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Splinter Cell Double Agent Rip PC Game Free Download

Double Agent is the fourth episode (not counting parallel episodes) official video game series Splinter Cell , released in 2006 . It is developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and has the important task of introducing significant innovations for the future of the series.
This is the first episode of the series designed for the seventh generation of home consoles (specifically, the Xbox 360 and PS3 ) as well as PC ; is also the first that definitely goes to deviate from the guidelines of the previous chapters. The game was released in two versions: the PS2 / Xbox and the PS3 / Xbox360 / PC etc.. The differences between the two versions are very large, it is, of course, from the technical point of view, both also of the gameplay, and, in large part, even the texture itself has undergone changes.
In this installment of the series, the NSA agent Sam Fisher is having to fight a terrorist organization called JBA infiltrating and trying to destroy it from within.
As already mentioned, the plot has great differences between the PS2 version and the PS3 / Xbox360 etc.. (Which from here on in we abbreviate “version Next Gen”)
Versione Old Gen
The game will start in Iceland where Sam Fisher with his partner Hisham Hamza have the task of finding the crates containing the material of interest to the terrorist Takfir. After the outdoor area, Fisher enters the base with the help of Hamza and the two are separated at the moment. Fisher now has the task of placing the explosives in the main power plants and to obtain information on Red Mercury weapon interest Takfir and Emile Dufrasne head of the JBA. Set off the charge and took the information, Fisher receives an urgent call from his boss Irving Lambert already appeared in previous Splinter Cell, which will tell you to cancel the mission because something happened to Sarah, daughter of Sam. Fisher escapes and while it is on the aircraft for the extraction, Lambert tells him that his daughter has died hit by a hit and run. Sam then changes its character. Cut your hair by shaving his head and accepts the most difficult missions. A Fisher then is given the task to infiltrate the JBA and destroy it. The first step is to pretend to be detained in Ellsworth Penitentiary where he meets an important member of the JBA: Jamie Washington. Fisher gets in touch with Jamie stealing two way walkie-talkie. Per hour of air is placed in the player’s first choice that will serve to earn a little ‘confidence or the JBA or NSA. The player will have to choose whether to delete Barnab, a witness judiciary. If you remove the trust will go towards the JBA otherwise the NSA. After being sedated Sam and Jamie are locked up in a cell as a revolt broke out. Taking advantage of the chaos the two evade and go to New Orleans. Of course, if the player has killed Barnab Jamie will be more excited to bring it to New Orleans to headquarters. At JBA know the boss Emile Dufrasne, Enrica Villablanca of which Sam will love and vice versa, in which Sam Moss does not go absolutely agree, Bj Skyes and finally Cole Yeagher of which Emile suspected treachery. After the presentations Fisher will infiltrate in the confidential section of the HQ where they will take some information and can decide whether to give the information of the betrayal of Yaegher to Emile or Lambert. As always, if you decide to give it to Emile for example, you get a little ‘confidence on the part of the JBA. After exploring Emile sends Fisher and Enrica in a station wagon to steal valuables. After passing a part of the old station Fisher arrives in the new one where the player can decide whether to kill the head station (JBA) or keep him alive (NSA). Sam got on the train will move on the roof of the cars except when he has to interact with one of them. At some point the player will be placed in front of another choice or take the cars to save civilians (NSA) or leave it attached. Sam came from the driver will divert the train with the help of Jamie Moss and kill the driver. Meanwhile Lambert to give the usual equipment to Sam pretends to be an arms dealer for the JBA. After obtaining a sample of the red mercury, Fisher and Enrica pretend to be passengers on board a cruise ship to Cozumel in Mexico with the task of distruggerrla (JBA) or avoid detonation dell’ordignio (NSA). It will be the player to decide whether to detonate the bomb or injecting the virus into the cell Enrica and the detonator. Subsequently, Fisher was sent to Russia with various tasks by the JBA. The first is eliminarre all mercenary soldiers who preside over the field and disrupt communications to prevent them to do the report. The second one is to steal an oil tanker and defuse bombs that could free it from the ice. Sam got on the tanker turns out that the load is drug and the captain that saw him challenge him to a race to defuse all four bombs in the engine room. Initially, Fisher has 10 minutes but the captain of the reprograms and Sam will have only 4 minutes. After the mission Fisher finds himself in Congo in Kinshasa in a scenario of urban warfare. The mission begins with Emile who speaks in a hotel with Takfir and Massoud Massoud but suddenly discovers that there is a traitor and canceled the meeting. Emile then asks Sam to check out the intentions of the allies. Fisher in this mission at least in the first part has no equipment and is located in a hotel where the lights because of the bombs in the road constantly jumps. Confirm the intentions Emile tells Sam to eliminate the light Massoud with a bomb in the car. And Hismham Hamza. The player can decide whether to delete it (JBA) or save (NSA). Then Sam will have to clear the area for the extraction and escape. Then Sam will again in the JBA HQ where Williams will inform us that Lambert was captured and it’s up to Sam to reveal the truth or not. First, the player will be placed before the choice to disclose the identity of Lambert (JBA) or confirm coverage (NSA) and you should then take a sample of the red mercury and steal a list of buyers of Emile. At this point, start a timer of 10:00 minutes where the player can decide whether or not defuse the bombs destined for Los Angeles and Nashville at the port where the president held a rally. After the mission, Sam will find in New York with the other of the JBA and after parachuted Emile discovers that Skyes and Moss were right: Fisher is a traitor. In this mission we must defuse three bombs left and kill in order Jamie, BJ, Moss and Emile with their guards. In this mission, Sam is helped by Enrica and, once all the objectives in search of Enrica Sam is killed by a Splinter Cell as well Enrica had to be eliminated according to Williams. In the final video Sam cuts the throat to the Splinter Cell and flees. Finally, when the credits appear in the game there will be two services of the newscast that will vary depending on the player’s choice to defuse the bombs in LA and Nashville. In case he had defused the newscast speak of two unexploded bombs. Otherwise there will be an amazing service that will talk about the explosion of the bomb at the port of Los Angeles and the explosion in Nashville that killed the president and his escort.
