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Remember Me PC Game
Remember Me is a game of action / adventure game developed by the French studio DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Capcom . The game was released for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 . The game is fully localized into Italian and dubbing director is A. Ricci , already known for having voiced the character of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid .

The game is set in the year 2084, in a futuristic version of Paris called Neo-Paris. Memorize The company has invented a new technology called Engine Sensation (Sensen), which provides approximately 99% of the population to upload and share their memories in the network, as well as remove the unhappy memories or unpleasant. In this way, Memorize has a high degree of control over the population, which allows it to establish a kind of de facto monopoly on the socio-political neo-Parisian society. This, in turn, leads to the emergence of a small group of rebels who are called “Erroristi”: their mission is to destroy Memorize. The invention of the Sensen has also led to the creation of Leapers, human beings who, forced by the dependence on the couplings mnemonics that have developed, they have absorbed so many memories from damaging your device Sensen and mutate into a form sub-human. These creatures now live in the sewers of Neo-Paris.

Ni’lin, the most skilled agent motion Errorista, is imprisoned in the Bastille, a super-prison in the heart of Paris Neo and managed by Memorize, a powerful industry that controls people’s memories. Here, Ni’lin is about to undergo the definitive cancellation of the memory, when it is contacted by the enigmatic leader of Erroristi, Edge communicates with her through Sensen. Thanks to his advice, Ni’lin manages to escape from prison; and after passing through the slums of New Paris Ni’lin meets Tommy, a fellow Errorista.

Suddenly, Ni’lin and Tommy are attacked by Olga Sedova, a bounty hunter chasing the protagonist. On the verge of being killed, Ni’lin can get into the mind of Olga and remixarne memory so that they forget the reasons that had caused her to become a bounty hunter, transforming it into an ally. This extraordinary ability to remix the memories of the people is really what makes the best agent Errorista Ni’lin.

Olga Ni’lin leads to its first destination, in the Saint-Michel. Here Ni’lin, with help from another Errorista codenamed Bad Request, must steal the secret codes custodini in mind Kaori Sheridan, architect Neo-Paris. After retrieving the codes, Edge uses them to open the dam of Saint-Michel, flooding the entire neighborhood.

By exploiting to their advantage flooding Ni’lin manages to infiltrate the Bastille and heads for the server to free up memory stored memories of herself and the other prisoners. To achieve this, however, must deal with Madame, the sadistic leader of the Bastille. After defeating her, Ni’lin releases memories of prisoners and is able to recover a portion of its memory. Remember, in this way the crime for which he had finished in the Bastille: During a mission, he remixed the mind of a commander Memorize into believing that he had killed his girlfriend, prompting him to commit suicide in this way.

Ni’lin, whose certainties waver in part because of guilt, however, continues to follow the plans of the Edge: The next goal is to remix CEO Memorize, Scylla Cartier-Wells, to extinguish the hatred that leads to subjugate people . Ni’lin makes its way in the office of Scylla and enters his mind, remixing the memory of a car accident that sparked his hatred of the world. But during the process, Ni’lin discovers that Scylla is none other than his mother, of which he had no recollection.

She escaped from the place of Memoriza, and shaken by the discovery that the daughter of the person against whom he has always struggled, Ni’lin goes in the basement of the Bastille save Bad Request, which had been previously imprisoned. She finds him, but discovers that his memory has been completely erased. It is, however, to know the “Conversion Project”, which is to erase the memory of the prisoners and then turn them into Leaper (human degenerated because of the abuse of virtual memory), and check attravero Sensen to exploit them as a private army. At the head of the Project is to Memorize a scientist, Dr. Quaid. Ni’lin in search of the doctor, but when he reaches Greenteeth Johnny arrives, a Leaper already encountered by the protagonist. Johnny is none other than a former associate of Quaid, who had used him as a guinea pig turning it into a Leaper. This is why Johnny takes revenge by killing the doctor and starting the process of self-destruction of the Bastille. Bad Request, self-sacrifice, helps to break down Johnny Ni’lin, Ni’lin and runs away from the property destroyed.

