Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Rip PC Game Free Download

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Rip PC Game Free Download 694 MB
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a stealth shooter and the third installment of the Splinter Cell series . He was the Canadian studio Ubisoft Montreal and developed by French publisher Ubisoft released. The title was released in 2005 for Xbox , Windows , Nintendo GameCube , Nintendo DS , PlayStation 2 and N-Gage .

The action was by the author Tom Clancy excited. The main character is like its predecessors Sam Fisher , an agent for the fictional American secret Third Echelon works. He first investigated the kidnapping of several computer scientists. His investigation leads him to the Far East, where he on a Japanese encounters General, of a war between North Korea and the United States will trigger. The title is included in the concept of a shooter, where the player often effectively passes through unobtrusive approach than by brute force to the target.

Chaos Theory was rated by the press overwhelmingly positive. Especially the Windows version and the Xbox version performed well and achieved Metawertungen of over 90%. They were called in graphic and playful ways than exceptionally strong. The versions for other platforms fared tends to be weaker, since they are technically and artistically weaker according to the reviewers.

Despite the positive reaction of the magazines sales of goods Chaos Theory lower than that of the predecessor. The title is the first of the Splinter Cell series, were deducted from the less than three million units.

2011, the title was shared with the two previous Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow in a graphically revise version for the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo 3DS released.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory takes place in 2007, a year later than its predecessor Pandora Tomorrow , in various places in America and the Far East. The player assumes the role of the American secret agent Sam Fisher, the disappearance of the computer scientist Bruce Morning Holt studied. Morning Holt, a top computer scientist who conducted research on encryption algorithms, was of a South American terrorist group under Hugo Lacerda kidnapped. Fisher is sent to a fortress that serves as the headquarters of the terrorists, to rid the computer and turn off Lacerda. Kill the terrorists but during deployment Morning Holt in an interrogation. Lacerda now leaves the fortress using a freighter, the Maria Narcissa. Fisher follows him to the freighter and eliminated him. He finds evidence of donors from Panama .

As Fisher then breaks into the Panamanian central bank, he finds in an office documents via a Zerkhezi , who was also involved in the development of competitive algorithms. Shortly afterwards falls in New York and in Japan from the stream. Fisher is sent to New York to find clues about the blackout, after which a targeted attack is suspected. In addition, he should search Zerkhezis apartment, which is also located in New York. There he finds an indication of the organization Displace International , a company that rents out private armies and weapons. The subsequent infiltration of the company shows that a certain Milan Nedich , an internationally sought-after mercenaries of Displace together with Zerkhezi after Hokkaido was escorted. After this mission, a briefing will be held at Third Echelon. At the same time, in the Yellow Sea an American warship sunk by a missile from a North Korean fired basis. Fisher makes then on to Hokkaido, Nedich finds and kills him. In an attempt to kidnap Zerkhezi which, nonetheless, by the Head of Displace, Doug Shetland murdered. Sam tries to fix Shetland, but it is possible to escape this. Subsequently, Fisher is sent to a North Korean coastal battery to collect information about the missile that sank the American ship. There, however, he finds no information about who fired the rocket.

Meanwhile, the American intelligence Shetland was in Tokyo track. Sam goes there to listen to him. During the mission, he observed two members of a department of the Japanese army. This is under the command of Admiral Otomo , who seemed to be an ally of the United States. As the Fisher Meeting monitored, it is clear that Otomo’s people Shetlands are partners. In a subsequent dispute Shetland kills the Japanese and tries to escape. Fisher followed him, puts him on the roof of the bathhouse and turns it off.

The Americans oppose military action against Japan at first, because they still have no information about whether the Japanese government or Otomo is solely responsible for the attack. Fisher is therefore sent to the Japanese Ministry of Defense to collect information. He finds out that Otomo is responsible for the attack alone. The remaining Japanese soldiers who knew about Otomo’s actions, he was forced to cooperate by had threatened with a hijacked by network attack North Korean missile to destroy a Japanese city. However, Fisher enters the headquarters Otomo, destroys his server and puts him out of action. Otomo is subsequently arrested and arraigned before a court-martial.

The basic gameplay is taken from its predecessors. Chaos Theory is a shooter in which the inconspicuous moving in the foreground. A great importance have this prevailing light conditions and ambient noise. For the player, it is always advantageous to move in dark areas. Players can choose from two screens are available which show how strong he is visually and acoustically perceptible. Furthermore, its equipment includes a night vision device and a thermal imaging camera , with which he can orient himself in the dark. Furthermore, it is an optical cable available that he introduce in door locks and so the rooms can spy behind the doors.

The fighting on the other hand plays a minor role in the game. Although the player performs in each use firearms with them, get for this but little ammunition provided. If there is an audible gunfire is usually triggers an alarm that the entire service area is alerted that the fulfillment of other mission objectives often considerably more difficult. In some missions it is necessary to attack anyone.

When a fight is inevitable, the player can attack his opponent out of the ambush. Such an attack succeeds, the opponent is interrogated, incapacitated, or be used as a shield from enemy fire. Attacks from ambush can be done in many ways. The player can crouch, climb on pipes and house walls or to hold on to balconies and walls
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Rip PC Game Free Download 694 MB
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Rip PC Game Free Download 694 MB
System Requirements
– System: 1400 MHz Pentium IV or AMD Athlon or equivalent
– RAM: 256 MB
– Video Memory: 64 MB
– Hard Drive Space: 4000 MB
– DirectX v9.0
– Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/7
Games Size = 674 MB
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