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Transformers Fall Of Cybertron
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron ( Transformers: Fall of Cybertron ) is a video game third-person shooter developed by High Moon Studios and published by Activision . It is a sequel to direct the video game of the 2010 Transformers: War for Cybertron . The game was published on 21 August 2012 in North America and August 24th 2012 in Europe for Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The High Moon Studios had originally announced that there would be no conversion of the game for PC , but later projects have changed. The first trailer official game was shown at the Spike TV Video Game Awards 10 in December 2012 .
It all starts ARK, the ship flying the Autobots away from Cybertron. The start of the Nemesis (Decepticon ship) is launching an uphill battle, in which Bumblebee is seriously damaged the speech processor; nevertheless, manages to survive and thus joins the defenders. Ratchet sends him to replace some damaged parts, then it goes to the core of the battle, where Optimus Prime and Megatron are fighting a duel. When the latter seems to have the upper hand, Bumblebee is launched in the middle of making a shield to Prime and is hit …
Six days before Earth, the heroic commander of the Autobots is supervising the refueling Ark, when the Decepticons attack Iacon; Prime Ironhide rely on the defense of the ship and throws himself into battle by reinforcing the positions of his soldiers, led and maintained by Perceptor and flanked by Warpath. It is precisely the latter to inform him that Grimlock, head of the sector, has moved away with his friends somewhere! Perceptor then connects to the defense of Iacon when sighting of Optimus, while they note that the city seems to favor his movements and hinder those of the Decepticons. At some point, however, Prime is guided to a hidden room where a lever, when pulled, triggers the transformation of the city in titanic Autobot Metroplex! This sowing panic among the Decepticons and, on the orders of Optimus destroys all the guns that threaten the Ark (except the last, which sends him to the mat). The Autobot ship is safe but Prime is captured and brought before Megatron; Metroplex, however, speaks at the right time to save the Autobots and crush the dictator. Soon after, Optimus intimate the Decepticon Starscream captures and disappear at the chance to take the lead; even the faithful Soundwave Megatron leaves, at least for the moment …
During the transformation of the Metroplex in robot, a complication arose: to activate and dismiss the Decepticons, in fact, the giant has consumed much of dell’Energon reserved ARK; Autobots have only one megacycle, and must find another; Optimus believes that Grimlock and his gang of thugs know where to start looking, so send Jazz and Cliffjumper in search of the assault shuttle used In a flash; Sideswipe brings them close to the Sea of Rust, a wasteland once the site of a lost civilization; here the two activities are separate and Decepticons in progress, traces of fellow fugitives, and more. Cliffjumper discovers a tunnel with the star map of a remote system; the third planet (our earth) has abundant energy resources for those who reach first. Jazz, however, is Snarl, reduced very badly and in the doldrums … and surprised to discover that the leather that way were the Insecticon robot insectoid inhabitants of the underworld who, by deactivation of the nucleus, are rising to the surface in search of energy. Later the two Autobots are a huge lake Energon (almost certainly the last natural reserve of the planet) and Shockwave, Starscream intent to disapprove experiments: the robot scientist, in fact, found that the ancients had developed a device called Space Bridge to open holes in space-time and jump from one position to another universe. In the skirmish Cliffjumper generated by the attack failed, the entire structure of the space bridge is destroyed, but the lake Energon is still intact. Knew of the incident, Prime sends reinforcements and transport from the refinery to take the ARK.
Starscream is furious with Shockwave, but his priority is to recover the Energon. The Combacticon then implement a plan to take control of transport: Blast Off eliminates interference, Vortex and Brawl blow up a bridge to divert transport and Swindle slows it down forcing them to fly away. At that point, all five Combacticon are launching the final assault by joining the mighty Bruticus! At the end of the Decepticons manage to take the train, but half dell’Energon has been lost; Starscream then the blame on their leader, Onslaught, and causes them to imprison them all. Meanwhile, his leadership is at least shaky, and someone else is going to make things worse!
That “someone” is Soundwave, who secretly carries the remains of Megatron to his lab near the arena of Kaon, the birthplace of the movement Decepticons. Once the repairs, Megatron goes to reclaim the lead by Starscream who runs away. Shockwave, just arrived, he reports on his latest findings, adding that only one transport capable of flying in deep space. This is the task the same Megatron going to look for the remains of Trypticon (destroyed in the War for Cybertron Autobots); the damage is extensive, but the ruthless leader of the Decepticons Soundwave discourages the repair. Disappointed by the failure, and Megatron has another use for its huge ally: the protocol Nemesis! Soundwave then start the sequence that turns permanently Trypticon star in the cruiser that will take away from Cybertron Decepticons … and the same Megatron will start leaving the command to Shockwave.
Starscream, meanwhile, plans his return. While Shockwave completes the construction of the new space bridge, the ambitious traitor is interested in another experiment of gigantic Decepticon fact, is making many operations, among them the control of Insecticon, studying the DNA of the target planet (contained in the archives of the stellar gallery ) and applying those enhancements in four Autobots captured (Snarl was considered weak because mutilated by the hordes of Insecticon), turning them into robotic dinosaurs. One of them, Grimlock, has suffered the most in the change: his brain functions were dropped in favor of his physical aggression, is hardly able to process thoughts and his voice chip is malfunctioning. Starscream goes to free the Autobots but is smart enough or too angry to listen to anyone; it begins to break down the complex to find his comrades.
Once assembled, the new Dinobots face three Insecticon stronger (Hardshell, Kickback and Sharpshot) and inform Optimus Prime happened; it orders them to wait, but the impatience of Grimlock and Shockwave hasten the progress of the times. So the strongman leader Shock Swoop In a flash is taken from as close as possible to a tower Decepticons, then venturing alone in search of the Shockwave, which defeats snatching bites his arm. By destroying the control panel, however, Grimlock starts a chain reaction that blows up the tower and the surrounding area; his three companions can only helplessly watch the show without knowing what happened to him.
Meanwhile, the launch site of the Ark, Ratchet realizes that the hole created by the space bridge is no longer stable and can collapse at any moment. Without Energon Autobots are locked, and the Metroplex volunteer energy of its own vital spark despite Optimus beg him to surrender; The giant, however, supplies the Ark alone before falling to the ground. The Autobots rush to the ship without wasting time, and only Bumblebee turns briefly to mourn the titanic companion, who saw off the Ark can pronounce the motto of the Autobots ” Until all are one! “before turning off.
Once in orbit, the Ark is reached by Nemesis and from there start hostilities. Soundwave lead the first wave of boardings to disable the guns of the enemy ship. At this point, Prime orders all Autobots pilots to fly out and repel the enemy; Jetfire succeeds in cutting one after the other slides collision, blocking reinforcements. The Combacticon together in Bruticus, however, they initiate flight into space from one ship to another to make a killing and get to the fuel tanks; Jazz takes action to stop him, and is able to distract the giant that Jetfire can bombard and destroy it several times. Now back to the opening scene: Bumblebee intrudes into the duel between Optimus Prime and Megatron, and was wounded. The Autobots done so that there is really no place for him and his rival even in the same universe! Then the two leaders are faced with sword and shield until one prevails, but at that point the two ships reached the hole in space-time that is closing, and we both sucked inside!
Transformers Fall Of Cybertron
Transformers Fall Of Cybertron
Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Win 7
Processor: Dual Core Intel/AMD
Memory: 2GB
Hard disk space: 9GB
VGA: 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT /ATI Radeon HD 4850
How To Install
Mount With Daemon tools
Install Via Autoplay
Copy Crack SKIDROW and than paste to the place you have install this game
Blok with firewall and than play the game
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Games Size = 4.1 GB
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