Max Payne 1 Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download


Max Payne1 Ripped PC Game Free Download

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Max Payne 1 Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 636MB
Max Payne 1 Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 636MB
Max Payne 1 Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 636MB
Max Payne 1 Full Version Rip PC Game Free Download 636MB
Max Payne is a video game produced by Rockstar North and developed by Remedy . Max Payne can be classified in the genre third person shooter (TPS Third Person Shooter ). The game for Microsoft Windows was published on 25 July 2001 , after 11 December and 17 December 2001 respectively, the outputs are versions for PlayStation 2 and Xbox . In July, 2002 has been released of the video game for Mac OS , was released in May 2012 version of the game for PlayStation 3 downloadable from PlayStation Network for a fee, free for PlayStation Plus and 14 June 2012 was published a version of the game for Smartphone which has as its operating system Android , which you can download for a fee. You can play with Linux using WINE and can be downloaded for a fee from Steam .
Since its release the game has been a great success with audiences and critics; was produced a sequel, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne , released in 2003 , while a third installment, Max Payne 3 , was released in May 2012 . The soundtrack was done by Kärtsy Hatakka and Kimmo Kajasto .
The game’s plot follows the lines of the literature ” Noir “and” Hard Boiled . ” 
the protagonist is Max Payne , a district police officer of the City of New York , who one evening, back home, he discovers that his wife Michelle and her newborn daughter were massacred by criminals under the effect of a new synthetic drug, the Valkyrie. He moved to the DEA and with the support of his friend Alex Balder and BB, begins an undercover mission in order to discover who is behind the trafficking of this powerful drug. It takes three years to find the tracks that seem to lead to Jack Lupino, a criminal mafia clan affiliated to Punchinello. BB informs Max to meet with Alex to the metro station of Roscoe Street, but the protagonist comes across some thugs trying to kill him. After being eliminated, Max finds his friend Alex, but this is gunned down by a pistol shot by an unidentified killer just when Alex was going to reveal the name of the likely traffic manager of the Valkyrie. Payne will be held responsible for the murder by the police of New York and vice-prosecutor Jim Bravura who hunts, unaware of his undercover work.
Has become the target of both the police that the Mafia, Max starts to fight for survival and for his revenge, by addressing only the main exponents of the New York underworld and their most trusted henchmen, like the brothers Joey and Virgilio Finito or other dangerous criminals in business with the main antagonists of Max Payne , as the killer Rico Muerte, which is led by the much more powerful Angelo “Don” Punchinello (the boss who controls the underworld of New York ), which is in some way involved in drug dealing. The initial slopes leading to a seedy motel, owned by Lupino, and Vincent “Vinnie” Gognitti a criminal who abused young girls and ring carrying out business in the same Lupino. Gognitti is the new target of Payne spanning two entire buildings to go and kill him in the face-to-face with Vinnie, Max shoots the boss seriously injuring him and only after a long chase over the rooftops and on the trains of New York, after killing all the henchmen Gognitti be able to reach it and shot, leaving him dying in an alley. The same Gognitti directs the officer to Ragnarock night club run by Jack Lupino, who became insane because of the Valkyrie (shot himself in the head with one of his subjects for the sake of seeing his brains splatter against the wall) and gave himself for evocations and rituals occult. At the local Payne collides with Lupino and his men, killing them. Soon after he meets Mona Sax, Sax’s twin sister Lisa (wife of Angelo Punchinello) from which he learns that the man he killed has to do very little with his affair behind which there is Punchinello in person, which manages exchanges of Valkyrie. Then the woman, to seal an apparent close alliance, offers him a glass of whiskey, which is, however, a diluted dose of Valkyrie. Max passes out and his mind is altered, having the impression of seeing the whole place is whirling in a green background. 
Here Max is leading a nightmare in which he relives the tragedy of his wife and his daughter in the house through its dreamlike images deformed: walk on traces of blood exposed in the dark to get to discover that the murderess of his wife and his daughter was himself, as he was not able to protect them.