Sam Fisher is sent along with a neo-spy in Iceland, at a station where it seems to be hiding a rocket ready to be launched. The two agents infiltrate the base but the companion of Sam dies, because they are too inexperienced. Sam turns off the missile and runs away with the Osprey NSA where he received the news from his boss that his daughter Sarah Lambert is dead invested. Sam falls into depression and, having nothing left to lose (in fact, his wife died many years and then he is completely alone) accepts also the most risky missions until it receives the task to fit into the terrorist cell to destroy it from the JBA ‘ inside. Sam is therefore sent into the penitentiary Ellesworth posing as a criminal where he became friends with a member of the JBA, Jamie Washington. Washington organized a revolt and Sam helps him in his flight; in exchange for Jamie Fisher leads by his teammates and the head of the JBA Emile Dufraisne. Arrived here Sam receives her first mission: to conquer a supertanker in the Sea of Okhotsk. Accomplished the mission is called in Shanghai, where the JBA is going to have a meeting with an arms dealer. Sam, led by radio from another undercover agent of the CIA, Hisham Hamza, record the meeting and discovers that the JBA wants to buy a very powerful explosive, the Red Mercury. Sam joins the members of the JBA who send him along with another agent of terrorists, Enrica Villablanca, on board a cruise ship in Cozumel, Mexico, to blow it up so as to test the bomb. Place the explosive in America we are called to witness to the explosion of the ship. Here we have the choice to allow the attack, prevent the explosion or even prevent the explosion and Enrica blame for this, resulting in his death. Regardless of the choice, Emile will bring us to Kinshasa where he is to have a meeting with two partners: Takfir and Massoud. Again, always guided by Hisham, we record the meeting where we learn that the goal of these organizations is to hit three cities: Takfir and Massoud will take care of Los Angeles (using the tanker) and Mexico City, the JBA in New York . The meeting, however, is interrupted when Massoud learns that one of his soldiers is an undercover agent. Emile then gives us the task of eliminating this double agent who turns out to be right Hamza. We go down so the streets of Kinshasa, devastated by urban warfare. The player will therefore have a choice whether or not to kill Hisham. Leaving him in life we have to complete a mini extra mission where to flee Hamza then believe that you always have it to Emile deleted. In any case, back in America, the JBA prepares to detonate the bomb. Here Emile entrusts to us the task of killing a man who was infiltrating the base, that we learn to be our boss Lambert. Sam is accompanied by Jamie Washington and is recorded by a camera. The player must therefore choose whether to delete or Washington Lambert. The mission will continue in the same way, but by choosing to eliminate Jamie, the entire base will be on the alert and the JBA soldiers will attack on sight. In any case, now in the hall of the bomb, Sam eliminates Dufrasne and defuse the explosive.
Splinter Cell Double Agent Rip PC Game Free Download 2.8GB
Splinter Cell Double Agent Rip PC Game Free Download 2.8GB
Splinter Cell Double Agent Rip PC Game Free Download 2.8GB
Splinter Cell Double Agent Rip PC Game Free Download 2.8GB
System Requirements
Windows XP / 7
3GHz Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 3000 Processor
128MB ATI Radeon X1600/Nvidia GeForce 6600 Video Card
DirectX 9.0C Compatible Sound Card
4X DVD-ROM Drive
8GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0C
Games Size = 2.6 GB
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