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Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is a video game based on stealth and published by Ubisoft Shanghai, while Ubisoft Montreal, creator of the original Splinter Cell, was working on Chaos Theory. Pandora Tomorrow is the second game in the Splinter Cell series endorsed by writer Tom Clancy. The game follows the covert activities of Sam Fisher, an agent working for a branch of the NSA called “Third Echelon”. The character, Sam Fisher , Michael Ironside manifested. Dennis Haysbert, best known for his role as David Palmer on the television is the voice for the character Irving Lambert, Fisher’s boss, who became the only time he is not voiced by Don Jordan. Lalo Schifrin provides the theme music for the game. The game has been translated into several languages (including Castilian) for international distribution. Pandora Tomorrow was entitled Shadow Strike during its development.

Pandora Tomorrow takes place in Indonesia , Year 2006 , where the US have established a military presence in the newly independent nation, Timor-Leste to drag the military forces of this country against the Anti-separatist Indonesian guerrilla militia. This militia is the Darah Dan Doa (Blood and Prayer) controlled by Suhadi Sadono.

The charismatic leader Sadono, once allied to the CIA to help fight Communist influence in the region, was offended by the support of the US in East Timor that interfered with the sovereignty of the country. Sadono begins with a suicide bomb attack after an attack on the embassy of the US in Dili , killing soldiers and diplomats capturing Douglas Shetland, an old friend of Sam Fisher.

Fisher is sent by the CIA to infiltrate the embassy, recover Shetland, and gather information on the Darah Dan Doa. Fisher succeeds in freeing these Shetland and gives him a cell phone that has stolen a guard after he killed her. In the phone there was a message encrypted in Mamba Timorese posted by a certain “Mortified Penguin”. Third Echelon orders Fisher to search the embassy a linguist named Ingrid Karlthson. Once found, the Karlthson translate the text by revealing that it contains coordinates for a meeting, citing a certain Saulnier, and that “just a few weeks before they have all the ingredients for the demonstration of Springfield.”

At this point, Fisher left the embassy, which will be delivered from the Delta Force .

Sadono manages to escape, and the USA unleashed a manhunt to find him, but with the protest of the Indonesian government.

Third Echelon discovers that Saulnier is a laboratory of cryogenics which is located in Paris and that he was attacked by Franco-Syrian mercenaries who killed all employees. Fisher infiltrates the lab and discovers that the terrorists were sent by “Mortified Penguin” to pick up the ND133K, hibernation portable devices. Inside the lab Saulnier one of the employees managed to escape the terrorists and took a picture with her cell phone to “Mortified Penguin”. Fisher shall obtain the phone by the employee, and thanks to the photo, Third Echelon turns out that “Pingunio Mortified” is called Norman Soth, a former CIA agent and that he is on a train to Nice . Sam Fisher reaches Soth on the train, this well guarded by mercenaries, and the latter tells him to work undercover in the organization of Sadono. Lambert, the director of Third Echelon, tells him that Soth is lying and the confirmation comes dall’hackeraggio of portable Soth and from a telephone conversation between himself and Sadono Soth, intercepted by Fisher, which shows how the two are preparing an attack on American soil with a biological agent unknown, but potentially lethal. The movements of bank Soth push Fisher to go to Jerusalem and there Third Echelon discovers that the terrorists have sold to the Franco-Syrian Sadono Soth and the biological agent, and that is an evolution of the virus of smallpox , and that ND133K have been used to carry the virus on American soil.

“Pandora Tomorrow” is the code word that Suhadi Sadono pronounce every 24 hours by an encrypted call to delay for one day the spread of the virus. If it were captured or killed the virus would be released and millions of American citizens die.

Meanwhile Sadono tries to counter the Americans with their guerrilla warfare, the US can not risk deleting it, then they do get stuck on the front.

Fisher is sent to infiltrate his camp in Indonesia to be able to locate the bombs. Is helped by Shetland and his team. Fisher finally learns the location of the bombs, thanks to the decryption of the calls, so the spies SHADOWNET, special teams specially organized by Third Echelon, they can take action to neutralize the threat. During their mission the men of SHADOWNET are hampered by the mercenaries of the ARGUS.

Third Echelon decides to capture Sadono vivo, in order not to create problems such as those after the assassination of President Nikoladze by Sam Fisher.

Suhadi Sadono, however, occupied with his men home to a broadcaster of Jakarta , making his capture much more difficult. Also with him is Ingrid Karlthson, which turns out to be not just a CIA linguist, but a real undercover agent whose cover is blown, however. Sam Fisher is able to save the Karlthson, since Sadono had ordered his killing, and capturing the Indonesian terrorist alive.

However, Third Echelon discovers that one last bomb is in the hands of former CIA agent Norman Soth, and intends to detonate it at the airport in LA , to recover a rematch from the nation that he had betrayed years earlier.

Fisher infiltrates the airport, kills Soth and all the other terrorists who are with him, gets the bomb, but he knows it is too late to defuse it by a special team without causing casualties, blow his cover and make known to all the situation; thus adopts an ingenious ploy: when now there are about eleven minutes to the explosion of the bomb, disguises herself as a clerk Airport to go unnoticed and square the bomb right
behind the cops who immediately evacuate the area and make the team defuse the bomb bomb promptly arrived on the spot.

System Requirements
System: 2 Ghz or equivalent 
RAM: 512 MB 
Video Memory: 128 MB 
Hard Drive Space: two thousand five hundred MB 
DirectX v9.1 
Operating System: Windows 2000/Me/Xp/7
Games Size = 284 MB
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