Now that the plans are foiled Memorize Edge Ni’lin in order to find the Cube of the Immaculate Conception, the central computer to Memorize, to permanently destroy the central server to Memorize. Once there, he meets his father, Charles Cartier-Wells, the creator of the Sensen. Entering his memory turns out that these, upset car accident that injured his wife Scylla and driven by the desire to forget the trauma to the child (the same Ni’lin), got lost in the dream of creating an ideal world free from painful memories. Ni’lin, however, shows the consequences of distorted that its technology has caused. Scylla came to the place, he manages to convince Charles to help Ni’lin to enter the central server: this was, from the beginning, the result he wanted to get Edge.

Once inside he discovers the true nature of Ni’lin Edge; he is only H3O, an advanced artificial intelligence has become self-conscious confronting people’s memories stored within the cube. Ni’lin, who had inadvertently started egde with the memories of his unhappy childhood, enters the memory of H30 / Edge and destroys it on his own order. They are issued in the memories of all the people.

Ni’lin reflect on the words of Edge, realizing that he sacrificed himself for to remind people that the memories do not have to be open to everyone, and that memories, however painful need to be addressed rather than forcibly removed. Out of his mind now restored, Ni’lin has a family again, and a world to heal damaged.

Remember Me features a mix of exploration, platforming, stealth and melee combat. The game introduces a mechanism of ‘memory-remixing’: get hold of and reorganize memories of a target manipulating them. Players can use this ability to see and edit the details of the memory of the target. Another key mechanism of the gameplay is stealing the memories of specific objectives and use them with points called Remembranes to play the real-time memory: This is often necessary to proceed in the game or avoid risks otherwise hidden. When the player has a short life, the screen will begin to do the glitch until you recover a certain amount of health. In terms of combat, the game will allow players to create and customize their own combos in a special menu, which uses four kinds of strokes. The combos are made up of ‘Pressens’ and the player will be able to create your own combo by moving them to your liking. The four families are Pressen “Regen” (healing), “Power” (damage), “Chain” (duplication and doubling of previous moves) and “cooldown” (S-regenerative Pressen). Special moves, S-Pressens, are made available to the player through the course of the game: These moves allow you to stun groups of enemies, moving at high speed and increase the shots, or turn the robot enemies into allies and then autodistruggerli.

Battles in the game, for the most part, unarmed. Nylin can use the node located at the back of the neck to extend the combat capabilities.

The basis of the gameplay was “mixing” or remixing memory ( Engl.  remixing memory ) – an ability that allows you to change the actions of a character in mind. Memory Management characters can influence the fate of the world. Mixing is an abstract environment after Nilin cracks brain targets (through some wireless). Inside the memory player can see the sequence in which you can change the key decisions.

Nylin almost all the playing time moves on the map using the “freerun’a” ( parkour ). This rapid overcoming obstacles environment using its advantages.

In laboratory ligament (Combo-Lab) the player has the ability to create and customize a bunch of battle. All bundles are composed of combinations of punches and kicks (respectively in battle left and right mouse button). Martial movements are divided into four families. Movement called “pressenami” ( Engl.  pressen ). Existing 24 press can earn for mastering the procedural effect ( Engl.  Procedural Mastering Power ). Fulfilling a lot of combos ligaments, the player gets units “Focus” by offering access to special moves – “with-pressenam.” The latter can be opened only key points stories, of which only five. Selection is made through special pressenov “senvil” ( Engl.  senwheel ) – interface that displays tricks. Interference on the screen can signal poor health Nylin or inefficient movement, with which you want to switch to another bundle. The player can create up to four active ligaments. According to Capcom, the laboratory can make more than 50 thousand combinations. Effective Press determined by the position in the bundle: the closer to the end, the more powerful. On a dynamic display ligament in real time information is displayed on the executable combo.
Remember Me PC Game
Remember Me PC Game
Minimum System requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Core2Duo E6600
Memory: 2GB
Hard disk space: 9GB
Games Size = 4.2 GB
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