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GTA 1 PC Game Free Download

GTA 1 Compressed PC Game Free Download 31 MB

Grand Theft Auto , very often GTA is a video game type sandbox open (basically, you can ignore the objectives), initiating a series created by Dave Jones and primarily developed by the company Scottish Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design ) and published by Rockstar Games . The gameplay is a combination of action , adventure , driving , and providing role occasionally with stealth and racing elements and has gained controversy than for its adult nature and their CTCSS violent . The series centers around different characters who try to excel in the criminal underworld, although their motives vary greatly delivery. The villain is often a character who has betrayed the primary character or your organization, or just a person that has more impact.

The series debuted in 1998 and includes 8 complete deliveries and two expansion packs for the first one. Great actors like Michael Madsen , Samuel L. Jackson , James Woods , Joe Pantoliano , Frank Vincent , Robert Loggia and Ray Liotta have provided the voice for main characters throughout the series. The name of the series and its games are derived from “grand theft auto”, a term referring to the aggravated robbery of a motor vehicle. On September 26th of 2007 the Grand Theft Auto series has sold over 65 million units. Today it is one of the most popular series in the market.

Originally GTA would be published on the console Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 , but like many other projects, was canceled and taken to PlayStation .

The player can choose from eight characters at the beginning of the game, these are: Travis, Kat, Nikki, Divine, Bubba, Troy, Kivlov and Ulrika. The character you choose will not affect the appearance of the protagonist, as it is always the same character with yellow jersey. The player can also enter a name. This will also enable cheats by entering the corresponding codes.

The protagonist of the game is free to do whatever you want on each of the three cities that make up the three levels of play. So, you can steal cars, sell, run, ruthlessly murdering citizens, etc. Anything to get points, also usable as money; collect a fixed number of these points is the ultimate goal of each city. You can also do various errands for mobsters in the city, delivering packages, acting as a hitman and other special orders.

The main character starts the game with five lives, you can lose if attacked.

There are several ways that you can get the points needed to complete each level.

Some points can be earned by committing various crimes, such as collisions (10 points each), or killing a cop (1,000 points each). The more severe and serious the crime, the more is the amount of points earned, but also the greater the attention of the police towards the player. Another way to make money is to steal cars and then selling them at different docks around the city, usually getting several thousand points.

These activities can give the player a lot of points but these will not be enough to win the million points needed to complete each level (unless the player has a lot of patience), so it is necessary to perform the missions to complete the level. When you successfully complete a mission, the player is given as ‘pay’ a lot of points. The most common pay is around 50,000 points.

Also to complete a mission, your score multiplier increases by one. The point is that one multiplier which multiplies the normal point by the determined number of the multiplier, for the extra points. For example, a multiplier 3 will mean that obtain 3 x 10 = 30 points per collision, instead of 10 that would be normal. This multiplier is applied to any point earned in the game, including “pays” for successfully completing a mission.

In the Game Boy Color, the score multiplier is handled differently. The player can collect various “X” hidden in each city, this automatically includes a multiplier counter points. The first of these “X” beside the timer will say “x2”, the second time it will say “x3” and so forth is collected. This affects only points earned after obtaining the multiplier. The points that the player already has at the moment will not be affected, so it is in the interest of the player find the “X” as soon as possible.

GTA 1 Compressed PC Game Free Download 31 MB
GTA 1 Compressed PC Game Free Download 31 MB
GTA 1 Compressed PC Game Free Download 31 MB
GTA 1 Compressed PC Game Free Download 31 MB
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Games Size = 31 MB
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