Prototype 2 Full Version Compressed PC Game Free Download

Prototype 2 Full Version Ripped PC Game Free Download 4.6GB
Prototype 2 is an action video game platform released 24 April 2012 developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision , sequel to the video game of the 2009 Prototype .

Radical Entertainment has confirmed the development of a sequel to Prototype titled Prototype 2 , which will be published in 2012 by Activision [2] .

For several days had been launched on 6 December, the site [3] (” kill your creator “), registered in the name of Activision announcing the campaign of viral marketing for the sequel to Prototype . The site was then redirected to the homepage of after the official announcement at the VGA’s.

It was also released a first official trailer that showed how the new protagonist of the story is no longer Alex Mercer, but the sergeant James Heller, who returned from the war overseas wants revenge on Mercer as the artificer of the infestation of New York that took away family and that has infected too; in the trailer, also, you can see how Heller and Mercer have the opportunity to confront [4] . The gameplay [5] is very similar to that of the video game The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction of 2005 , some similarities to attacks and characteristics.

The story of Prototype 2 begins after the events of Prototype that took place in the city of New York , which will again be the setting for the game (during the events of the plot will be called New York Zero, abbreviated NYZ). The story begins by telling of James Heller, a soldier who, during the epidemic broke out in New York was in a military mission abroad. Heller constantly calls the family (wife and daughter) and remains updated on the events.

Unfortunately, when he can return to the metropolis, the expansion of the virus is already in an advanced state and finds that his family was killed. He also discovers that the outbreak was caused by Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first game, (from which the virus was nicknamed own Virus Mercer). After these events swears revenge against Mercer.

Heller then enlisted in the armed forces who fight in New York to combat the epidemic and, while he is with other soldiers on an armored military to patrol a hot area of the city is attacked by Mercer. The protagonist is the only survivor and tries in vain to chase Mercer to kill him with his knife (this level will be a sort of tutorial to familiarize yourself with the various basic commands).

At the end of Mercer, effortlessly, infects Heller imparting his powers. The soldier is then rescued by the military and taken to a laboratory of Gentek, where it is locked up in a room full of infected to test his new skills. Here Heller demonstrates superhuman physical abilities and the ability to consume living beings. Believing a danger, the Blackwatch tries unsuccessfully to kill him torching the room. Heller, however, be able to survive and escape from the complex. Out of it again meets Mercer, who explains to him that he was not to cause infection but the same Gentek and asks him to help him destroy it.

At this point, Heller goes to his old neighborhood to seek advice from an old “friend,” the priest Father Guerra, who confirms the story of Mercer. From here on it will start the various attempts to sabotage James Heller Gentek: it discovers (after consuming Dr. Koenig, a scientist at Gentek), also a conspiracy within the same pharmaceutical company, started by Mercer himself, which has infiltrated into key positions of the company some infected “evolved”, ie individuals with powers similar but smaller of the two protagonists. James Heller will discover later, with the help of Father Guerra and an informant code-named Athena (Athena in Italian), which in truth it was just Mercer to cause infection and that not only wants to destroy the Gentek but also the rest of humanity. So the protagonist begins to eliminate all the “Evolved” to sabotage his plans.

Mercer, in revenge for the “betrayal” of the soldier, kill Father Guerra. Unable to carry out his “crusade” against Mercer, Heller will receive from the phone of the priest, a providential call from Athena, who turns out to be Dana Mercer, sister of the antagonist and an old acquaintance of the first game. Heller will go well in the red zone to find Dana (disguised as a catapult 4-1, it will help the soldiers in the rescue of a VIP of Gentek, which will reveal the place where the girl is).

Once found, the girl will be willing to help the soldier, who also reveals that her daughter, Maya, is alive. This begins another “operation” to search for her daughter with Dana. James will have to counter the Gentek who wants to destroy the whole red zone with helicopters fitted with thermobaric weapons, which would put at risk the safety of his daughter. James then succeed, consuming an FBI agent to find Maya. Towards the end there will be a fateful confrontation with Mercer, which will consume all its infected were evolved to become more potent. Heller, after defeating Mercer and consumed, thus obtaining the desired revenge, execute an attack which will arrive throughout the sprawling red zone absorbing the virus and the infected but causing a lot of damage in the area.

The chapter concludes with James Heller and her daughter Maya and Dana Mercer. After finishing the game you can keep playing in free mode and you can finish the quests.
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Prototype 2 Full Version Ripped PC Game Free Download 4.6GB
Prototype 2 Full Version Ripped PC Game Free Download 4.6GB
Prototype 2 Full Version Ripped PC Game Free Download 4.6GB
Prototype 2 Full Version Ripped PC Game Free Download 4.6GB


Minimum system requirements game
System: XP, Vista and Windows 7
CPU: 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 1 GB system memory
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible card with 512 MB RAM, Nvidia 200-series or Radeon 3000-series or better
DirectX compatible sound card
HDD: 12 GB Free
Recomended System Requirement
CPU: 2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 2GB system memory
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible graphics card 1 GB, Nvidia 400 series or AMD 5000 series or better
DirectX compatible sound card
HDD: 12 GB Free
Games Size = 4.3 GB
Game Password is Given Below If You Need Any Help With Password Please Visit Password Page in Menu or Click Here. If You Need Installation Help Please Visit How to Install Page In Menu or Click Here. If You Help With Common Game Play Problems Like msvcr100.dll missing etc.. Please Visit Errors & Solution Page in The Menu Or Click Here.

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