Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download 3.8GB


Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
PES 2010 (subtitled Pro Evolution Soccer and known in Japan as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2010 ) is a football video game produced by Konami, part of the famous series of PES . The game was announced April 7, 2009 and its publication in Europe took place October 22, 2009 for versions PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and PC DVD, October 23, 2009 for the version of the PlayStation Portable , November 5, 2009 for PlayStation 2 and 20 November 2009 for Wii.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (abbreviated to PES 2010 ) is a video game of soccer , published and developed by Konami and its famous producer Shingo Takatsuka . It was released on 22 October 2009 on PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 , PC-DVD and mobile phone . November 5, 2009 he was released on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable and November 19, 2009 for version Nintendo Wii . This is the 9 th game of the series Pro Evolution Soccer and is the main competitor of FIFA 10 ‘for Electronic Arts .
Lionel Messi is, as in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 , the player’s testimonial game , alongside Fernando Torres [2] . In the Italian version of the game Messi is instead flanked by Alessandro Del Piero.
Compared to the previous version have been improved the look and feel and ‘ IA [4] . Substantial changes have affected the penalty shootout with the implementation of a new shot system [4] . The gameplay is slower than that of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 [5] , giving more value to the strategies and steps that will be fundamental to score. The online game, based on the system of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is hosted on server version for the Sony PS3 and Xbox live for those on the Xbox 360 version is also missing the Konami ID.
The UEFA Champions League is present as a single race in the way that “Become a Legend” and “Master League”, while the UEFA Europa League in the last two modes; it is not present in the edition for PlayStation 2.
The referees have an improved artificial intelligence compared to previous versions of the game , especially in the use of the advantage rule.
For this new edition Konami goal is to return to the simulation “pure and hard” with gameplay much more intuitive, and a varied pace of play slowed considerably. Anything related to graphics has also been greatly renewed since the graphics engine (present since PES 2008 for home consoles versions) has undergone significant alterations such as shadows and lighting effects and facial modeling players aims to be as realistic as possible. Gregory Margotton and consultant Christophe Dugarry replace the duo Christian Jeanpierre and Laurent Paganelli for comments.
Stars Lionel Messi (already present in the 2009 edition), Fernando Torres , Yoann Gourcuff and Alessandro Del Piero will be the ambassadors of the game in their respective countries. Note that versions PS2 , Wii and PSP came out a few days later versions PS3 , PC and Xbox 360.
The gameplay has been greatly reworked at the request of the community PES . [ref. needed] The manual goalkeeper is back and a system of ball 360 degrees has been implemented for more fluidity in movement and player animations. The speed of the game, largely slowed, now forced to build his game plan and inertia is felt very pronounced in duels for possession of the ball. [ref. needed] The ball physics are more realistic than ever [ref. needed] with less purpose or random balloons.
But the big news is at the level of tactics and management team with the appearance of “individual capacity cards” that replace star skills of previous games. Indeed, each player is given a card which now influences the style of offensive play (or defensive) of his team. Players of FC Barcelona rather have an offensive attitude and keep the ball well while those of Chelsea FC will be more defensive and proceed by cons [ref. needed] .
These cards can be activated or deactivated depending on the player’s choice. The system of artificial intelligence Vision Team 2 was put in place so that players controlled by the computer play according to the score and weaknesses of the player.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Game Free Download 3.8GB
Minimal system requirements

• CPU: Intel Pentium 4 with 2.5 GHz or comparable processor
• Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce FX series or Ati Radeon 9700 series or better (128 MiByte, Pixel Shader 2.0)
• Memory: 1 GiByte
• Storage: Min. 8 GByte free disc space 
 Recommended system requirements 
• CPU: Intel core 2 Dou with 2.0 GHz or comparable processor 
• Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 7900 GT or Ati Radeon HD 2400 series or better (256 MiByte, Pixel Shader 3.0) 
• Memory: 2 GiByte 
• Storage: Min. 8 GByte free disc space
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