Having recovered from the nightmare, he finds himself in the basement of the hotel where Lupino ran his round of drugs and prostitution, tied to a chair. Before him is Frankie “Bat” Niagara (commissioned by Punchinello to kill him), which at that time was holding a baseball bat, and that innervositosi for an application made to him by teasing Max (asked if the last name “Niagara” was due to incontinence) gives him three blows. Before you finish the job, the criminal decides to go to the bar to go to the bathroom and drink a beer. Meanwhile, the protagonist is freed from the ropes, breaking the chair to which he was tied. Socket then the baseball bat that Frankie had left there, he decided to “play hide and seek” with the criminals, killing them all and taking all the weapons they need. It then goes to the bar, where it kills the remaining goons and finally Frankie.
On leaving the local meets Vladimir Lem, a boss and Russian arms dealer, the main opponent of Punchinello; Max had previously glimpsed at the edge of a black Mercedes, when two bombs exploded in the hotel where he lived Lupino. The Russian proposes to Max Alliance, in an attempt to break down Punchinello and his drug ring; on the advice of Vladimir, Max must therefore be docking at the port of Brooklyn, to take possession of the cargo ship “Charon” carrying a cargo of weapons, killing the captain of the ship, Boris Dime, once in the service of Vladimir past and now on the side of the enemy (Punchinello). Payne kills Dime and takes the arsenal he needs to continue his revenge.
The same evening at Punchinello call for a face to face meeting: the place is the restaurant “Casa di Angelo” that Punchinello is the owner. Obviously, the Don does not occur, in contrast, the building is full of explosives, and Max will have to cross it to get to the sewer access, the only way out now practicable to that restaurant, where there are other criminals to atterderlo hired by Punchinello to prevent escape of Max, the protagonist will have to take out.
Out of that hell in flames, Payne is then picked up by Vladimir Lem and accompanied to the estate of Punchinello, the place where you can finally settle accounts with the Don. Here Max has to face, as well as another large group of well-armed criminals, the “Trio”, the three men of confidence of Punchinello, assassins extremely cruel and dangerous: Vince Miller, Pilate Providence, known as “Big Brother,” and Joe “Pan” Salem (listed in the order in which they appear in the chapter “The Angel of Death” of the house of Punchinello). Killed these three fierce killer, and after finding the body of Lisa Sax (killed by her husband), Max finally goes to confront the mob boss. But when the officer opens the door and Don tries to abbonirselo, enter three men who kill Punchinello. They are agents in the service of a mysterious woman, who waits in the previous room with a dozen armed men.
So Max discovers that even Punchinello was at the top of the drug trade, but it was only in business with the true manager, the woman, the same as Payne called home the day of the murder of his family, and the same now, you in front of him. Now trapped by agents of the woman, he was injected by this, a powerful dose of Valkyrie. Prior to joining overdose and lose consciousness, Max feels to order his men to bring it to Cold Steel. He will live another nightmare similar to the above: the trail of blood in the darkness that leads him to a huge pool of blood with the cradle in the midst of so many candles is compared as a journey of no return to hell.
Having recovered, reaches this place out of town, which is a steel mill in which the underground, protected and strengthened as a real bunker, the Valkyrie is produced. With the advantage that his enemy believe it died for the dose of Valkyrie, he manages to break into steelworks and to continue the investigation, which brings to light new details about Valkyrie.
Max discovers that in fact this is not an ordinary illegal trade between mafiosi: the drug is part of the so-called “Project Valhalla”, a long and expensive military project, which began in 1991 during the Gulf War , with the aim of increasing the resistance to pain and physical power of the infantry United States. The plan was canceled in 1995 for lack of funds and because it was considered dangerous to the health of American troops, but the equally mysterious woman continued the search. Max’s wife, Michelle, who worked at the District Attorney’s Office, accidentally discovered documents on “Project Valhalla” and, to avoid that the whole thing was uncovered, he was ordered his murder and that of her daughter.
In the meantime, you can activate the self-destruction of the entire building, which explodes the instant Max manages to get out, just in time to see that all the evidence that could prove, at least in part, his innocence was lost in ‘ explosion. At this point, the protagonist stops to follow the professional ethics of the agent and began his own personal revenge against those who ruined his life.
