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Disney’s Hercules Action Game is a platform game for PC and Sony PlayStation developed by Eurocom and published in 1997 by Disney Interactive Studios . The game is inspired to ‘ animated film of the same name.

Young Hercules, made from a deadly concoction created by the mighty Hades , is left on the ground among the other mortals.

The game begins with the training of the young demi-god in the academy of the satyr Philoctetes said Phil then takes place in the city of Thebes, where Hercules clashes with the ‘ Hydra and other monsters like Medusa and Cyclops proving himself a real hero, and finally ends with the achievement of ‘ Olympus , set on fire by Hades and the Titans and the defeat of these by the hero.

The game follows the plot of the cartoon of the same name: Hercules – the son of Zeus, must prove that he is a true hero to gain immortality and join his family on Mount Olympus. To do this, he must make several feats and defeat villains in the end face to face with his uncle, the lord of the underworld, Hades the god responsible for the fact that after the birth of Hercules lost his immortality.

Most of the game takes place in two dimensions, although in some missions the player can climb stairs and ramps. The game consists of 10 levels, has the option of choice of:

Beginner ( Engl.  Beginner )

Average ( angl.  Medium )
“Hercules,” that is difficult ( Engl.  Herculean )
Recent work only two levels in the second and third embodiments. In addition, the game has three levels, where the player has no way to stop or to strike, while the hero must avoid collision with other characters and objects. Number of vital energy shown in the upper left corner (to “speed levels” – in the lower left). Scope of possible energy can be replenished by picking up figures of Hercules, the energy itself is supplied by the steins found with energy drinks.

At most levels of hidden message with the letters: if you collect them all, you get the inscription «HERCULES» – thanks to her player can start the game with the next level, and not from the beginning of the game. Also hidden in the game 4 vases – they give the player a secret password to this level to start the game from the place where the vase was found.

The main weapon – a sword, the player can also fend off opponents with his hands and feet, although it is a more sophisticated method of protection. There are special types of protection, such as “Gifts of the Gods” ( Engl.  Gifts Of The Gods ):

Lightning sword ( Engl.  Lightning Sword ) – shoots lightning, is a function of the sight.

Fireballs ( Engl.  Fireball Sword ) – sword, shoot balls; the advantage is that players do not need to aim – the weapon itself is the enemy.
Acoustic sword ( Engl.  Sonic Sword ) – sound wave strikes at close to the enemy after the guidance purpose.There is also a function of invisibility, the possibility of which appears in finding a special helmet – but this ability is retained in the player for a few seconds.


System Requirements:
Windows: 98/xp/Me
Processor 90 MHz or Higher
RAM: atleast 16 MB
Free Disk Space: atleast 57 MB
Sound Card: Windows Compatible 16 bit
Video Card: Windows Compatible 256 color/Vesa/PCI Local Bus
Mouse: Windows Compatible
Games Size = 41 MB
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