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Grand Theft Auto 2 or GTA2 is the second major game in the series Grand Theft Auto , but already the fourth in the series. It is also the first episode to use graphics in 2.5D . This component is unique in the saga since it is the only one we do not know the name of the city that benefits neither prequel nor any direct sequel. It was released on 22 October 1999 by developers Rockstar Games and DMA Design (better known as the Rockstar North ) on PC and PlayStation . A version for Dreamcast was available then (making it the first installment of the franchise spanning two generations of consoles ), and later another version of the game on Game Boy Color . The PC version is now available with Grand Theft Auto . It is nevertheless not quite the original game, because this version was made to run on modern versions of Windows .

GTA 2 adopted partly 3D, this on PlayStation and PC . Although the game is not up to the third person, as was Grand Theft Auto III with its environment entirely in 3D , the 3D graphics used for the decorations of the city in particular. GTA 2 therefore played for the above, as GTA 1 and its extensions, but with the advancement of 3D technology, it allowed the game to be a little more permissive on camera zooms, and be more nice graphics than its predecessors. We can see the effects of light thanks to the lamps for example, or the sirens of emergency vehicles

The protagonist is Claude Speed . The game takes place in a city unknown name (sometimes called Anywhere City by fans), which is divided into three sectors Note 1 – Downtown, residential and industrial area. In each area, there are 3 gangs, giving missions to the player via payphones. Each district has a maximum level of search by police that the player can reach. The army and the FBI can not come at first, but later in the game. To escape the police, the player can go disguise his car in a garage for $ 5,000.

The character embodies the player is Claude Speed , a bully middling. It is located temporarily near future (according to the storyline of Grand Theft Auto, the game is set in the year 2013 ) in a town called Anywhere City, 3 areas. The goal in each of the three areas is to get enough money to escape and move on to the next. Freedom of action in the series is still evident in this game, because to achieve the goal, you can accomplish any task to give money: stealing cars, exploit, chocarlos, arm them, trample people, kill them, burn them, etc. However, normal to win big money is to perform missions for the bands . Each time a task is completed for a particular band, the money multiplier goes up one unit, and this switch affects all money received by any action.

The player must earn money to spend stages, and the most convenient way is doing work for bands. Each band represents a faction, with certain interests and respect for the player varies the actions of this one. Respect influences both the way in which they treat the members of the band (if the level of respect is very low, the player will be attacked with all the weapons available to them), and also in missions giving (more respect, offer more missions, more difficult, but more rewarding). Doing missions for a band adversely affects another or others: each band has a rival gang, which if members of the rival gang is killed, he will rise with respect first.

In Grand Theft Auto 2 is also accountable for the illegal actions committed. That is why the law is there to stop the player (or at least try). Not only in the form of police and the first GTA; As you get to commit crimes, more and more police forces will join the search. Thus, in the early stages of search, local police will be responsible for arresting the player; later the SWAT , the FBI and even, if necessary, the Army , with tanks and infantry will be waiting.

In the game you can save the game in a church with a sign that indicates Jesus Saves , if available 5000 point from which you can continue if desired.
GTA 2 Compressed PC Game Free Download 32 MB
GTA 2 Compressed PC Game Free Download 32 MB
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Games Size = 31 MB
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