenced his henchman. Chase Linh escapes into the car to leave accuse the player of the murder, and taking all the possessions of Chau Wu who were inside. The police, thinking that the player is the murderer will be after him, but Lieutenant Keller command him to escape from them and catch Chase; Finally, he succeeded, and Chase is charged and incarcerated. Later, Lt. Keller congratulates the player and tells him that Carmen testified in exchange for being charged with any criminal offenses and that evidence used against Chase Linh was Chau Wu’s PDA, containing information about Shipyard cars and other criminal activities. In the final cutscene, Carmen asks the player to drop the university because it was part of learning in medicine, a short scene is not present in version PlayStation 2 the game.Need For Speed UndercoverNeed For Speed Undercover
Need For Speed Undercover
Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Memory: 512MB
Hard disk space: 6GB
VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT/ATI Radeon 9550
Games Size = 4.7 GB
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