Payne also realizes that BB is a traitor (Max himself asking whether the two letters mean Ugly Bastard) in cahoots with the Horne and that it was he who killed his friend Alex envy. BB gives Max a meeting in the parking lot of the Choir Communications for 2.30am. This is obviously a trap, and Max is forced to face other enemies that are part of the criminal organization of BB along the many levels of the garage. At the end succeeds in killing BB
Then you will be contacted by Senator Alfred Woden part of the organization known as the “inner circle.” Woden invites the protagonist to the place where he would be held a riunone of the Circle and here he reveals the true identity of the mysterious woman: this is Nicole Horne, president of the Aesir Corporation (insurance company used as a front to hide his real trades). The senator wants to hire Max to eliminate the woman, promising in return to fix his situation and rehabilitate him. But as soon as Max is introduced to the rest of the Circle, takes an ambush by men of Horne who enter the room shooting. Payne is saved by jumping from the window but Woden and will leave the other severely wounded.
Max finds all the clues that Woden has voluntarily left in the rooms later and after taking some ‘time he went to the headquarters of the Aesir Corporation. Here you will face the entire army staff Horne, killing several armed men and overcoming various alarm systems and defensive barriers. At one point, the protagonist finds Mona Sax, licensed by Horne to kill him, but she decides not to do so. However some enemy agents came up, and Mona, to protect Max, was killed. When Payne recalls the elevator where the Sax had been hit, the woman’s body has disappeared. Meanwhile Horne tries to reach the ‘ helicopter on the roof of the skyscraper of the Aesir Corporation. Max chases after her, and as she gets on the plane, shoot the supports of the radio tower atop the building. The big antenna falls on the aircraft, which explodes, killing Horne and his men remained. The landing platform gives way and the helicopter falls from the skyscraper. Meanwhile the police arrive, arresting Max and takes him away. There is thus restores the scene in which the story had begun.
Anyway, the protagonist remains impassive and quiet. He eventually made his revenge and can indulge in a smile, knowing that Woden would keep his word.
The view of the game is in third person, with the camera behind the protagonist who moves into a three-dimensional environment; the story is revealed after each chapter completed with panels similar to comics . Many of the objects that are found in the levels can be destroyed, and firing on the walls you can see pieces of the wall fall. In the second chapter you can also move boxes and other light objects simply bumping. The weapons range from melee (such as pipes and baseball bats) pistols (single or double Beretta and the Desert Eagle ), a shotgun and a sawed-off shotguns , machine guns in Ingram , up to rifles sniper , grenades and Molotov cocktails .
Finally, the game developers have attributed to Max Payne a new move, the ” bullet time “: the player can decide, especially in the most challenging scenes, to slow down the moves of Max, sliding them to the” slow motion “, but this mode is not is infinite: it is a bar that is downloaded progressively with use and can be recharged a little ‘time killing enemies of Max. This ability allows you to overcome the most difficult moments of the game, even taking into account that Max is not able to suffer many hits before dying (unlike some enemies, enhanced by the drug , may also require entire magazines of bullets to be deleted) and analgesics (the equivalent of medkit) are not so often. 
In Max Payne 2 bullet time has been changed, making it easier to recharge the bar and slowing down more and more action by using it for a longer period (and while the first episode is coming out of the bullet time mode when petered out a magazine , the second player can recharge faster: in the middle of the action slowed, Max performs a swing at “normal” speed & charge “on the fly” (decreasing the realism, but increasing the chances of survival); if you have reached the maximum slowdown offered by the bullet time, Max charging while we are witnessing a wraparound animation that sees the ” camera “revolve around, while moving in slow motion).
Because of its contents sometimes impressive and violent, especially during the comic, Max Payne has been banned for children under 16 years. However, in the game there is a function, the “Filter violence” that allows you to remove the blood and mature content, including all the comics that are not shown. You can password-protect these options.
Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU:450MHz AMD / Intel Processor
HDD: 830 MB free disk space
Graphics:16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
Sound Card:DirectSound compatible sound card
 DirectX: Version 9.0c
Recommended System Requirements


OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU:700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor
HDD: 830 MB free disk space
Graphics:32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
Sound Card:DirectSound compatible sound card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Games Size = 604 MB
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