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Kentucky Route Zero is an indie game episodic directed by Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy of Cardboard Computer . This is a graphic adventure game taking a lot of text adventure game . The game consists of five episodes, called ” acts ” , and follows the story of an antique delivery lost in Kentucky and the people he meets there.
The first act out the 7 January 2013, The second 31 mai 2013, The third 6 mai 2014, The fourth 19 July 2016. Three interludes located outside the main narrative but related to the elements of the story are also published: Limits & Demonstration inFebruary 2013, The Entertainment en novembre 2013 et Here And There Along The Echo en October 2014.
Kentucky Route Zero is rewarded at the Independent Games Festival and named “Game of the Year 2013” by Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Conway, truck driver, working as a delivery boy for an antique shop run by a woman named Lysette. On a mission for delivery in 5 Dogwood Drive , Conway crosses Kentucky roads in search of that address, accompanied by his dog, whose name is chosen by the player. After a few detours, Conway realizes he is lost and stopped in an old gas station diving in the dark, Equus Oils .
There Joseph met the owner of the establishment. Joseph Conway said that the only way to reach Dogwood Drive is through the mysterious Route Zero ; Conway proposes to use his computer to search the route, but the station breaker is interrupted. Conway down to the basement where he met three people who totally ignore while they play a game. They lose a die that Conway found, and disappear, leaving the way to restart the grid. Back outside, Joseph suggests that he hallucinated about those three players. On the computer, Conway found the address of the farm Márquez, where he can find Weaver Márquez who better knows the roads in the area. From Conway, Joseph said he loaded the truck a television for Weaver. Conway rolls to the residence, and Weaver met the questioner; Conway finally asked him the way to the Zero Road . She made him install the TV. Once lit, Conway has a vision of a strange barn and fainted. When he awoke, the Review reports that his cousin Shannon repairs televisions and gives it a route for Route Zero . She disappears.
He hit the road and comes to a well of an abandoned mine named Elkhorn. He found Shannon Márquez, exploring the mine in search of something she lost. Shannon Conway and sink into the mine. By tinkering with the system speaker to determine the depth and length of tunnels, sound waves cause a collapse and a portion of the mine collapses. Conway was shot in the leg. They use a cart to move in underground. During exploration, Shannon tells the tragic story of the mine, the flood that drowned many miners. Before leaving the mine, leaving Shannon Conway descend further into the well; she returned shortly later, without offering any explanation. Shannon Conway comes to his studio, and then return to the farm Márquez where Shannon explained that the debts of the family are the cause of the leak Weaver. Shannon began to repair the old TV that Conway looks again. This time the image of the barn becomes the image of the entrance of the Zero Road , into which the delivery truck.

The act opens with a prologue in which Lula Chamberlain, an artist who makes installations, receives a rejection letter from the Gaston Imagined Trust for Architecture . Following the reading, she is busy then to sort a series of applications for the redevelopment of spaces for a different purpose from their original function, such as a proposal for a basketball court a dog kennel.
Conway, Shannon and the dog come to a six-story building, the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces . At the entrance, they are taught that in order to obtain the route to Dogwood Drive , they need in the first place to obtain a document. The receptionist suggested they seek Lula Chamberlain, who is employed by the office. After a series of bureaucratic detours, they manage to meet Lula. She informs that the access to information Dogwood Drive are in a church converted warehouse. She also advises in Conway to find Dr. Truman for his injured leg. At the warehouse, Conway discusses hobby with the concierge and hear a pre-recorded sermon about the virtue of hard work as Shannon found the information they were seeking. Leaving the building, Conway fainted from the pain in his leg, hallucinating about the mine Elkhorn. Shannon decided that their priority is to find Dr. Truman for treatment.
Back at the office , the receptionist tells them that the doctor can be found at his house off the highway. The group leaves the Zero Road and take the path to the residence of Dr. Truman. His house proves to have been demolished to make way for a museum, the Museum of Dwellings . By exploring the museum, they met a young boy named Ezra and his brother Julian, a large eagle. They learn that the doctor now living in the forest, and there are the Julian flying. They cross the curious forest. The state Conway empire Shannon aid to continue, and they finally come to the house of Dr. Truman. This informs Conway that his injury is serious, but curable, and prescribed an anesthetic called Neurypnol TM. Conway succumb to the drug.

Conway dream of a past conversation with Lysette. They remember a tragic event for Charlie, the son of Lysette. It tells Conway that she needs him for next, which will be the last of the antique shop. Conway wakes effects of TM Neurypnol and discovers that his injured leg seems to be nothing more than skeletal and shines with a yellow glow. Back at the museum, closed for the night, the band hit the road to find Lula Chamberlain, but the engine fails. While Shannon tries to call a tow truck, two musicians traveling by motorbike and sidecar, Junebug and Johnny, stop helping to restart the truck – in exchange for their presence at the bar Lower Depths where they play tonight. They meet Harry, the bar owner, who tells them the road to return to Zero Road . After their concert, Johnny and Junebug decide to accompany the rest of the group.
Along the way, travelers discover a large cave dominated by a rocky spire, known as the Hall of the Mountain King . They find much electronic equipment in various states of disrepair, much of which on fire. An old man named Donald is obsessed with a large computer project using some type of mold that grows inside and an advanced simulation program named Xanadu. Donald says that Lula was one of the designers of Xanadu with him, she left the project a long time ago, and there would find means of using Xanadu. However, the program is not working properly since an apparent sabotage by creatures that Donald called foreigners . The group went to the place where come strangers ; Shannon Conway and go to meet them-overs and come back with a solution, return to the cave and repair Xanadu they use to find Lula who, with the help of Donald, determines the route to Dogwood Drive . She asked the group to recover the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces .
There, Lula tells Conway path that begins by taking a ferry to take the river. Waiting for the ferry, Conway tells what happened to them and Shannon him when they meet with strangers . Descended into an underground whiskey distillery populated skeletons whose appearance is identical to his new leg, Conway was taken for a new employee ready to fill the delivery station. Forced to drink expensive whiskey, he finds himself with no choice but to accept the work to repay debt. Finally, the ferry arrives, carrying a woolly mammoth.

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Screenshots of Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows 7.
Processor:1 GHz or better.
Ram Memory:512 MB RAM.
Graphics : Directx 9.0c compatible video card.
DirectX® : 9.0c.
Hard Drive:250 MB HD space.
Sound:Sound card

Game Size = 207 & 457 MB

Game RAR Password =

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