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Road Rash PC Game Free Download
Road Rash is the name of a series of motorcycle racing game by Electronic Arts , in which the player participates in violent illegal street races. The game was originally released for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis , but was ported to other systems. Six different games were released from 1991 to 1999, and 2004 licensed port for the Game Boy Advance was released. Road Rash and two of its sequels later appeared on the EA Replay collection for the PSP .

The game’s title is based on the slang term for the severe friction burns that can occur in a motorcycling fall on the skin comes in contact with the ground at high speed.

Road Rash is a game of motorcycle racing developed and published by Electronic Arts , in which the player is involved in a violent motorcycle racing illegal. The game was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis , and later ported to several other systems.

The title of the video game is based on the terminology slang and refers to the severe burns derived from the friction that can occur during a motorcycle race, when the skin comes in contact with the ground at high speed.

Presented by a third-person perspective, similar to Hang-On , the player takes part in a motorcycle race illegal and must be able to rank in the top three in order to go on to the next level. The participants, in addition to having to avoid natural obstacles such as traffic, can also sferrarsi kicks and punches when the bikes are side by side, in an attempt to bring down the opponent loses time; Occasionally opponents have batons and other blunt weapons, which the player may be able to grasp and use them in turn. There is also the police, and if the player falls from the saddle when the police are nearby stops and the race ends. As you level up, the other participants in the race to become faster and combative, and the slopes longer and more dangerous. Each placement in each race gives the player an amount of money to spend on motorcycles appear more competitive or to repair the damage to their vehicle. The game ends when the player is no longer financially able to repair your bike or can not pay the bail to get out of jail when he was arrested.

The games have a perspective of third-person view, similar to the game Hang-On , the player competes in road races and must finish at least in the top four places in every race to proceed to the next level. With the advancement in the game, the opponents become quicker and combative and the runway length increases, becoming more dangerous. The final classification of the evidence is accompanied by a cash prize that can be used to buy faster bikes – needed to stay competitive – the game ends if the player can not afford the repairs on the bike or can not pay the bail to be arrested.

One of the innovations introduced by road rash was the addition of a vertical member to racing games. In previous games, the player’s vehicle remained in a fixed horizontal plane, basically moving to the right or left (see Pole Position ). In Road Rash, players must deal with changes in altitude and physical (even primitive compared to modern games), noted when walks a lot or curves uphill. This allows the bike to be thrown a great distance without the control of the player.

Road Rash also introduced an interactive setting with plates, trees and poles as well as animals such as cattle and deer that may get in your way or be used as weapons against opponents. Furthermore, one of the first sets with traffic , which the player must deflect during running.

But the factor that defined the series was its combat element. The player can fight with other bikers using handguns. Starting only with fists, he could steal weapons from opponents and use them. Among the weapons available in the series are nest-goats , nightsticks , nunchakus and currents . The fights between the aisles can lead one to the ground and damaging the bike.

The games still have police that can arrest the player and fine him, to get him away from your bike or bring him down during a fight.

The Road Rash series was also one of the first games to include well-known artists on its soundtrack. The version for 3DO , for example, had as background music of the band Soundgarden .

The game also has a humorous tone. Eg: when motorcycle hits other player and explodes, appears a scene where the ambulance arrives and takes the bike, leaving the player asking for help or when the officer holds the player with the dog and playing with the prisoner will in the trunk of the car.
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